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  1. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    The WWE logo pasted on him is hysterical tho.
  2. Want to know the *censored*ed up thing is that its my *censored*ing brother in law who *censored*ed me over.
  3. My current job *censored*ed with my paycheck. I might quit. I cleaned my locker out and left my key at the restaurant just incase i decide i'm done I won't have to go back in.
  4. WWE makes no sense. NXT is really good, and has made me like alot of people i never did. And Smackdown is pretty decent. And they do awesome shit like King Nak & Boogz, Regins and the head of the table, Big E, and even make me like Baron Corbin as a sad piece of shit. Meanwhile RAW is a total shitshow.
  5. Its true thought, we saw the same thing with TNA. Tons of great young talent with a few old school dudes and as they started to gain steam they started to sign "stars" and we saw alot of the TNA Originals get pushed to the side. I don't think AEW needs alot of these people. They don't need Bray, Cole, Murphy or even D-Bry. They have a super talented roster and just need to have good storylines to make them stars.
  6. Everytime i head Kross go, "In the end...." i just hear "EVERYBODY DIES".
  7. The first match was so good, i cannot believe the second was better.
  8. She still kinda is, NXT hasn't been touring so whatever youve seen the past few years on TV is what shes done in ring wise which isn't alot.
  9. No i am, the only match im not looking forward to is Cole and ORiley. Im hoping its last and the can wrestle for two hours for all i care.
  10. You could have had Bianca beat Becky in 5 seconds to show Becky shes been away for too long and the game has past her.
  11. Stoop its the only one im not excited about lmao.
  12. *Censored* that im beyond hyped for alot of this card.
  13. Which is great and all but this promotion that promised to be different and show off different talent is signing people who made names in WWE and are going to be major players. When TNA did this they were harshly critiqued. Remember, TNA use to share talent and one minor incident took that away. And im not remotely comparing AEW to WWE.
  14. Clearly Hammerstones dad. Best thing on the show was Nak coming out for no reason at all.
  15. That Becky match reallly made me not give a shit about the rest of this card. Bianca was straight disrespected.
  16. I wouldn't stop laughing for a few days.
  17. According to the DON Sean Ross Sapp, they signed 13-16 people from those tryouts.
  18. Yeah it would be a super bad look if Punk isn't there. Like he has to be there, not a graphic, not a video promo, he needs to be in the ring.
  19. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    May also help to remember that Foley proposed a whole ass storyline to Vince that would have brought in Punk and Joe before Punk was in WWE. Also Foley isn't wrong. WWE isn't what it was today without the Summer of Punk. And if you want to doubt his moving the needle power, Rampage & All Out were sold out in minutes due to speculation that Punk *MIGHT* be there.
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