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  1. I feel like its not even AEW its just Mox.
  2. The more i think about it the more i realize that was such a WWE type show last night, random unnesscary turns, birthday cake shenanigans, overbooked main event.
  3. Big ups to that chick who said she could ride in the 2+ passenger lane cause she was pregnant.
  4. Man if AEW broke up EYFBO im gonna spike a certain persons coke.
  5. So what the hell was the point of Luchasarus turning and than turning again? The tag division doesn't need them as a team. Lazy booking.
  6. Yo I saw a pic of Axoim online and legit thought he was the due from CHIKARA. Knew i wasn't going insane.
  7. Winwood was a PWG regular in the early 2000's.
  8. Why possibly break up the ass boys and the acclaimed? So dumb.
  9. Me and Kingston bullshit about the Giants from time to time we good.
  10. The fact that groups build their own hype and Khan doesn't know how to capitalize on it is worrying.
  11. Look up his awesome promos from PWG.
  12. Unless they talked it out after he got released from the WWE Kingston hates Claudio. Also am i the only one who didn't like the womens match? It just didn't click for me. That and the main were the only stinkers pretty much.
  13. Ok so i def tuned out after Shibata came out. Ospreay and OC was still really dope. The AEW locker room gotta be weird. Kingston and Claudio hate each other, Punk and Cabana hate each other and all the women hate Thunder Rosa
  14. Honestly once Shibata came out I mostly only paid attention to Ospreay/OC which was *censored*ing dope
  15. Cultaholic is saying its possibly D-Bry is missing this
  16. Thats the thing noone wants to ban guns but the right wings keep yelling about people banning guns and the public is so far up the rights ass they believe thats whats happening.
  17. I love how the locker room was mad that the Hardys were gonna win the title so the solution was to give it to the Bucks wtf lmao. Their tag division is stacked and you would never know it because of the Bucks always being some sort of focal point.
  18. IF he was going for head scans why the *Censored* was he booked for a ladder match.
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