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  1. Rewatched the Wrestlers Court segment and its legitimately so funny. Impact is doing good blending everything together. Got some humor, supernatural, and serious shit all on the card.
  2. 3.0 energy in this promo. BIG MAGIC!
  3. *Censored* that bring back Claudio Castagnoli.
  4. Ever Rise is a dumb team name, just use 2.0 again.
  5. I fear the day we do get to hear that UE theme.
  6. I read online somewhere that the only reason hes in AEW is because his twitch channel wasn't getting the subs he wanted so he went back to wrestling.
  7. Hes such a weird dude for them to hold on to for years.
  9. Also man if they sign like Killer Kelly and the Sea Stars that just makes a already amazing knockouts division stronger.
  10. Man, i know its not going to be him and there is zero reason for it to be him but someone in the twitch chat said the killer is Marty the Moth and mannnnnnnnnn.
  11. Imagine payng 1k for that and if you pay like what 50$ you have Big E going wild and really brightening your day up
  12. Ive been playing No More Heroes on the Switch. A ton of fun and just feels really casual.
  13. MLS doesn't even know its own rules.
  14. Yeah print that pdf and show that they didn't put a charge.
  15. Was the estimate written out or verbal? If it was written out than the price of the estimate would be on that. If not they got no legs to stand on and tell them that you are calling the better business burerau and leaving shitty reviews for them anywhere you can Angies List, facebook, Google.
  16. Im not even their biggest fans but they should be 1. Their body of work this year easily speaks for itself.
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