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  1. And a stupid president and politicians (mostly republicans) who kept saying it was a hoax, likely so they could sell their stocks. And now, Trump isn't cooperating with governors of states that have criticized him. wtf
  2. Yep, I'm enjoying the manga, and I heard the anime sucked anyway. Saw DBS: Broly again, and it was still fun. Didn't like the "epilogue" though, felt too long.
  3. Kylie Jenner is also donating $1 million, while Rihanna donated to US, Haiti, and Barbados, if I got the countries right. Google is also donating about $800 million? And last I heard, the amount of cases shot past 100K in USA, which is scary as *Censored*. I think we passed China for the most cases, and it's likely going to get worse. This is scary.
  4. This isn't surprising, sadly. Same "feminists" supporting Biden are also quiet about this as well, while they were loud about Bernie writing misogynist things decades ago. In any case, I hope the way Trump handled this pandemic inspires people to vote. Even Biden is better than Trump, who has the blood of thousands of people on his hands for the way he handled the coronavirus. And the way republicans are dealing with helping people and small businesses who don't have any income vs. corporations who make shitty decisions should be proof enough that they should never be in power, but that's right wing in general in most places.
  5. That was one of the ones I was talking about, but there were two men. Either way though, I wouldn't mind having that sort of stuff here, as much as I hate police brutality. Many people who live in India have said that the police are taking advantage of the quarantine to abuse their positions and attack people, though, which isn't surprising. So I guess if that was allowed here, we'd see even more Black people and people of color get shot.
  6. There are several videos out there with the cop or cops wearing mask though. No other reason to have a mask on, no?
  7. In India you can literally get beaten by the police for stepping out.
  8. Not really. He likely does. Some republicans are advocating for letting old people die just so the economy can keep going...
  9. Any update? And some republicans and "centrists" are basically saying we should let old people die just so the economy won't tank. Capitalism has failed for decades, but somehow people are brainwashed into thinking it works, and often it's the same so-called "pro-lifers" that are okay with letting people die. This is correct, and the Dems want most of the money to go to workers who need it, not to corporations that'll lay off employees. I love the what-aboutisms that have no relation to anything.
  10. If Bernie is on the left and about redistributing wealth to those who need the money, then of course even Dems would try to fight him as politicians are greedy.
  11. Biden supporters suck, honestly, but either way, I hope Trump loses. Bernie would be great as he'd probably be the first step towards reforming the whole economic system, which coronavirus has proven is so weak.
  12. Yep, I'm laughing at Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, and Harvey getting coronavirus, it's like karma getting evil people. Paul and Gaetz mocked coronavirus, and look at what happened.
  13. So apparently, Dems blocked coronavirus stimulus bill, stating that it wasn't enough of a relief for people and small businesses. Dunno if the reason is true, but I can believe that, and republicans using it to make it look like Dems are trying to hurt them.
  14. Blimey, I forgot how bad Sherlock got after the first or second season.
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