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  1. Why possibly break up the ass boys and the acclaimed? So dumb.
  2. Look up his awesome promos from PWG.
  3. I love how the locker room was mad that the Hardys were gonna win the title so the solution was to give it to the Bucks wtf lmao. Their tag division is stacked and you would never know it because of the Bucks always being some sort of focal point.
  4. IF he was going for head scans why the *Censored* was he booked for a ladder match.
  5. People in the comments suck, "Why didn't you go to AEW?" not focusing on the fact that he took PEDS and got fired.
  6. I don't know man i feel like AEW knew the condition this dude was in and didn't really check it and are now only checking it because its a PR nightmare.
  7. Man doesn't want to clean himself up so i really don't have sympathy.
  8. Heard it was PED's. At least they are taking that shit somewhat seriously.
  9. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Isn't MVP well trained in different fight styles?
  10. Its weird though, why would any company sign her? He brings nothing to the table that a dozen other people can bring.
  11. Thunder Rosa is so cool, also Schaffers music is great.
  12. Like if you want to face Punk winning that belt is the b line to get to him.
  13. Yo that shit is the dumbest reason to not go for a belt.
  14. Wardlow is a star don't let him speak, we did this with Roman already.
  15. Too many belts. Also love Regal threatening murder for O' Riley. You just had two tournaments for the Hart thing, having a sudo tournament for the World title, and than another for the new belt. And people think Khan is revolutionary. Wait Page doesn't get another shot at the belt?
  16. Danielson, Sky, Punk, Cole all hurt.
  17. Hes gonna control his own narrative lmao.
  18. Apparently Ethan Page is upset he doesn't wrestle much and Thunder Rosa is upset about not being used as well as she is, like being at media events and in shitty time slots on the show.
  19. I would watch AEW more if Khan would shut the *Censored* up for once.
  20. Hudson could do better tbh.
  21. They said Joe no showed too?
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