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  1. Yeah. As long as he keeps his mouth shut and his hands to himself? Then I'll start to respect him a little more. But I'm willing to give him a 2nd chance.
  2. Turn Seth heel and feud him with Punk. Do the business, put their egos aside and we're in for one hell of a *censored*ing ride!
  3. If the Devil reveal is Jack Perry? Tony Khan *Censored* right off!
  4. *Censored* 2K!! If they didn't hide models under a *censored*ing paywall? Modders wouldn't need to fix it. MyFaction needs to be removed for 2K24.
  5. I have no problems with murdering random people in GTA V, or running them over with cars etc. Because I can shut myself off from the real world. That's just me though.
  6. Apparently GTA VI will be announced soon, with a trailer scheduled for release in December. But I'd take that with a pinch of salt.
  7. I'm sorry, but her return was so anti-climatic for me. Edit: The crowd reaction is why.
  8. Just saw a clip of Big Show. OH...MY GOD! He can barely move, 1 punch gassed him. How in the *Censored* did he get passed to Wrestle in that state?! Jesus Christ.
  9. Ricochet is a lucky bastard!
  10. Oh for the love of Christ. NEVER...GIVE NIA...A *censored*ING MIC!
  11. So, so glad that Scotland have qualified for the Euro 2024 group stages with games to spare! I....I'm not used to this. Usually we do things the freekin' hard way LOL
  12. I have said it before, and will keep saying it until it has been removed and wiped off the face of the Earth! *Censored* MY CRAPTION!!!!!
  13. Hmm...I'll give the new Forza a go. Been a long time since I last played one. I do like racing games.
  14. What in the actual *Censored*, Seth? At least TRY to sell the LMS match from Fastlane. Jesus Christ. Sorry, but that shit is inexcusable.
  15. Anyway, I am looking forward to the matches Adam Copeland (gonna take a while getting used to that lol) will have in AEW.
  16. I have decided to speed run the main quest on NG+ and will then roleplay with the difficulty bumped up to very hard. Experience that and take my time playing how I think as I would in the Universe. I have learned a lot from YouTuber Gopher over the years, he's one of the best roleplayers to ever do it.
  17. I'm at the NG+ stage as well. Still have other systems to discover, planets to explore, and got a bunch of side quests to begin. Still need to explore Neon fully, barely scraped the tip of the iceberg there. Hell, still figuring out ship building, and haven't even started outposts lol.
  18. "Edge is a traitor, *Censored* him!" "I will never forgive that bastard!" "After all that WWE has done and that's how he pays them back?!" Parasites on Twitter
  19. Accidents happen, yes. But when it's more than once? Like come on lol. Nia is unsafe. Plain and simple.
  20. Nia has overtaken Omos on my "GET THE *Censored* OFF MY *censored*ING TV!" list. Bringing back that doofas was the baddest idea in the long sad history of bad ideas. I can't wait until Vince is out of this *censored*ing company. And I hope to god that is sooner rather than later dammit. Anyway, onto something positive. Dom had his best match ever. That was awesome. Raw was a good show, well most of it.
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