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  1. Red Dead Redemtion 2 | PS4 Cheats disable saving?!? WHAT IN THE BLUE *Censored* IS THAT SHIT?!? Good thing I saved before enabling the cheats! But like c'mon...for story mode, cheats should NOT disable saving! Didn't affect GTA games. I just wanted to have fun and play with cheats goddammit! I couldn't give 2 *censored*s about trophies! Anyway, been a while since I last played. Game is absolutely stunning visually!
  2. Find it hilarious that the Glazers issued an apology. Do they think we're stupid? They didn't give a flying *Censored* for 3 days! They didn't care what we went through. They tried to destroy football, and the magic of Tuesday/Wednesday European Champions League nights! Oh but they are sorry! That makes it all ok! It's the 14 clubs I really feel sorry for, having to endure all this. As well as the lower league clubs.
  3. The battle has been won, but the war is FAR from over! We need the 50+1 rule that Germany have. I'm sick of these rich *censored*ing owners thinking they can do whatever the *Censored* they want! And LOL at John Henry with his apology. *Censored* off. That's what I'd say if I were a Liverpool fan. But since I'm a Man Utd fan? *Censored* THE GLAZERS! GET THEM OUT! I will not forget the hell we fans have been put through the past 72 hours. These greedy bastards underestimated the power of the football fans, and boy did it come back to bite them in the ass!!
  4. Perez is a *censored*ing disgrace! Saving football? SAVING FOOTBALL?! Is he *Censored*! Football over the last year has been the one decent thing during this god awful pandemic. And now this?! I feel like my heart has been ripped out!
  5. "A board member of one of the 'big 6' tells Sky Sports: "Our job is to maximise our revenues. The wider good of the game is a secondary concern." He also confirms the clubs don't care about the backlash." *censored*ing *Censored*!!
  6. Knew this would happen. *censored*ing greed is ruining this sport! All the greats that have passed will be rolling in their graves at this!! Absolutely disgusted! It's time that fans put aside the club fan banter and unite against this shite!!
  7. They....they released Samoa *censored*ing Joe? *Censored* OFF VINCE!!
  8. Fight Night Champion | Xbox Series X via Game Pass Been YEARS since I last played this game, yet I remember the controls. Amazing isn't it? LOL. Anyway, love this game. Got no love for EA, but I'd sure like a new Fight Night game all the same. Just saying.
  9. Fallout 4 | Xbox Series X (ARRIVED TODAY....FINALLY!!) Wow...the framerate.....Jesus, it's *censored*ing smooth man! Hated having to re-download my mods though!
  10. FINALLY GOT AN XB1 SERIES X ORDERED!! So, started a new FONV Hardcore Mode save to continue on the Series X come Friday!
  11. Got back into playing Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath again on XB1. Wish they'd release the original C&C Remastered Edition on consoles though. Like, the older version was available on the Sega Saturn (great console btw) for pete sakes! No excuses why the remastered version can't be on the current/next gen consoles!
  12. Started playing the new Outer Worlds DLC, and so far? I'm enjoying it. Pacing myself with this, as I rushed the previous one.
  13. Long Haul perk is VERY useful, yes it is. In my current playthrough, I pissed off Legion at Nipton so they'd send their assassins after me. I store their Brush Guns, Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles, Super Sledges, Thermal Lances and 12mm SMGs at the footlocker in my Novac Motel room. I've got a lot of those stored, waiting to get enough so I can do an ammo run at Gun Runners, the merchant at Camp McCarran and the Khan Armory. Hand Loader perk is also a very useful one to make better ammo. But my favourite perk is Jury Rigging. I took the Skilled trait when I began my playthrough so my skills would have a boost, and that levelling up wouldn't be too fast. Like to pace myself and not get too OP'd early on lol
  14. I'd love a FONV remastered edition. With Bethesda and Obsidian owned by Microsoft? The possibility has went from 10 to 80! Make it happen!!
  15. I recommend subscribing to Gopher on YouTube. He's a very talented roleplayer and has 8 chapters of Fallout New Vegas, and a Fallout 3 let's play on his channel as well.
  16. Fallout: New Vegas Just finished Honest Hearts DLC. Mainly did it to get a shitload of Banana Yucca Fruit and Cave Fungas lol. But had fun replaying the quests as well. Now I'm going to explore the Mojave Vaults. Oh god...Vault 34......I need to do a Radaway/Rad-X spending spree! Good thing I picked up the red Space Suit and Helmet!
  17. Huge fan of Home Free. Love this cover.
  18. Lol, it's good to see Rangers back at their best though. I've waited years for this, and glad we've got Stevie G on board.
  19. One thing's for sure. They aint got any excuses this time round if they do *Censored* it up.
  20. Whether it's 3-0, 2-1, 1-0....I don't care how many we score as long as Rangers get the 3 points. C'MON THE GERS!!
  21. Hitman: Blood Money [XB1] Been a while, but love these games.
  22. Ah well I love to explore every nook and cranny in open world games, and I've gotten into stealth characters lately. So, thanks for the advice etc guys. Looks like I'll be getting this for Christmas.
  23. Ok, to the folk who have completed the game....without posting spoilers, is the main story good and is the game itself worth the price? I'm considering getting it for Christmas.
  24. So, the heating doesn't *censored*ing work. It's freezing here, had to get the fan heaters out but they cost a *censored*ing fortune to use! Gonna call the gas company at 8 am to get someone out. I suffer bad arthritic pain in my knees!
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