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  1. Oh my god i thought it happened again.
  2. My worry is they are buddies with Gallows and Anderson.
  3. Is the winner of the womens tourny gonna get a title shot on this show? Would be weird if someone else got a shot when a whole ass tournament is going on.
  4. So there was a Impact event and Cass and Enzo were on it and im just slowly falling out of love with this promotion.
  5. Don't know every time they end up partnering with a promotion they get the shit end of the stick.
  6. twitter.com/Oren_Jacobson/status/1365412904749699075
  7. The more i see Cage next to other talent the more i realize the almost the entire AEW roster it is taller than him. Hes the shortest person in that impact ad.
  8. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    God what i would have given to go to the store and *Censored* with him after the pic and be like "I tested positive for Covid 19 and have it right now but i know its fake like you say it is." just to see his reaction.
  9. Well we need the same type of people who fought voter suppression in Georgia to man up in other states.
  10. Meanwhile Beto and AOC raised over a million dollars for relief but the right still calls them bad guys.
  11. Already saw people defending him.
  12. If you want all those other things you can't have Onita involved at all. He would make them use his crew to set everything up and the explosions they used at CZW shows were so sad.
  13. Ted Cruz bounced to Cancun once Texas froze over no *censored*ing shit. Cruz was also the one who tried to block relief to the northeast after sandy. Also the one who critized California's grid for rolling blackouts.
  14. Which is sad cause it took a 30 second google search to get the info i found.
  15. Apparently Kyle had a seizure as they went off air.
  16. Man really is breakingthe forbidden door.
  17. Because most politicians are getting some sorta cut so they have to make a agenda.
  18. who the *Censored* is zoey stark?
  19. NXT parking lot is dangerous man.
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