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  1. Jay said for years they got calls but never felt they needed to make the jump.
  2. Gotta try and have some good press with McMahon sinking the company with his return.
  3. Honestly if the wrestlers are as mad as they say they are and are willing to quit they need to act on it. Not quit right now but say they are unhappy with vince returning and Steph quitting and if its not fixed they walk. Can't have a product if the talent refuses to work.
  4. Man just came back so he can get his slice of the sale.
  5. If WWE purchased that they would def just bury the *Censored* out of that belt.
  6. Finally finished and Omega/Ospreay was beyond fantastic. When they announced the match hit 30 minutes i legit went no way cause it seems so flawless. The main event was really good too. Jay White is really underrated as a performer.
  7. Shame the women only got 6 minutes because we had have Sacha come out, botch a move and cut a boring promo.
  8. AEW has this weird fetish with putting tag teams there were just thrown together over established teams.
  9. Jesus christ how many people are in injury angles.
  10. It was really weird wrestlemania weekend in NJ seeing her in person. Jerky and Jacknife were the best along with like Jos-B
  11. Like nothing about Vance going to the Embassy makes sense, jumping from one team to another on a lesser show.
  12. Find it weird as hell the Dark Order was insanely popular and the only thing Tony could think to do with them was to break them apart slowly.
  13. Every company he taken over has slowly taken nosedives. I also find it funny hes attacking biden after letting go of a ton of employess when the white house reported that unemployment numbers are going down.
  14. I mean people are being fired from regular jobs because of onlyfans.
  15. Liv? Liked the PPV. The womens War Games wasn't mad it was just really long, AJ and Balor ruled. Rousey's match was dogshit, which i think was a ton of problems first being noone believed the women slotted into the title match a few days ago was going to win, two crowd just doesn't give a shit about Rousey. I loved the triple threat so much and alot of it had to do with the ending sequence being so *censored*ing smooth. The mens War Game match was good for the story alone. Im old and i was freaking out at the end wanting the ppv to end so i knew Sami was safe. The best thing about this story is i have zero idea where its going. Is Sami gonna dethrone Roman? Is he gonna turn on the Bloodline down the line when it actually matters like maybe if Owens is challenging for the belt?
  16. The way The Elite are trolling wouldn't surprise me if Punk is back.
  17. I think the titles were on the liine, and the matches will probably be good but you did the trios titles cause you had a ton of trios teams and now you hold up the division for two months.
  18. https://twitter.com/DrainBamager/status/1594184506902450177/photo/1 No idea it was announced during the PPV yesterday with that match counting in the series.
  19. Also since its a best of 7 series im sure each one will take a pinfall at some point.
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