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  1. Im talking about the situation as a whole. Like why didnt Joe or anyone address the locker room as a whole and work shit out before it came to this. Seems like Punk really lost the locker room when he did what he did to Hangman. Everyone went from marking out to shitting on him. Or what Kingston said was right all along, noone ever wanted him there.
  2. Also this whole situation is funny. But i also find it weird in a locker room full of people who supposedly wanted him there noone tried to help him. Even Joe who is supposedly his best friend.
  3. Idk why but in that promo on the stage i feel like that was TK's attempt to be VKM.
  4. New owners don't pay, they don't care the star noones getting paid by new owners.
  5. Love how he doesn't try and fight Miro whos bigger than him.
  6. You really can't blame people for following the Bucks when if it wasn't for the Bucks, Cody, and Omega this would have never existed. 75% of the roster is there because of the COO's and the rest are WWE cast offs. Like why is Punk shutting down Jack? Hes not a agent, its not Punks match, and Punk didn't use glass in his match.
  7. Thing is this, Punk isn't management. If management told Perry no and he didn't anyway and made a comment thats not Punks position to deal with. Again its another PPV where Punks antics backstage overshadow the event as a whole. People online aren't talking about a actual historic event they are again talking about what Punk did backstage a few weeks after he had another altercation with someone else because his ego is so thin he can't take it. Still to this day think that Punk coming into AEW is why Cody didn't re-sign. I think him working under no contact was him waiting to see how that situations was gonna pan out. Him and Jericho are the only ones who shared a lockerroom with Punk and it seems Jericho tends to keep his distance from Punk aswell. They keep saying Punks a mover, but Collision ratings are horrible. They hit over 800k the first show and the only time they got near that again was FTR against Cole and MJF main event. They made awhole second show for this dude and its on the same level as AEW Rampage. Hell its being blown away by WWE's developmental. Hes really not worth it.
  8. Even if he did we seen that he won't do a single thing to help the situation.
  9. Punk apparently choked Jack Perry backstage, but no the guy who keeps trying to get his UFC wins back isn't the problem.
  10. I have a feeling that jey will be gone till its time for Roman to lose the belt.
  11. I would only give NWA credit for Starks and Thunderosa. Eli Drake was a Impact guy, as well as as Aldis to a point. Rhodes was always a star.
  12. Just feel like whatever negatitivy in the company has been because of two people in Punk and Baker, which could be squashed quickly if Khan wasn't a fanboy.
  13. The said he confronted him because Punk didn't want negativity but if you leave it on twitter there isno negativity in the locker. Saw another report that said punk accused him of him saying that to get on the EVP's good side.
  14. Apparently there are reports now saying Hangman was told to stay away from Collision which is weird since Punks promo was unplanned. Its also funny because Punk told Khan he didn't want Nemeth in the locker room because of a tweet, dudes skin is thinner than Hogans.
  15. Its wild because he can choose to work with people to make things better but he does that shit. From what i heard that show is way better than the wednesday show but ratings are starting to slip.
  16. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    To be totally fair from him he was red hot when he got called up and they did absoutley nothing with him.
  17. Eh hes probably more famous for being on Big Brother over WWE.
  18. Im sorry Punks promo wasn't good and came off as just him whining for 15 minutes. The show was really fun but its kinda wild the best AEW show only featured like 5 dudes that AEW has made. Rest was all former WWE guys. Wadrlow, Luchasarus, Mark Sterling, Sky Blue and Willow are the only like fully AEW people on the card.
  19. Superstars need to just say no. Or airports need to help them out.
  20. It doesn't make sense outside of NJPW since it was a gajin stable that kinda shit on Japanese wrestling traditions.
  21. See this is why i hate the record keeping, if OC is on a 23 match win streak why hasn't he gotten a world title shot?
  22. Corbin looking like a hardcore dude kinda works for him, Thea was 100% the best choice for a womens title match.
  23. Paige was a bad choice, she looks awful and this feud is never ending and clogging up the division.
  24. Why do people want him back, hes such a headache.
  25. Cutler should thank the gods he was signed. Dude wasn't even a PWG regular and lost ALOT. Nakazawa is def there for a backstage role to help the japanese talent around. Dude was also super entertaining as a wrestler.
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