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  1. Like Sabu being involved in the unsactioned felt forced, than he just left? Jay forgot he was a referee for most of the match. And the womens title match the better move would be for there to be a last minute replacement for Jamie and have Toni win a interim belt again so when Jamie does come back she has that angst against her for making her carrying a interim belt a second time.
  2. Alot of weird booking decisions. Having Jades streak done to no real build up, taking the title off Jamie cause shes hurt but still making her wrestle, not putting the 4 pillars in the main event. Feel like tony's booking is like a m night Shyamalan movie just twists for the sake of being like you didn't see that coming!
  3. Why do people want him back, hes such a headache.
  4. Cutler should thank the gods he was signed. Dude wasn't even a PWG regular and lost ALOT. Nakazawa is def there for a backstage role to help the japanese talent around. Dude was also super entertaining as a wrestler.
  5. How funny would it be if he came back and pulled the same shit.
  6. AEW needs to stop with the records. It looks dumb when people are getting title shots with booty records.
  7. He might be World Champ material but a good majority of the wrestling community don't really follow him to get that big draw. Think you might have to go really wild with Okada challenging for the belt or maybe even Jay White since hes not too far off his NJPW run. Either him or Drew but with Drew you might have to be willing to have MJF lose.
  8. Yo exactly how high are you?
  9. Also Punk aint selling 90 k seats.
  10. Think the problem is whoever is making the final decision wants to have the surprise instead of what might make more sense. They need to stop doing that and putting everyone in a stable this aint NJPW.
  11. Honestly i can see Mox and Tony's side. Do a quick squash with minimal work and build the angle for months while you heal. But at the same time i understand where Punk is coming from. I don't think either were in the wrong until Punk now. Like your not apart of the company and want back in but your still stirring up shit as the company was kinda finally getting past that whole thing.
  12. But to just let him go.
  13. They are really referring to these guys as the four pillars.
  14. Cody Rhodes feels like the dad whos being welcomed back into the family after he cheated on mom.
  15. Despite the fact that hes annoying as *Censored* since he joined AEW, hes def been a draw in both companies. Maybe even NJPW for American fans.
  16. Like they had over a month to build another contender to the trios belt and just simply didn't.
  17. The bold is the big issue with the way AEW does thing. They kept hitting fans with big signing after big signing that now that they aren't having any surprises or signings everything feels like it doesn't matter. The problem with the booking for me is its inconsistent and they seem to not really do well with aftermath of long term booking. The Page story to the belt is one of the top stories in modern wrestling but they had nothing planned after and it kinda puts a lame undertone on the story, same with MJF. Great build to him coming back and getting the belt but now that he has the belt he has one guy ready to wrestle in him in Danielson but after that who? On top of that the Bucks are a dead weight on this promotion. They are really good at what they do but their presence hinders everything else in the company. When they had the tag belts the division seemed to grind to a halt, they weren't gonna lose it so the belts were kinda held hostage until they lost it than the division was able to build, and i feel its happening to the trios belts already. Outside of the Death Triange and Elite no other teams have been built as a threat since most trios matches on TV were those two teams for two straight months. The feud is over and the Elite have no real contender. AND the womens division is so staked but Khan has it revolving around Baker and Paige with what little time the division is actually given.
  18. Its alot of older matches too not just AEW stuff. The AEW stuff is maybe 45 mintues of it.
  19. Jay said for years they got calls but never felt they needed to make the jump.
  20. Gotta try and have some good press with McMahon sinking the company with his return.
  21. Honestly if the wrestlers are as mad as they say they are and are willing to quit they need to act on it. Not quit right now but say they are unhappy with vince returning and Steph quitting and if its not fixed they walk. Can't have a product if the talent refuses to work.
  22. Man just came back so he can get his slice of the sale.
  23. If WWE purchased that they would def just bury the *Censored* out of that belt.
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