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  1. These weekly Sasha photoshoots is what I'm currently living for
  2. Idk if there was really anything about her that stood out too much from a lot of other people to begin with.
  3. I hate how women seemingly become 10x more attractive when they turn heel lmao
  4. Lmao, I literally just saw that and said the same shit. She's still sexy af though
  5. Tonight was probably Sasha's best look. Fine as hell.
  6. Ok... so I'm mad that I forgot Xia Li even existed. I been sleepin
  7. I was thinking the same shit too after a looked at the profile.
  8. Man nobody was questioning whether Cathy is nice or not
  9. Wow, it didn't take you long at all to yet again mention something about Vince. You're so annoying
  10. Charlotte and Andrade are next.
  11. Just now realizing how fit Charly is... and Toni's ass makes no sense.
  12. I'm sure that's the reason for the caption on the video
  13. Sasha really be rocking the hell out of every look. She's beautiful.
  14. Those are actually really common workouts for hamstrings and glutes... especially the bridge.
  15. Peyton's number one for me. After her, it's: Liv Caruso Queen Cathy Carmella Zelina
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