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  1. Anyone who's paid attention knows this isn't "sweeping generalization" or whatever, it's based on they behave and have been caught behaving. I even posted a link where a former cop shared his story of what went on, and it seems cops allow shit to slide by. I don't know about UK, but cops in USA were founded to stop runaway slaves, the organization has a racist history to it. No it doesn't. Not identifying the problem because "waah generalization" does more harm. There are far too many cops abusing their power and far too many cops protecting others. THere's very little to no accountability, and as long as people defend them or cry about cops being vilified, there won't be any change. Until more of them speak up, hold others accountable/try to stop police brutality, and start policing better, lumped in they shall be into the same group. Better than ignoring the issue just to avoid hurting their feelings.
  2. No it's not. I can't be assed to explain it, but the people who actually champion this have better explanations and can address any "issues" that you think would exist from cops being abolished. You can refuse to believe it all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that there are people who want cops abolished. I don't think it's most people, but there are more than you think. Defunding isn't enough, especially when cops would just be more likely to abuse their power or find other ways to get the money, if the politicians wouldn't secretly re-fund them anyway. Though, defunding would also put money into community resources that people can use. It's not the horrendous actions of "some," it's the majority, if not all. The fact that "good" cops stay quiet and allow abuse of power and police brutality to happen is a problem, and it makes them just as guilty. Not to mention, the amount of cops that were violent towards protesters last summer and even during the trial, continued to kill Black people. Cops have consistently proven that they can't be reformed, and it keeps resulting in Black people dying. If it was the case of few bad apples, then there wouldn't have been violence during BLM protests. Cops wouldn't be caught on video using excessive or deadly force on Black people while trying to de-escalate situations with violent white people with weapons. Nor would they protect each other or lie about what happened, like Chauvin dying due to medical issues. https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759
  3. There's still plenty of good reason - ability to kill people and get away with it. Unless more cops get convicted for murder, I don't see why white supremacists and people who love to abuse power wouldn't want to be cops. People want police abolished because they don't see any use in police. Police doesn't protect most people, and victims of rape will tell you how little effort the police puts in catching rapists. Not to mention, if victims of abuse, harassment, or stalking come forward, cops don't do much, if anything, until after the fact. Sources say that he shot her as soon as he got out of the car instead of de-escalating the situation, which he definitely would have done had the girl been white.
  4. Apparently on the same day as the verdict, cops killed a 15-year old girl. While it is the right thing to find him guilty, what's even better is abolishing cops and/or making sure cops that kill are punished, otherwise the killings will just continue.
  5. I mean, for his victim's family and loved ones, yeah, but it'll change nothing.
  6. It's really a lose-lose situation
  7. Problem is, if Chauvin is charged, it'll just be him being a sacrificial lamb to calm down the BLM people. It won't stop the cops from being shitty, especially when nothing has.
  8. I use that a lot in combination with touchpad scrolling, it's useful and even quicker.
  9. Why not just use PG UP and PG DN on your keyboard?
  10. oh not too bad, especially if you've had those space dividers for braces. I took a Tylenol and felt better pretty quickly. Probably triggered by the vaccine?
  11. It's sad how easily republican voters will believe anything that agrees with them while calling anything that doesn't fake news. Like, they don't even realize the fallacy of that.
  12. Six hours after getting Pfizer, I had left eye pain and discharge and semi-runny nose, and toothache though I think that might be due to getting a filling few hours after. Lasted for few hours, and I felt better, though arm was sore for two or three days. Wasn't bad at all.
  13. WEnt to CentraState, took me 30 minutes total, from reaching the hospital to driving to the right area of the hospital and waiting for 15 mins at the end. It was so quick.
  14. LeBron should be trying to recruit prime Jordan smh
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