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  1. Downloaded the Destroy All Humans remake via Game Pass. Taking a little getting used to playing it again, but having so much fun with it.
  2. Fallout: New Vegas | XBSX Doing a Melee/Unarmed playthrough, and having a blast with punching people in the face!
  3. Yeah. I have no issues with Chris Pratt as Mario. Those haters love to piss and moan for the hell of it.
  4. That Bloodline segment was *censored*ing great. Sami is killing it!
  5. If they do well with fixing most of the annoying bugs etc? I'll do a full modded Survival run (XBSX) next year. I'd love, love love, love 5GB for mods!
  6. So Fallout 4 is getting a next gen update in 2023, with creation club content (including new CC as well) and performance improvements/bug fixes As long as they improve FPS in downtown? I'll be a happy cappy!
  7. Thank Christ they buried the Nikki T.R.A.S.H gimmick.
  8. ER had it's ups and downs, but overall? Great PPV. Bray returning was *censored*ing epic. Balor/Edge was match of the *censored*ing night, good story telling.
  9. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (was on my to download list) on Xbox Gamepass. Having fun playing it.
  10. Ok, Tony Khan needs to toughen the *Censored* up and lay down the law. This bullshit is NOT good for AEW.
  11. Minecraft on the XBSX via Gamepass. This game is very addictive, and I love it.
  12. AEW need to either hire a Social Media Manager, or take away their phones.
  13. Fallout 76 | Xbox Series X Decided to download it on the XBSX via Gamepass, Been AGES since I last played it on the PS4, and I'm actually enjoying it a lot more than I did before. And when did they add the 10MM Pistol before leaving Vault 76? That was very bloody useful, yes it was.
  14. Just finished watching the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, and I enjoyed it.
  15. Umm...yeeaahhh....those animations...they look horrible. Yes indeed.
  16. After spending 6 and a half months in Hospital, I'm currently playing WWE 2K22 on XBSX. Barely got it started as I ended up in Hospital end of March. Just got home yesterday, anyway... started a new Universe Mode playing as Bryan Danielson in my AEW Universe.
  17. 2K need to increase the favourite CAW creators limit!
  18. The grunting sounds are doing my *censored*ing head in! Yes they are.
  19. Wait....we can only have a limited amount of favourite creators on CC?! That *censored*ing sucks!
  20. Fallout 4 | PS4 Changed my Mod Load Order to make it more challenging on Very Hard setting. So far, no issues. Were other mods I wanted, but reached the 100 limit!
  21. Cyberpunk 2077 | Xbox Series X Just started, but so far? No glitches etc. Massive improvement from the PS4 version, and oh yeah....FASTER LOAD TIMES FTW!
  22. Well....I have Covid. So, I have to isolate for 7 days, then take another test.
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