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  1. Seems like they don't like whatever contract they signed with IWTV which is weird cause I don't remember seeing a ton of their stuff on their site. And im guessing that whatever deal is in place the contract cant be broken so they are gonna get fans to go after IWTV for them which is kinda shitty.
  2. This one breaks my heart. Dude was a kind and genuine soul and a massive family man. Man deserved it all and was stuck in WWE for years.
  3. So. As someone whos had his battles with depression on and off a practice i started to do was to just be positive about things and set minor goals that eventually lead off to major goals. I was working my ass off and treading water, i was in so much credit card and medical debt, i ended a relationship that just shattered me alot of points it was just me and my thought thinking if i jump it all goes away in a instant. But obviously thats not the solution to anything. I did little things to make myself feel good, started up a hobby, occasionally hit the gym, forced my self to be social even when i didn't because once i got out my mind wasn't focused on the bad and eventually things just flowed, i was able to get a new job that didn't feel soul crushing and just put my whole heart into it made it to the other side eventually. And since the pandemic shit changed, i lost my job prepandemic and had to move back home so some days i feel there a battle in my brain but i just keep telling myself its temporary cause i know it is. There are days where i lose and don't leave bed for any prolonged period of time and there are days where i feel like i can go toe to toe with goliath. I don't know. This is what helped me and it took a few years for me to get there but it eventually came. Im not perfect or fully over it but im also not having thoughts of ending it all the way i use to. Also came to find that opening up about this to anyone who would listen took a weight off my shoulders even though admitting certain things is a very scary thing but i did it and felt better when i realized that hey man im not alot and alot of people fight their own version of depression. You may not see it now but everyone has something to offer in this world. It may not be right now but one little moment can change everything.
  4. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Wow that *censored*ed.
  5. Happy belated 4 years to the best scene in Star Wars history.
  6. Whats *censored*ed up is shit like this is still going on with female wrestlers and nnoone gives a *Censored*.
  7. People in the comments are dumb.
  8. Finally getting around to the first episode and Eli Drake doing his taunt with no crowd is the saddest thing ever.
  9. So Janela was knocked the *Censored* out and again noone noticed and stopped thematch.
  10. This line doesn't look as good as the first two face wise.
  11. Hes kinda a idiot. He said Covid was bullshit in March and got it a few weeks later and he just says stuff without thinking also defended sexual predators.
  12. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Cesaro. 1. Handome. 2. Hunk 3. Legit freaky strong. 4. Amazing wrestler.
  13. They should go thought he twitter DM's and go after everyone.
  14. With this ultimate x replay i forgot how Page was really out of shape.
  15. Seriously just make Dynamite 2 hours a of The Dark Order doing things and ill stop watching NXT.
  16. Guys, you know what time of year it is.
  17. Love D-Bry but I cannot see him in that role.
  18. You hear stories about that all the time on podcasts. Punk and Renee just confirmed that companies would go to them to work together and it would always end up going to top guys instead.
  19. He should win the title in 2021, last night wasn't the time to put it on him. The build for that match was like 3 weeks long.
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