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  1. Yeah it would be a super bad look if Punk isn't there. Like he has to be there, not a graphic, not a video promo, he needs to be in the ring.
  2. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    May also help to remember that Foley proposed a whole ass storyline to Vince that would have brought in Punk and Joe before Punk was in WWE. Also Foley isn't wrong. WWE isn't what it was today without the Summer of Punk. And if you want to doubt his moving the needle power, Rampage & All Out were sold out in minutes due to speculation that Punk *MIGHT* be there.
  3. They better *censored*ing do Suzuki v Dickinson at the Showboat.
  4. The speculation is they are gonna announce Punk on Rampage, he won't even be there.
  5. Oh if hes a commentator that would be perfect, but im not clamoring to see many of those matches.
  6. But honestly what impact can he really have? Like he didn't move numbers in the UFC, Sting, Christian, Cien, all didn't bring in numbers. Like i feel like the fanbase that wants Punk already watches AEW. And in ringwise there are so many people in AEW beyond Punk. He honestly would be better in a *censored*ed up WWE. Like tons of talent when they leave WWE i can picture dream matches for Punk right now in AEW i can't.
  7. Won 500$ on a 5$ 7 game parlay last night, also sold a baseball card on ebay for 130$.
  8. I think so, wonder how thats gonna play out.
  9. The weird thing is his other match of the night he wasn't doing any hogan shit. But was super sloppy.
  10. I had to stop watching, the constant cutting to try and get the ad's on the screen in the background was *censored*ing maddening.
  11. Im glad shes able to kinda joke about it cause that whole thing was *censored*ed.
  12. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Don't think NXT jumped the shark but it totally lost direction for a bit but it hitting a great stride right now even with all the releases.
  13. This could blow every other Takeover out of the water.
  14. Bray was pretty much always cheered minus maybe when he recruited D-Bry to the Wyatt family.
  15. Exactly this. The crowd is hot for him at this very moment pull the trigger now and get the belt on him.
  16. I *censored*ing knew Punk and D-Bry would derail Page's storyline.
  17. Man worked CHIKARA with zero issues. Mans not a issue.
  18. So hes not toally wrong, when Eddie died he was def a B+ player but was starting to go back towards A status.
  19. Punk actually said he wanted to go somewhere where there was something for him to do. He didn't want to sign somewhere and get lost in the shuffle after one program. Im still hoping this doesn't derail Page.
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