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  1. Man i been sceaming these were bad signings cause noone was gonna be used right for months.
  2. If Bray doesn't return with Alistar Black tonight i riot.
  3. I actually appreciate them leaning heavy on managers.
  4. Unless your gonna have Garcia beat Jericho for the belt it just seems like a weird move, he pretty much just won the belt.
  5. Also might be unpopular but AEW needs to actually do something with Paige. They keep loading the womens division with talent but fumbling the ball when it comes to booking. Khan knows how to book big surprises but has zero idea what to do with them after the initial pop.
  6. Jericho keeps going over people alot. Like people shit on Cody for putting himself over when Jericho gone over younger talent WAY more.
  7. Yo i can't wait for Paige's husband to get stomped the *Censored* out by Kingston backstage. That dude is toxic and shes coming out to his music that is shitting on cancel culture.
  8. Whats the over/under on Paul doing something to get himself arrested?
  9. I still think its a work, there's no way those three walk away from something they created so quickly. Especially if Punk is gone. Cody was always a outlier of the Elite, he was there but never really there. Him jumping to WWE wasn't surprising at all.
  10. Cody saw something wrong and bounced. Its weird when you watch the presser you can see khan kinda nod in agreement with Punk on alot of things. He should have cut it than unless its a work.
  11. Sup brah, think whatthestatus and the og are the same.
  12. Just wash your hands of this now. I didn't realize that this all started cause Punk recognized a dude that Cabana worked with YEARS ago and hasn't talked to in years.
  13. If Punk leaves it would be hysterical because he called Hangman emptyheaded and jeopardizing the company and look at this idiot.
  14. Honestly, Punk isn't gonna go to WWE, just let him go. Hes helped t-shirt sales but haven't helped ratings.
  15. First one, second one was really enjoyable but the first one was a alltimer.
  16. Yo Big Cass looks like he should be on the cover of a romance novel.
  17. Nah he should have slapped him again.
  18. Punk getting the shot again is kinda dumb, dude was out for a while, got hurt again and is now good to go a week later?
  19. Think his whole feud with Kingston was the best thing he did.
  20. Wouldn't it be a better thing that WWE and AEW are making two totally different video games?
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