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  1. This will be the first WrestleMania I will watch live since 2021. My health hasn't been great the last couple years, been in lots of pain, but currently feeling bit better. I'm looking forward to this weekend!
  2. Trio entrances aren't the problem. It's the devs NOT fixing it that IS the problem. Universe Mode Is a feature most people use for custom brands, or existing ones. You'd THINK they'd make sure it works as intended. *SIGH* I'll just have to make do with this. But it will completely suck having to turn off entrances goddammit!
  3. Exactly. We have the right to be annoyed. I am sick of the crashes dammit. Just had 2 of them in My Rise!
  4. They STILL haven't fixed Cody's music not working with alt attires?!? I want to download Gamevolt's attires dammit.
  5. The game STILL crashes in CAW Mode!! Who the *Censored* tested the patch? Stevie Wonder?! Jesus Christ.
  6. So...the patch did *Censored* all. But they made sure to patch My *censored*ing Faction. What about the preview in custom entrances? What about Cody's theme not playing with alt attires? You know...the important things that need patched?!
  7. So, I've uploaded my original CAW Eddie Evans. Search Tags EddieEvans GraemeJMC CAWSws He has a moveset and entrance. Been like 4 years since I've created him. He's been my most used OG since SVR 2010. Unfortunately no pics I'm afraid. And the logo's used are from Community Creations.
  8. Why in the blue blazes of hell didn't they add a slider for the A.I in tag matches? I am *censored*ing sick and tired of the A.I interrupting everytime I hit my finisher! How many games now?! Goddammit!
  9. It's a real pain in the ass. Especially when you spend like 2+ hours getting everything just the way you want it etc.
  10. Tried creating my My Rise character after midnight, and it crashed 3 *censored*ing times god *censored*ing dammit!!
  11. Yeah. Look at 2K15? That was a bare boned game. We had what, 25 CAWs? Limited movesets? I don't want to go through that hell again!
  12. Thanks for spoiling the match! I haven't seen the PPV yet!! Use spoiler tags next time.
  13. Omos vs Brock Lesnar?! HAHAHAAH *Censored* that shit!
  14. Yeah, agreed. I mean I'm glad that it isn't 100% like for like, but they should've included the key moments from the first game thus far.
  15. Thanks Jeb. Appreciate it. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 6
  16. SVR 11 was also the game that they removed the skin colour wheel, which took 2 games to put back in. Their excuses for taking it out were as follows: 1: An oversight, should've been in 2: It'll be added back in WWE '12 3: They removed it due to nude CAWs online Those were posted on here by Marcus Stephenson. Hell, they even removed the transparency setting! Anyway, I want to see a video dedicated to all the new and updated moves! Yes I do.
  17. So uhh...how do I put things in spoiler tags? Haven't done it in........well a long time lol.
  18. I will NEVER forget about Lyin Williams' lies with the removed moves bullshit. Then he went on a rant when his lies were exposed.
  19. Just preordered the game on the Xbox Series X.
  20. That ending after the Reigns/Owens match was *censored*ing awesome! The conflict in Zayn, then finally does the right thing. That pop when he wacked Roman though? Still get chills rewatching it!
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