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  1. Two weeks in a row Grimes had to be censored.
  2. Oh man Ciampa is going STRAIGHT HAHA TO THE MOOOOOOON
  3. Lets be honest its Bobby Fish, he probably sneezed and torn his triceps off the bonee.
  4. Lmao she punched her in the mouth.
  5. The best thing about Wargames was like Candice broke her arm, Gargano needed stiches in his lip, Thatcher had his cauliflour ear explode, Oney had eye busted open and needed stiches, Bobby Fish had to have surgery also cut his arm open. Than i saw Ember show a small bruse talking about how brutal the match was
  6. Man i want Dunne/Finn out of all those possibilities.
  7. As some who watches most of those promotions i would rather none of that. Omega hasn't defended the AAA title in months. Mox hasn't been able to defend the US title so im assuming Omega would be the same, and having Omega march in and take the Impact title would make impact look small time.
  8. So he came on impact to basically say watch AEW tomorrow.
  9. Like low key worried the movies trying to do to much tho.
  10. As much as I enjoy the gimmick, Jake Something deserves to be the monster heel we know he can be.
  11. Thank god TJP added filler his tattoos looked like shit.
  12. Alright i get it, but seriously every few minutes talking about Omega need to chill.
  13. 11k on twitch stream. Its usually like 2.5k.
  14. Darby is the first dude i ever seen wrestle and thought hes way to small to be believable in any sorta capacity.
  15. They should have just signed Shelley and he could have talked for both of them.
  16. Don't be confused by Melissa Santos if you watch on twitch.
  17. Him saying that a show might be his last indy date is whats making me think WWE since alot of AEW talent still do handful's of indy dates.
  18. Is Page WWE bound? His last vlog was like alot of "This might be my last time in impact" and "This might be my last indy booking ever."
  19. Christ what happened to Oney bleeding from his mouth and eye.
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