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  1. FIFA 22 | Xbox Series X Started a Player Career with Rangers as myself, I'm enjoying the gameplay so far. GK's are so much better this year.
  2. Yeah, Keith Lee looks stupid. Drop the singlet, get his NXT attire/gimmick back and DROP THE *censored*ING BEARCAT SHITE!! It's not that *censored*ing hard for christ sake!
  3. Ricochet fighting for the 24/7 Championship HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Censored* off!
  4. More rollups. Can we like, get one *censored*ing show with finishers/3 counts without a rollup pin? *Censored* sake, these creative clowns are so *censored*ing lazy!! Other than that shit, wasn't really a bad SD . Also, liking the Naomi/Deville stuff.
  5. Man, Punk made Hobbs look *censored*ing great! And good to see Punk back to the trunks, I....didn't really like the tights look lol. Overall? Enjoyed Rampage!
  6. Agreed! Ending left me screaming "I WANT MORE!!"
  7. I was disappointed they didn't give MJF a mic. I'd have loved to hear him let rip in NYC man.
  8. *censored*ing hell! Danielson/Omega *censored*ing delivered, as expected. That was *censored*ing awesome! That "KICK HIS *censored*ING HEAD IN!" from Bryan...I've missed that! Whole show was great!
  9. Meat eaters Seriously though, he oozes class. Can't wait to see him and Omega turn it up!
  10. "Look at her, now look at me." It just pisses me off that they didn't see value in Ruby Riott. But they see value in that talentless and most annoying Eva Marie! Anyway, watching Shayna break Nia was GLORIOUS! Now hit the reset switch and book Beszlar properly! Damn, I forgot to add: THEY MADE BIG E LOSE TWICE IN ONE *censored*ING NIGHT?!? Yeah.....great start to his run as WWE Champion.
  11. Eva Marie with the fat shaming. How does that woman still have a contract?! GET RID OF THAT USELESS TWAT!
  12. That thumbnail.....Michael looks *censored*ing awesome in that shot! I won't watch the trailer though, was advised by a friend not to as it reveals a lot. But I'm hyped for this!
  13. Oh thank god! Just had a phone call from my mother. She never had Covid, she does have some sort of infection but they aren't sure what yet. But man, I am so so happy she doesn't have that god forsaken Covid!!
  14. Thanks, appreciate it. Had another phone conversation with her earlier, she's sounding a lot better. She even joked about how awful the food is (she wishes she didn't regain the ability to taste) so that's a big big plus lol. But, she did say she could be in for a while. So, while she's getting well? Still taking it one day at a time. I was worrying a lot, which isn't good for my health. I struggle with these sort of things mentally. Been trying to keep my mind on other things.
  15. Just started to watch NXT 2.0, and after 20 mins in? I gave up. Can't take this shit serious with those *censored*ing colours! Why fix what isn't broken?!
  16. Exactly. As much as I liked Bob's run? I've been wanting Big E as WWE Champion ever since he went solo. He had no chance in hell cashing in on our Tribal Chief.
  17. Well, last night my mother was taken into hospital. I got an update today and.......she has COVID. She managed to phone earlier and she sounded a bit perky, chirpy etc so I'm taking that as a good sign, but *Censored*...I'm very worried! She's almost nearing 60.
  18. Eh. I'll reserve my judgement. But my first thoughts? Not entirely sold yet.
  19. Lol, they were out of their minds thinking Adam would be ok with that shit.
  20. Recently, that's what they wanted him to do.
  21. Yeah, Ringside News also said they wanted Cole to be a manager. That's 2 people reporting it, so yeah. *Censored* Vince and Bruce!
  22. Just had my first COVID vaccine. Had to get someone to visit the house as I struggle to get out now. But that's the first one out of the way.
  23. I hope Kevin does NOT re-sign his contract. That would be like extending a prison sentence in Alcatraz! I'm sure Tony can slot him in, he'd be a fool to let him slip through his fingers. Yeah yeah, I know they can't sign every Wrestler, but Kevin is one you want on any roster.
  24. While the animations do in fact need more work? I'm impressed overall SO FAR. But loving they've updated the character models a lot. And to think, we've seen a lot more from this game than we have of 2K22.
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