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  1. While the animations do in fact need more work? I'm impressed overall SO FAR. But loving they've updated the character models a lot. And to think, we've seen a lot more from this game than we have of 2K22.
  2. A Tag Team Turmoil where none of these teams matter! Karrion Kross on Moist TV! Jeff Hardy chasing the 24/7 Championship! Nia vs Dee Snider, I mean Charlotte Part II What in the *Censored* man?!
  3. Oh and where in the blue hell is Keith Lee? He was MIA 7 months, came back for 2 weeks and has been MIA for a month! Have I missed something?! Good god man! And I am *censored*ing astonished that they have nothing for Asuka, yet they have DouDrop vs Eva *censored*ing Marie! Are they for real?!
  4. It's all good. Edit: HAH! Knew the old man ripped up the script, I called it during the show. How can this man be allowed to let this shit happen?
  5. Yeah well, I'm just sick and tired of people telling me not to watch.
  6. I've played SR1, 2 (my favourite) and 3. I hated 4. But this reboot....is NOT Saints Row to me.
  7. I'll answer by asking you a question: If your sports team went on a losing streak for 12 months? Would you switch teams like a glory hunter, or stick it out waiting for that big win? I'm a fan of WWE, m'kay? Even though this show *censored*ing sucks? I CAN and WILL watch/criticise the mother*censored*er. @Fight Me. Charlotte and Nia were shooting? Lol, I didn't bother watching that match. 2 doses of Nia in once night? *Censored* that lol.
  8. Well thank christ this show is over.
  9. Omos is *censored*ing horrendous! And way to go, WWE. Can't give Johnny a worthy opponent in his babyface run. *Censored* sake!
  10. By the way, where the *Censored* is Asuka?!
  11. The crowd is dead lmfao. They don't care about Kross, thanks to Vince.
  13. Oh and to think they got rid of Mickie James....for Eva *censored*ing Marie. HAHAHAHAHA
  14. Here comes Executioner! Good god they still going with this shite? Kross is DEAD!
  15. OH MY *censored*ING GOD!! JESUS H CHRIST!
  16. I need a time machine, so I can go back to 1997! *Censored* sake, enough with this 24/7 circus shit!! OHHHH NOOOO!! IT'S EVA!!
  17. Now that is what am talking about! Incredible Triple Threat Match!
  18. Never EEEHVER been so *censored*ing embarrassed to be a fan of this shite. *censored*ing hell!
  19. Oh *Censored* off! Another *censored*ing fruit roll up!
  20. Remember when Shayna and Rhea wasn't a joke?
  21. So, did Vince rip up yet another script half an hour before the show aired?
  22. Making a *censored*ing mockery of open challenges! Jesus Christ.
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