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  1. If New Japan really wants to test the waters with Stardom on their shows thats the girl to get behind and be the driving force.
  2. This final four tho. They need to have our baby boy make the finals.
  3. Askua wasn't part of the Black Lotus Triad?
  4. Is it bad? Also had no idea that was a handicap and i enjoyed it alot.
  6. Kota was holding her knee and whispering to the ref hopefully shes is ok.
  7. From the clips ive seen of it she seemed really uncomfortable on the show.
  8. Dax is one of my favorite players, he didn't start off with the team right away but got so much better as he got more games and i can see Titi helping him get to where he needed to be. There are alot of great storys from Titi' short stay in New York.
  9. God the game makes old levels have totally new life i might cry. This was my childhood. Ive been playing the HD remix that came out for the 360 arcade for a the past few months and the controls just don't feel right at all. I have high hopes for this one.
  10. There are people who have no idea Johnny Swinger is a thing and i feel sorry for them.
  11. Wasn't that one pretty much confirmed by another wrestler?
  12. AJ's contract with WWE is gonna be up soon no?
  13. That would be a bad move to a already crowded tag d
  14. The UK scene was pretty good, i feel like they had a ton of talented wrestlers but noone had many stand out gimmicks. They should sign a ton of the women to NXT. Jinny specfically.
  15. Im catching up on NXT finally and Chelsea left Robert Stone for better things but legit hasn't been seen yet Stone has been on almost every week.
  16. Man, Sasha and Bayley are so annoying i didn't watch Raw or Smackdown knowing they would be all over it.
  17. I hope not, now more then ever the scene can use a positive beacon.
  18. If i really had to pick Austin, Hard Times, and Retirement.
  19. His seemingly fragile ego is bothering me alot too. He can't take any criticism.
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