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  1. So happy for Lashley. THB has been the best part of RAW for months and he sure as hell deserved to win the big one. I'm not sure I'm sold on Lashley/McIntyre for 'Mania though (if that is the plan). As is being pointed out all over social media, Lashley/Lesnar would be great. Or at least I hope it is. I can't stand Lesnar but that's one match I want to see him have. Don't care if he pisses off forever after that. Also, sucks for Miz but he'll get his chance again soon. Was always supposed to be a transitional champion. Never needed the title because he's consistently an entertaining part of the show without it and I'm looking forward to what he does next.
  2. Nakamura's booking is making me sick man. They're utterly directionless with him. So, so weird considering how they booked him to win that Gauntlet before the Rumble. Heel Otis is a breath of fresh air. Long may it continue. Was there Fast Lane last year too? Ngl, it's pretty needless. All it's doing is taking away from what could be quality build-ups for 'Mania feuds. Roman/Edge is the 'Mania main event and I want them to focus on and build that up every week, not a pointless, predictable match between Reigns and Bryan at a filler PPV. Same for other feuds. I seriously hope this Rollins/Cesaro thing lasts till 'Mania and isn't a Fast Lane thing because it deserves better.
  3. Same. Didn't see this coming at all. Think the last time I enjoyed his work was 2013, but still. Feels kinda weird lol
  4. - Entrance robe? Check. - Woo's as part of her character? Check. - Similar signature moves? Check. - Uses Flair as part of her ring name? Check. "I'M NOT TRYING TO BE RIC FLAIR'S DAUGHTER!!!"
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love Miz but that felt so random and needless. The RAW main event picture, in general, is s complete cluster*censored*. I know Drew's gonna win it back soon (before or at 'Mania) but the'd be a 3-time champ already when he does it, all in the space of a year. It's overkill. Where do they even go from here? We've seen Drew vs. Lashley not so long ago, Miz still being champion come 'Mania is highly unlikely, and Drew vs. Sheamus is simply something that isn't salvageable with the time left, with everything going on with Miz, THB, Bad Bunny, etc. The title picture is so directionless it's sad. Much better on the Smackdown front, comparatively. Thought the SD Chamber was the best match of the night, but Cesaro being eliminated by Jey was kinda lame. Firstly, because he should have won; and secondly, because it made the ending too predictable since there was no chance of Jey winning. Cesaro and Bryan as the final 2 would have told a much better story. I really hope a serious Cesaro push is still in the books. Was implied last week that he might feud with Rollins, let's hope that's the case. That's one match I would love to see at 'Mania. Triple Threat was good and I'm super glad Riddle is champion. I know his booking isn't the best but I still love him and Lashley as US Champ had kinda overstayed its welcome, so I'm happy. Women's tag team ending was lame as shit. Sasha shouldn't have been pinned like that so close to 'Mania. A DQ ending would have sufficed. Or a proper miscommunication between Sasha and Biance to kickstart the feud. Reginald needs to *Censored* off asap, I was one of the few people who wanted Edge to challenge Drew instead, but him vs Reigns is making more and more sense and has my undivided attention. Should be something special at 'Mania. Can't wait for my boy to claim that gold.
  6. Jax & Baszler Asuka (vs. Rhea Ripley) Cesaro (Eliminations: Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Daniel Bryan, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens) Roman Reigns (vs. Cesaro) Riddle Drew McIntyre (Eliminations: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Sheamus)
  7. Grizzled Young Veterans Shotzi & Ember Johnny Gargano Finn Balor Io Shirai
  8. EC used to be such an integral part of the Road to 'Mania. This... this has filler written all over it.
  9. Asuka vs. Lacey is basically "winner defends against Charlotte at WrestleMania".
  10. I'm gonna say it, there's no one better than Edge at promos in the company right now. His raw emotion and delivery is simply ace. He was always amazing before too but doing all that acting work during his absence has helped him massively. That said, thought RAW kinda sucked. I liked Priest's debut but that's about it. They seriously need to bring Fiend back already because there's only so many weeks you can do this Orton/Bliss stuff for without it starting to get tiring and it's on the verge of just that. On a similar note, they need to fix the hell up with Asuka. She's been an absolute afterthought for months now. Having Bliss beat her a couple of weeks ago made sense but she shouldn't have been the one to eat the pin on RAW, especially not to the *censored*ing Rear View. Get her the hell away from this Charlotte crap and start working on her credibility asap or get the title on Alexa because I wouldn't mind that at all right now. Also, Hurt Business has been great but the Lashley stuff is kinda getting repetitive now. Feels like his matches have been ending the same way for weeks now, with him standing tall over his opponent after making them pass out to the Hurt Lock. Hopefully Riddle wins the US title soon. Finally, can't wait for McIntyre/Sheamus. Just give it to me already.
  11. On another note, where the hell has Jey been? I was surprised he didn't interfere in the LMS match and he wasn't in the Rumble either.
  12. Yo, I better get the bonus point for Edge's entry number because it ain't my fault those fools changed it last minute
  13. I'M SO *censored*ING HAPPY! Man, that felt SO good as a huge Edge fan. I had my doubts that they would actually go all the way with him but I'm so glad they did. I was worried the whole match that Orton would eliminate him towards the end as soon as he was taken to be treated and was close to tearing my hair out when he RKO'd him but alas! Sense prevailed. I know it's not the Edge of the past but I'm so damn excited for this run. McIntyre vs. Edge is the one match I never knew I wanted so much, and I'd personally take that over Reigns vs. Edge even though both have my full interest. As for the actual match, I thought the men's rumble was pretty meh for about 2/3rd of the way but then it got interesting. Fully expected to see Rollins return but the standout moment of the match was undoubtedly Christian's return and the E&C reunion. That hug felt so warm and I wasn't even a part of it Really enjoyed the women's Rumble. Had more 'moments' than the men's one and the right woman won. Loved Rhea's dominant display. Marked out for Victoria's return and Jillian was a cool surprise. The Nia & Shayna stuff felt lame though, and was overkill. It was the exact same shit we see every week on RAW. When they attacked Natalya during her entrance I thought it was a set up for her to be replaced with a surprise #30 but then she was tossed back in and it all felt pretty pointless. That's one thing they could have done better, but overall not much complaints. Had a nice mix of the right people shining, NXT performers getting the spotlight, and the right amount of blast from the past. I LOVED Reigns vs. Owens. Really enjoyed their Ladder match at TLC but this one was even better. At certain points I genuinely started believing that Owens would win. But Reigns is greatness right now. McIntyre vs. Goldberg did its purpose. My head was close to exploding after Goldberg hit the Jackhammer but thank God that idiot wasn't gifted another pointless title reign at the expense of an actual performer. Long live Drew. I've loved his reign but the mark in me just wants him to drop it at 'Mania to Edge. Sasha vs. Carmella was alright. Carmella has been so much better in the ring since returning. Overall, a very enjoyable Rumble. Felt like the right people won both the Rumble matches and the other matches more than did their with Reigns vs. Owens delivering a potential MOTY already.
  14. Asuka & Charlotte Sasha Banks Drew McIntyre Roman Reigns Edge #2 Edge, Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles Big E Edge Sami Zayn Bianca Belair #11 Bianca Belair, Charlotte, Alexa Bliss, Bayley Alexa Bliss Bayley Billie Kay
  15. RAW was garbage bar McIntyre/Lee and having Goldberg at the end was insult to injury. Seriously, I'm beyond sick of this talentless piece of shit hogging up the spotlight every year around this month at the expense of the actual talented dudes. I wouldn't even be worried about Drew possibly losing the title at Royal Rumble if he was facing literally any other part-timer, but with Goldberg you know he's just as likely to actually win because all he does is arrive, bury, and leave. He's the absolute worst and him winning the title might actually be the final straw for me as far as following WWE is concerned. Ali's promo on Raw Talk was excellent and better than 99% of the actual show. Summed up everything wrong with this company. Absolute joke man.
  16. FIGHT ME I'M COMING FOR YOU *Censored*
  17. Gable, Otis, Bryan, and Big E The Fiend The Hurt Business Sasha Banks Asuka & Charlotte Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre
  18. Tomasso Ciampa Dexter Lumis Undisputed Era Team Candice Johnny Gargano
  19. Reigns vs. Drew was fantastic, like the great Gen pointed out. Definite MOTN, although I wish we had gotten a clean ending (kinda understand why we didn't though) Sasha/Asuka and New Day/Street Profits were also pretty good. Everything else was trash. Like, really *censored*ing bad. Lastly, the 'Taker stuff was pretty emotional. How I *censored*ing hate COVID because he deserved a sold-out arena for that moment. You could tell he was choking up but I loved how, even for his farewell, he only said about four lines. Came in as a man of few words, and left as the same. Thoroughly dedicated to his character from day one. Also, that Paul Bearer hologram was a wonderful touch. Seen some say it was cringe but I loved it.
  20. Wait, I guessed two results correctly so shouldn't I be on 10 points (and a couple more I guess for getting two eliminations/survivors right) for this event or am I missing something? I'm pretty sure I am missing something xD What a disaster though
  21. So do y'all think Fiend will actually interrupt 'Taker like people are predicting on social media? I can see it happening but I'd honestly rather it not. His last match ended on a high, at 'Mania, and he really should call it quits imo. No guarantee that the fans will be back for 'Mania either so I see little point in prolonging the inevitable.
  22. Thanks lol, my stupid ass fixed that
  23. Battle Royal: Big E First eliminated: Tucker Final four: Big E, Lars Sullivan, Ali, Ricochet Most eliminations: Lars Sullivan The New Day Asuka Bobby Lashley Drew McIntyre Team SmackDown (Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Natalya & Bayley): Order of eliminations: Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce, Lacey Evans, Natalya, Nia Jax, Natalya, Lana, Shayna Baszler Survivor(s): Bayley and Biance Belair Team Raw (Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Riddle & Sheamus): Order of eliminations: Otis, Riddle, Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, King Corbin, Sheamus, AJ Styles, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins Survivor(s): Keith Lee
  24. What on Earth are they doing with Ciampa? Literally feels like he changes disposition every 4 weeks.
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