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  1. No way anyone who sees any video should be able to defend cops and their BS
  2. M3J

    WWE Drama

    oh yikes, She's had plenty of time to speak as well. That makes no sense... what's wrong with that if Cody's not a racist or uses their relationship to defend his racism? For some reason, I did not expect Jericho to say All Lives Matter, I thought he knew better.
  3. M3J

    WWE Drama

    What happened with her? Not gonna lie though, I never expected Kevin Nash to have these views. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  4. I think that got overshadowed by the protests and cops' violence towards protesters. And white. There are videos out there and protesters themselves saying how the cops will hesitate to put hands on white protesters while they have no problem attacking Black protesters.
  5. M3J

    WWE Drama

    I'm proud of this old man. Hope he doesn't throw us a curve though.
  6. I wouldn't be shocked if the only reason why they arrested him is to give him better protection. He's also being charged with 3rd degree murder even though this should be at the very least, 2nd degree. First degree is a possibility since they apparently worked at the same place long time ago. I don't think we'll see justice though, but I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Finally beat this goddamn team on NBA 2K20 for a Spotlight Sims thing.
  8. Trump is literally one of the worst leaders this country has ever had. He's such an embarrassment and is actually encouraging more violence instead of ensuring Derek gets punished, and the Floyd family sees justice. A real piece of shit.
  9. Thanks! I'm annoyed Max doesn't have an app for Firestick, even if it does for Samsung.
  10. I generally avoided A:TLA because I was too heartbroken in watching new stuff. Kinda regret it as it'd have been better as a kid. I'm also excited for One Piece, otherwise I wouldn't go out of my way to watch animes. Also, should HBO Max be added to the topic title? I'm doing a Harry Potter marathon (even though I hate the movies).
  11. Agreed on the first part. From what I've read, people were looting Target because the store supports the police department and were refusing to help the protesters when they tried to get milk. Plus, they're insured, so it's not like they'll really lose much. I actually feel more for the employees as they probably have less income coming, if at all.
  12. Minneapolis cops killing George Floyd is a hot topic now. They need to all get tried as murderers, not just get fired where they'd probably get hired elsewhere again. Then you have Amy Cooper trying to call the cops on Christian Cooper just because he told her to leash her dog, which should be categorized as attempted murder given the cops' tendency to kill Black people. I really wish this country cared more about Black people and allowed them to live and have opportunities.
  13. M3J

    WWE without Cena

    I feel like we could have gotten a better Cena or best out of Cena if WWE allowed more than one top guy. I haven't watched WWE in a long time, but when I did, I didn't miss him too much. I'm assuming now that he's a part-timer, he can put on better matches?
  14. Why's he obsessed with Alexa Bliss?
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