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  1. Love Ghostbusters 1 and 2. The 2nd is my favourite out of the two. But I can't wait to see this one! Will have to wait until it releases on DVD though.
  2. *Censored* Gerrard man! How could he ditch Rangers (who are top of the table defending the title) for 16th placed Villa?! I'm pissed off right now!
  3. Typical of these clownheads to produce a shit sandwich after giving us a half decent show last week.
  4. Nia damn near ended careers of the women she hurt due to her sloppy ring work. I never like to see people lose their jobs, but let's be honest...she should've been fired ages ago.
  5. At this point, why should we invest our time into Wrestlers? What the *Censored* is the point? They (WWE) don't care, why should we?
  6. Just glad that Keith Lee is finally out of hell! How the *Censored* could they *Censored* him over so bad? Can you imagine what these *censored*s will do to Ciampa?! Hope he refuses to be demoted to the Main Roster when the time comes for that.
  7. Keith Lee released: THANK *Censored*! Now he's out of Creative Hell. Tony? Call that sumbitch and make make him limitless again! Oh and Ember too, the AEW Women's Roster would benefit from her.
  8. Metro Exodus | Xbox Series X Bloody hell, the loading is VERY fast! On PS4 it took *censored*ing forever to load for missions!! Which was one of the reasons why I got it on the Series X. Haven't played the game since March 2020. So I'm enjoying replaying it again.
  9. Rematches Demanding title matches without earning Championship Contenders Matches But it's a 'New Era' though right? Lmfao.
  10. Just read that Walter Smith (former Rangers manager) has passed away. Will never forget his stint as our Manager in the 1990s. RIP Walter.
  11. Already called it. These *censored*s are trolling for the sake of it now. New Era with yet ANOTHER *censored*ing rematch!
  12. Right. That's it. Ole needs to *censored*ing go! 0-5 at Old Trafford. PATHETIC!! 7th at the end of October. Unacceptable!
  13. I agree with you about the opening segment, Brock F-5'd Pearce so bad his pants ripped! XD
  14. RK-Bro vs Styles and Omos on Raw in a Blood Money tag title rematch to start the new era. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. "Keith Lee 'claws' his way to Raw" Are they *censored*ing serious?!
  16. WWE needs to STOP with the hair dryer piped in cheers! So *censored*ing annoying!! Oh and STOP with the roll up pins! Jesus Christ!
  17. 3-2 win GET IN! That second half was the best 45 mins I've seen Scotland play in years!
  18. Lmfao. Night one, and WWE already ruins The Queen's Crown Tournament.
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