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  1. I enjoyed WandaVision, and I can't wait for more. Apparently it's a direct lead to Spider-Man 3 and Dr. Strange 2, so that'll be interesting.
  2. They did though. It's funny because a lot of these people cherrypicking his quotes are the same ones that'd oppose him if they were alive at the same time. If you can oppose Kaepernick kneeling, then you'd definitely oppose MLK Jr., and these capitalists would have even more reasons to hate him .
  3. Wonder how "pro-lifers" feel about Trump Administration trying to execute as many people as possible.
  4. Practice defensive driving, and you should be good to go. Tested negative for covid.
  5. But covid's also known for killing old people
  6. My cousin works at HBO so free HBO for me! Also has Looney Tunes, but it's missing episodes or edited, which sucks.
  7. Dude got and survived covid. I wouldn't put it past the *censored*ing Satan to survive jail
  8. Ah, I have energy but had cold chills too along with hot flashes, all randomly. I just got my test done, and I don't think there's anything wrong, but still.
  9. Trump has been the first president/world leader to be impeached twice to have his tweets fact checked to be banned from social media sites to lose the reelection since Bush Sr. to lose popular vote twice
  10. get well soon, y'all I might have covid too, apparently, but I 120% doubt it. Fever, mild head pains probably due to lack of caffeine (though it lasted for few days), and stiff enough neck. Not much else, and even then, my temp never got above 100.2, so. Probably just pizza
  11. republicans won't, they fear voters turning on them.
  12. love how they make their racism so obvious
  13. Love it. They're probably the same shitheads that justify Muslims being discriminated like this. Likely just bullshit. It should have said "ends" instead of "ended," for one.
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