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  1. I definitely wouldn't want another title feud we've already seen in NXT: UK so soon between Rhea and Toni. Storyline wise, I feel like maybe Dakota would be the one to somehow take the title off Rhea; and then Tegan makes a comeback and takes it away from Dakota. I could see a Triple Threat happening between them as well.
  2. I'm not saying that Shayna shouldn't move on from NXT and go on to the main roster; I'm saying that she shouldn't move on too soon from NXT by winning the Rumble straight away in her debut right after losing the belt. Maybe it wouldn't necessarily diminish anything, but at least let shit settle for at least a month or so if something so big were to happen. Not even remotely true. Just because she gets beaten by Ripley doesn't instantly wipe out the sheer dominance of her reign...there is no reason for that dominance to not continue on a different brand. I'm not saying her dominance shouldn't continue on a different brand, but for it to happen so soon after such a long, historic reign AND by winning the Rumble match in her debut not even a full month after losing the NXT Women's belt would be wild.
  3. I think it would diminish the effect of Ripley winning the Women's title a bit if Shayna were to lose, only to get called up and win the Rumble in her debut. Shayna should've loss the belt a long ass time ago, but that's a different story...
  4. Yeah it's already been announced that 10 NXT stars are gonna be in the Rumble.
  5. I don't think I've seen a crazier CW title match since the Murphy/Alexander series lol. My only gripe with that match was the finish. I was so damn irritated that they had Lio kick out of the Wing Clipper. I get tired of false finishes like that after such a crazy bump.
  6. Obviously. That's why I said "to me".
  7. It's better than Bayley's generic garbage That isn't saying much at all, tf. Both themes are lame to me.
  8. Can we talk about how trash Keith Lee's theme is
  9. The timing is fine the way it is, IMO... besides, Lee injured himself a while back anyways, so that probably delayed plans. I'm sure him vs. Dijakovic would have happened at a Takeover.
  10. I've never understood the appeal of Rusev. He's far from being bad, but I don't think he's good, either. Rusev Day was sort of cool at first, but it got lame as *Censored* really quick. The Rusev Day chant was more over than Rusev himself.
  11. ^ I feel the same way. Fiend's debut entrance at SummerSlam was perfect.
  12. Ciampa says on Lilian Garcia's podcast that he plans to retire as a wrestler if or when he gets called up the main roster because he feels as though his body wouldn't be able to handle the schedule. Given the 3 injuries he's racked up since 2017, it makes sense.
  13. It's still a great character, but I feel like a lot more could have been done with The Fiend character at this point. I feel like him having the Universal title is unnecessary. That's one of my biggest issues. I also hate his entrance now. Too much lighting and shit goes into now and it's no longer eerie or creepy.
  14. These weekly Sasha photoshoots is what I'm currently living for
  15. NXT has been killing it every week since the switch.
  16. Dijakovic and Lee teaming together at least once is something I saw coming a while ago.
  17. ^ Exactly what I was thinking. It's not really a matter of how good or bad Punk currently is compared to everyone else in the ring. I'm sure he may have slowed down and is rusty, but the dude's character and appeal alone trumps the majority in that regard.
  18. Oh yeah, I'm mad af that New Day won the SD Tag Titles.
  19. Apparently Dunne vs. Priest vs. Dain will be a N1C for an NXT Title match @ SS. It'll likely be Dunne, but I'm not really interested in seeing any of them up against Cole, tbh... especially Dain.
  20. There's definitely something more to this story than just the shirt design. I laughed when he growled in that video though
  21. *censored*ing same This whole situation is a *censored*ing mess at this point. I felt like something was off from the jump yo, but I feel it even more so now. I gotta feeling that ACH knew that particular shirt was gonna get released, and for some reason didn't bother to say anything about it until now. And it's funny how he says Jordyn Myles is his "slave name" when he's the mf who picked the name.
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