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  1. The big thing i don't get about Jericho being back is that if hes legit injured there is reason to let him sit out. Hes not the end all be all mouth piece he use to be the others could cut promos aswell.
  2. Man, this *censored*ing bums me out. Dude legit has my favorite memory of going to a indy show ever. There was seriously noone like this dude inside and outside of wrestling, if he said he was going to do it you bet your ass he would do it.
  3. Its funny cause you wonder how Hitler got into power and you see everything thats been happening the past five years and you like yeah people are *censored*ing dumb.
  4. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Or he hopes he gets fired and is invited to that herbs radio show.
  5. Minus Grimes theme which is *censored*ing stellar all these themes are super generic and sound like they would be on N64 games.
  6. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    AEW had to do something to start the strikes though.
  7. Also kinda weird it took that long to set up the cage. War Games doesn't do take that long and all they did was add a roof.
  8. I love Orange Cassidy so im ok with him having the belt.
  9. Apparently they are doing TV tapings at the ECW Arena in july and im going to have to go if Cueto is going to be there in person.
  10. Honestly his supporters are such sheep i was thinking of no joke buying the cheapest tshirts i could and making "Trump 2021; Its Not Over!" tshirts. I would make a legit fortune.
  11. 100% missed the chance to have the camera pan back from putting the glasses on Nak to have OC have a brand new pair on.
  12. Shes def tweeted about it a few times.
  13. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    alsoooooooooo i sort laughed at this.
  14. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Im gonna assume Lumis too cause he follows a ton of right wing IG accounts.
  15. Mil gonna be on Prince Puma's ass.
  16. Its weird because each time Kross held the belt the show felt directionless. The second Finn got it the show felt on the right track.
  17. AEW's handling of the womens division is puzzling still. Deonna aint worth the look but troubled Tessa is.
  18. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    No i meant the Dream but like how you gonna be crying about pedophilia and you aint dealing with the one thats RIGHT in front of you. Im glad he got clean of drugs and got himself a real just but god he turned into such a *censored*ing dumb*censored*. Meth fried his *censored*ing brain.
  19. It depends, if you put any reference that links you to their company they could maybe do something about it, but like if your social media is private and doesn't hint at anything relating to where you work i don't see how they can.
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