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  1. i just realized that alot of dudes left WWE to do the same thing in AEW. Strong is fighing to a low level midcard belt, Claudio ina tag team again.
  2. I just think there's more talented women to focus on in AEW. Other than Toni (and kinda Ember Moon?) AEW signs women and thats about it. And i kinda agree with both of you about alot of ex WWE talent. The problem is alot of guys are doing better but not being made into stars or anything. Swerve should be a top star by now but hes tangled with Page forever it seems. Cole keeps getting hurt but has pretty high stock. FTR is a weird one for me, they won a ton but they seem to get hot than just disappear before all the Punk drama.
  3. Bait and switch by Khan with Mone again. All this hype for a mid wrestler.
  4. Honestly she aint worth all this hype
  5. So who we got for suprises? Banks, Trinity, Kai in the womens and im hoping Big E, Okada and Cien for the mens.
  6. I know Triple H wants to make a working relationship with Japan specifically, this would be a huge get.
  7. I don't know if they have always done this but going to commercial break the announcer will do the whole, we will be right back thing, and theres like 10 seconds of silence and just the wrestlers doing their thing and i kinda love it. Like just now it was just Orton getting the pop on the turnbuckle with no announcers and they did it with the Pretty Deadly slow motion.
  8. I heard Jeremy Borsch might take his role.
  9. What pisses me off is this news came and went years ago and Khan just let Kyliee Rae walk away. Not only that NOONE in the locker room confronted Jericho and it sounds like this is a common occurrence with him. Dude needs to *Censored* off.
  10. So wait. Cole spent all that time trying to help MJF keep the belt just so he can turn on him, than he lets MJF lose the belt right before he reveals himself?! Makes Cole look dumb and the belt not impotant.
  11. Im also not liking MJF doing the whole im defending my belt but im so hurt a month or so after they did that with Orange Cassidy.
  12. Man they are really fumbling Swerves momentum .
  13. This is why WWE didn't let him back into the ring for the longest time they couldn't trust him to let them know he was hurt.
  14. I just feel like MJF is gonna go down that OC path like oh hes put his body though so much for the belt blah blah blah.
  15. From what it seems WWE and Edge did want to work together but WWE just didn't have anything for him.
  16. Its just weird to flex on a companys C show thats a developmental.
  17. Dana White probably put it in the deal that Riddle must be released.
  18. It was on youtube but AEW reported it for copyright.
  19. I mean look at her boyfriend.
  20. They aren't on Collision. And 400k has been pretty much the norm for Collision.
  21. You guys keep forgetting that while the new WWE owners are rich UFC fighters are grossly underpaid. Sure WWE's gonna be the same thing.
  22. The wild thing is alot of people coming up said Punk had a old school way of thinking and is wrestling in the wrong era and honestly he would have gotten eaten alive in the 80s locker rooms.
  23. Kinda wild when you think about it assault with a gun, out on bail, no punishment. But Punk gets fired for backstage fights.
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