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  1. So after getting $600 a week for few months, republicans now want to cut that about to $200 because "people shouldn't get paid for staying home," even though the damn party's one of the reasons why so many people have been laid off. I hate their logic so much, people should be getting $600 per week, but reps will try to give corps, especially in the weapons industry, that money. It's horseshit.
  2. Basically, just wait for a vaccine and hope it works against the people who haven't taken it. Like, I don't wanna get sick after being vaccinated because a dickhead got covid because he didn't want to get vaccinated for whatever dumb reason.
  3. FL is legit messed up, but I don't think they'll do anything.
  4. Tempted to get NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition just for Kobe, as much as I despise the shitty gameplay and how it keeps getting worse with each year.
  5. Young adults and Black people are more likely to switch from Biden to Kanye, so this might at least help Trump win. Kanye likely entered with this in mind, and it makes me hate him even more.
  6. Kanye's running for presidency as well now, and I can't help but feel that he's actually trying to take votes away from Biden.
  7. Probably because you were young and foolish. That's actually one of my favorite MCU movies.
  8. HOpe you lads had a great one!
  9. I mean, it's mostly his supporters trying to deny it for whatever reason. He could make it 120% clear that he's a racist, and they'd still deny it or support him even more.
  10. Happy birthday ZigJeb!
  11. So what's going to happen if he gets sick? Who's he gonna blame?
  12. M3J


    I legit wouldn't be surprised if some of them got rehired after this blows over. They probably don't want to risk getting heat for this, on top of other things.
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