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  1. Love D-Bry but I cannot see him in that role.
  2. You hear stories about that all the time on podcasts. Punk and Renee just confirmed that companies would go to them to work together and it would always end up going to top guys instead.
  3. He should win the title in 2021, last night wasn't the time to put it on him. The build for that match was like 3 weeks long.
  4. They could make the spot look better, like don't start brawling and stretch out the dive, just do the dive. The whole playing up the dive before it happens makes the brawl look dumb. Like noone notices this guy in the ring stomping to wake up the crowd? AEW needs to drop JR, hes legit just there to collect a paycheck and him not giving a shit about wrestlers names, not paying attention during ad reads and just messing up and not caring just makes the product look not good. Like if he doesn't care about the product why should i?
  5. That main event was soooooooooo dangerous and wild.
  6. But he posted his belt on twitter so it defeats the point.
  7. All i ask in 2021 is no more Sami v Eddie.
  8. Also in a time of a pandemic why did they think it was a good idea to send Omega everywhere? AEW, Impact, gonna be on Triple A tonight.
  9. Was it really good booking? Tons of run ins and backstage fighting and Omega pretty much saying nothing on three shows. Same with Sting. Very late WCW and TNA.
  10. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Vince needs to go.
  11. Didn't he lay their until way after the match? Why are these wrestlers lying about their well being.
  12. Still hurt i think, he didn't wrestle in GCW's show last week.
  13. Gage is the king of this shit so mox would die.
  14. My brother in law randomly text me that Lio was on that show.
  15. Bro theres towing the company line that saying dumb shit. This is dangerous shit just like Matt Hardy saying he was fine and never in danger.
  16. Just rewatched Cowboy Bebop for the first time in forever such a amazing series.
  17. Punk was on Renee's podcast. Pretty decent. Punk said he open to return anywhere if it makes logical sense and they actually have storylines that he will enjoy for him to be in.
  18. If your flying him over you absolutely have Kross v WALTER cause that match would *Censored*.
  19. I just saw gifs but im lowkey happy that FTR really beat the piss out of Pillman Jr. What a talentless twat.
  20. You know Nakazawa and Riho are being really quiet when Kenny said he didn't hire his friends.
  21. Two weeks in a row Grimes had to be censored.
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