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  1. M3J

    WWE Drama

    what if it was done on purpose?
  2. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Shame we can't trade Betty White for Hogan
  3. I haven't seen anyone bring up Tobey, just Andrew, and mostly because of how he said he didn't pull punches after Gwen's death. Tobey's storyline seems resolved enough, no?
  4. such a horrible news. RIP you absolute legend of a woman and human being
  5. Why does Tobey need Spider-Man 4? I know The Amazing Spider-Man 3 could easily be hinted at when we found out Garfield didn't pull his punches after Gwen died. That'd be something fans would love to see, and Peter could move on from that somehow.
  6. Like I implied, I did have an ignorant view. Anyway, that sucks man, that should be proof your job should require people to wear mask or get vaccinated. Glad you have a mild case, hope that's just it.
  7. M3J

    WWE Drama

    oh yikes, though I doubt that'd happen, especially after the things that leaked few years ago. Either way, pretty shitty of Del Rio.
  8. Likely possible because Trump can just go back to spouting just bigoted rhetoric again. Also, CDC is so *censored*ing dumb for shortening quarantine time to 5 days, after encouraging vaccinated people to not wear masks. jfc
  9. It always surprises me when people get covid again, especially if their previous experience was bad. But that's with the idea that people don't wear masks or whatnot.
  10. M3J

    WWE Drama

    What'd he do? And WWE is beyond stupid for this. They're putting too many lives at risk
  11. I like this idea. The only downside is that people who don't want to go to the theaters have to make sure they're not spoiled, if they don't want to be, and 46 days is a long time.
  12. I enjoyed Hawkeye, and I can't wait for more Kate and Yelena! Jeremy/Clint was actually bearable.
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