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  1. Hey guys! Not sure how many of you are actually still around or how many of you remember me but just dropping by to drop a quick hi. Think I've signed in after about 18 months today after just remembering for some reason that this forum used to be a thing. I know this place isn't what it used to be but wonder who all from my time is still around. Dudes like Jiggy, Creep, Lyriqz, M3J, Starstruck, Jeb, Kirky, E37, Willows, Crack, EJ, Bushy, Generations, Grand Master Pepsay, Oldsie, Chaz, RyderFan, Ziggy, forgetting a lot more I'm sure.
  2. Nash Carter has been released
  3. I'm honestly out of words. Can't make any sense of this company.
  4. Keith Lee, Nia Jax, Mia Yim all gone...
  5. I hear you. It was a good match but I just wasn't into it until Omega hit that snap dragon suplex on the ramp. From there on out it picked up massively for me and I was fully hooked. Loved it overall. Another solid episode. I've only recently started watching AEW in full so I'm not entirely sure whether Brian Pillman Jr. is supposed to be a big deal (I know MJF is), his match felt throwaway after the last couple of weeks' build. Not necessarily a bad thing on an otherwise stacked card (for free TV) but it gave filler vibes. Guess that was the only minor gripe I had, if you could even call it that. Sting moved surprisingly well in the tag match which was again fun. Britt/Ruby and Black/Cody solid as expected and Punk's promo was great as always.
  6. What the *Censored* is going on with this company
  7. Rycker is still employed... Head. Is. HOT.
  8. Nah man I genuinely thought that Joe would be returning to the ring now that he got taken off commentary. This is incredibly sad and disappointing.
  9. NO NO NOT JOE WHAT THE *Censored* MAN
  10. This date is cursed. The purge happened on this day last year too. There was no reason to split IIconics and Heavy Machinery. Nothing good came out of it for any of the four parties. Billie and Tucker's release was completely avoidable if not for breaking their teams up. Real shame about Chelsea Green too, certainly didn't see her release coming along with Billie's.
  11. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Never really cared about Naomi. I mean, she's decent in the ring and all but beyond that I'm not sure what's special about her. She has no standout qualities and there are about four other performers on Smackdown itself I'd rather see pushed. Admittedly, that karaoke segment was cringe but that's typical WWE for you.
  12. Maguire is absolutely awful and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. The less said about Daniel James, the better.
  13. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Not sure if this was posted. Not even sure whether kayfabe or not lol. She later deleted the tweet.
  14. Tf, you're Shawn?! What happened to your old account?

  15. Willows my man, how ya doin' bruh

  16. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    *censored*ing hell, I'm legit pissed off reading that. State of some of these "fans" man. What an awful human being.
  17. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    For real though, the #AllLivesMatter lot are bottom of the barrel. Incredibly dense and impossible to reason with. Love Sami for that tweet.
  18. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    He didn't exactly "react" though. He was asked about it in an interview so obviously had to say something to clear the air. He's said or done nothing since Punk took that shot at him. I can understand where Punk's coming from but he needs to understand that not everyone has to go public with something that's bit of a burning topic. I know Styles can get the message across to a large number of people if he comes out in support of the protests but, really, it's his choice. I'd understand if he actually made some disparaging comments on the matter but he didn't. I respect Punk for his stand but don't agree with him going after AJ because, let's face it, even if Styles does say something, it's going to accomplish absolutely nothing. It goes way deeper than any tweet or show of support can resolve.
  19. Only love Jiggy my brother


  20. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Exactly lol, we already know the McMahons are hypocrites
  21. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Tbf Kofi is a better example than Sasha if we're going down that route. Pushed to the side just because their golden boy Orton threw a hissy fit, finally won the WWE Championship almost a decade after that incident only to carry it for 6 months and then get squashed by Lesnar in seconds. And forget all about it from the next week like nothing happened.
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