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  1. How funny would it be if he came back and pulled the same shit.
  2. He might be World Champ material but a good majority of the wrestling community don't really follow him to get that big draw. Think you might have to go really wild with Okada challenging for the belt or maybe even Jay White since hes not too far off his NJPW run. Either him or Drew but with Drew you might have to be willing to have MJF lose.
  3. Yo exactly how high are you?
  4. Also Punk aint selling 90 k seats.
  5. Think the problem is whoever is making the final decision wants to have the surprise instead of what might make more sense. They need to stop doing that and putting everyone in a stable this aint NJPW.
  6. Honestly i can see Mox and Tony's side. Do a quick squash with minimal work and build the angle for months while you heal. But at the same time i understand where Punk is coming from. I don't think either were in the wrong until Punk now. Like your not apart of the company and want back in but your still stirring up shit as the company was kinda finally getting past that whole thing.
  7. They are really referring to these guys as the four pillars.
  8. Cody Rhodes feels like the dad whos being welcomed back into the family after he cheated on mom.
  9. Gotta try and have some good press with McMahon sinking the company with his return.
  10. AEW has this weird fetish with putting tag teams there were just thrown together over established teams.
  11. Jesus christ how many people are in injury angles.
  12. Like nothing about Vance going to the Embassy makes sense, jumping from one team to another on a lesser show.
  13. Find it weird as hell the Dark Order was insanely popular and the only thing Tony could think to do with them was to break them apart slowly.
  14. I mean people are being fired from regular jobs because of onlyfans.
  15. The way The Elite are trolling wouldn't surprise me if Punk is back.
  16. I want to buy the bok choy blessed by lil kazu.
  17. The Paige promo sucked because she just listed things she did that weren't impressive. Like you wrestled the Garden and O2 but didn't headline. Britt was right that she built up that division and tons of women are trying to slide in and take her spot and shes still there. Hope we don't see Paige get seriously hurt. Was gonna go to Full Gear but im not paying crazy prices for a PPV with matches from Paige and Jarrett in 2022.
  18. Its what happens when everyone sucks your dick and you keep winning booker of the year.
  19. ROH getting alot of TV time is weird.
  20. Also Eddie Kingston was right:
  21. If Punk when to the Elite and they laughed him off why didn't he go to Khan?? This is all a product of a bitter old man with skin thinner than a fresh burn victim not being able to take a line in a wrestling promo. But yeah it was really cool when Punk called Triple H a doofus whos only in charge due to his marriage, or said Dwayne doesn't care about the WWE he cares about the paycheck, or how he always says *Censored* Hulk Hogan for being a prick when he is just as much of a prick. How come when Punk shit all over Kingston, Eddie never took a swing or anything against him? But Paige does it and is so subtle that noone but Punk realized and its a huge issue.
  22. It wasn't that weird. Hangman was the AEW champion who was in the company since day one going against Punk who was new to the company. He was trying to say he was the face of the place and Punk was just visiting.
  23. Not a single person thought Page did anything wrong until the Punk promo and it took some figuring out to realize why Punk was mad. Than he went into the media scrum with a plan to start shit. He called out the CEO's next to the companys owner who did nothing. And not for nothing the way Punk acted shows Punk doesn't give a shit about the locker room, he gives a shit about himself and thats why the locker room is ok with him not coming back.
  24. The battery life sucks but the console as a whole is incredible. Cyberpunk looks incredible and i found a way to emulate which was very simple to install so ill be able to play a ton of PSX, 2, Xbox, 360, Dreamcast etc games.
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