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  1. Honestly all my masks are washable so its nice breathing in my fabric softener than the stale Jersey air most times.
  2. The HVAC guy tried to make fun of me for wearing a mask than i just said im wearing it cause he smells funny and he wouldn't talk to me anymore.
  3. Its just funny because he complains about Triple H but he really is worse than Triple H.
  4. A big problem too is they always sorta had a mouthpiece around them. In PWG they had Steen for a bit, in NJPW they had all of the BC, in ROH Cole and Scrull for a bit. Like you have a show with Jake Roberts and Eddie Kingston and hell even Don Calius can talk his ass off and than you go to Bucks trying to be tough guys. They kinda always excelled in the role of like guys who shit talk from afar because they always have some sorta third person to stand infront of them.
  5. Honestly their stories should be building parallel to each other especially if Page is the one to dethrone Omega. Should be Page building steam with Omega ducking him than eventually facing him but Page losing with some *censored*ery than have the big rematch where he dethrones him.
  6. Feel like his logical step is to beat Omega for the belt, but i also feel like that will still somehow be Cody.
  7. AEW *censored*ed up on BTE by teasing Adam Page with the Dark Order and its what people want now even though that's not Page's path.
  8. They are the most unconvincing heels right now. They looks so uncomfortable trying to be whatever it is they are trying to be.
  9. Loveeeeeeee the idea of a winner take all match.
  10. End vs Nagata would be dope. Him vs Deppen would be a ton of fun. Saber Jr, KENTA, Suzuki, Chris Dickinson off the top of my head.
  11. Promoters want big money fights over logical fights. 100% why Joe Silva left when AIG took over.
  12. They have been wrestling the same match for 10 years now.
  13. I mean when Drew left the WWE the first time he wasn't very good, put on a ton of muscle and grew a beard. End is just a great wrestler already.
  14. Or maybe they were building up Black to get Vega back and she bailed?
  15. They don't want to lose his vote. If they go against him his voters go against them. Its pretty simple.
  16. Stop trying to justify, Vince.
  17. Ruby is good but AEW is weird as hell with hiring women so i could see her go to Impact.
  18. But think about it this way, neither have been used well so why be mad they go released when they can go elsewhere and be used well or just make ton of money on the indies.
  19. They should have never joined the Inner Circle. Both are talented enough to get over on wrestling alone and MJF only joined the Inner Circle to destroy it and become mega heel but we see how thats going. But thats the type of WCW shit AEW is doing gotta keep Jericho happy and strong despite being thrown off a cage back in less than three days.
  20. Braun as a character sucks but that fatal four way for the belt ruled so much. Murphy needs to go to NJPW and be junior right away.
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