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  1. I officially love Dexter Lumis. One of my favorite characters in WWE.
  2. Wow, RAW sucked ass. Seriously man, *Censored* Big Show at this point. Everyone was sick to death of him five years ago yet here is still is, still going over young, CREDIBLE talents. *Censored* him. That RAW was Bruce Prichard at his very worst. Lazy writing, shit booking, garbage show. Vince's trusted yes-man.
  3. Thought season 3 of Dark was the weakest among all, but still a strong final season. Episode 7 was absolutely bonkers and one of, if not the best of the whole series.
  4. Happy birthday @Jeb ★and @Ziggy Vercetti!
  5. They're really gonna have Riddle feud with Corbin of all people, aren't they -_-
  6. "The Horror Show" Christ. If this show sucks, the jokes will write themselves.
  7. 'Taker's retirement would have been a huge deal years ago. Seriously, he should have hung up by all means after 2014. Made perfect sense from a storytelling perspective. He was just dragging himself on after that, while clearly being in no physical condition to keep going for much longer. Still, I'm surprised he managed to stay active for six more years, as opposed to just one or two. That's crazy. But yeah, I think a major reason as to why 'Taker's retirement doesn't feel like a huge deal is because, well, we've been expecting it for years. He's been as close to retired as one can possibly get without being official retired for about half a decade now. That, and the whole thing we're dealing with right now. If it was happening under normal circumstances, it would definitely be getting talked about much more. But yeah, it's just the unprecedented times we're living in where everything else happening around the world is taking a backseat.
  8. ^ Same. Absolutely loved The Bar. One of my favorite tag teams in recent years. Would have been so much better than Cesaro & Nakamura.
  9. Fire Lesnar imo
  10. This is such a massive *Censored* up on WWE's part. Jesus. Wish Renee (and possibly Moxley) a speedy reecovery.
  11. Never understood why so many people wanted to see that match after Sting came to WWE. I mean, sure, I get the logic behind it but you also need to factor in the fact that they both were beyond finished. Years ago, it would have made perfect sense but post-2015, it would have just been two larger-than-life stars squaring off against each other at their absolute worst. It was never going to be a good match and, like 'Taker said, that would have been a bigger shame than the match not happening in the first place.
  12. Don't remind me, I'm still salty about them having Ziggler be the sole survivor in that 2014 Team Cena vs. Team Authority Traditional SS Match only to do *Censored* all with him
  13. I honestly don't recall this
  14. Imagine if she she returns at the Royal Rumble and wins the match for the second consecutive year
  15. EDIT: EJ beat me to it
  16. Nah, it's really not an outlandish statement. Taker/HBK II really wasn't all that great imo. I think people have fond memories of that match mainly because it was Michaels' last. For me, it wasn't even the best match at WrestleMania 26. Now, 'Taker/HBK I... that's a whole different argument. That was most definitely a 5-star match and one of the greatest in history. Don't get me wrong, II was great too, it absolutely was. But that's all it was imo, not close to being an absolute standout in the way their match the year before was.
  17. Yeah, that was the only one that came up when I looked it up. Should be really good.
  18. Man, Askua/Sasha is such a fresh match-up. Feels like ages since we last saw a women's title match in which the competitors weren't facing each other for the umpteenth time. Don't think Asuka and Sasha have had many singles matches at all against each other.
  19. I like Ziggler but what the *Censored*, a WWE Championship match despite the fact that he's been *censored*ing irrelevant for the longest time? Glad he's getting his chance though. Don't want him to win (not that I expect him to) but he can hopefully be more of a stay in the main event than he's been in recent years. They really ought to come up with a valid explanation for Sasha being allowed to compete for the RAW Women's Championship. Only the tag titles are cross-branded so I'm not sure how this is happening but nevertheless, should be a great match between her and Asuka. Glad about Charlotte feuding with Nia. Two ladies that really need to stay the *Censored* away from the title picture for very different reasons going against each other. Fingers crossed Charlotte comes out of this without picking up an injury though. Rollins & Co. vs. Mysterio & Co. is my favorite thing going right now. Such a good feud. I think we'll see Rollins vs. Mysterio at Extreme Rules with Rollins winning and Dominic going to the dark side during or after that match.
  20. Just read about the Sammy Guevara stuff... Speechless.
  21. Edge/Orton @ Backlash > 'Taker/HBK @ WM 26
  22. Thought about making one but then I thought it wasn't warranted since he didn't really say it officially or anything and he's still likely to change his mind. I'll edit in the spoiler tags though
  23. 'Taker might finally be done.
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