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  1. Her name is Gemma Arterton.
  2. Well, maybe GSP will underestimate Nick's ground game then.
  3. That's a possibility. Orrrrrr Nick Diaz will whoop his ass and I will celebrate. Since I'll be rooting for Diaz during the fight, chances are he'll be the one to get his ass kicked.
  4. Nick Diaz is taking on GSP at 158. That same card Condit is fighting Rory MacDonald. I can only hope for Diaz to beat him but every fighter I seem to support gets their ass kicked in the fight.
  5. Idk. I would hope she still trains but your probably right. Especially if she continues acting, which i'm fine with because I thought she did good in Haywire.
  6. Was I the only one who didn't realize that women were now allowed to fight in the UFC? Now, all I can hope for is Gina Carano getting signed.
  7. .Mayhem

    Baseball Thread

    Hunter Pence = Woody Harrelson.
  8. Yeah but imagine if you were in their situation. You'd have competition with the lil Azianboy, while me, I'd haver all to myself. lol. I don't know. Carl seemed to be creeping on her so you might have to fight over her with little ol' Carl. lol.
  9. All I gotta say is Daryl better not die.
  10. .Mayhem

    Baseball Thread

    I feel like Valverde always loses us the game.
  11. .Mayhem

    Baseball Thread

    I'm scared.....don't choke Valverde. FUUUUU RAUL!
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