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  1. Am i wrong in thinking this MjF and Punk feud is going too long and kinda boring?
  2. Working a ton of OT, very tired but getting my shit sorted so i can hit some goals this year.
  3. I don't get the Allie hype. Shes still not very good at what she does.
  4. Alot happened in that match and i was ok with pretty much all of it.
  5. Cardona really has killed his entire GCW run, dude is so good at everything he is doing.
  6. Cardona spitting on Mittens might make him my favorite wrestler of all time.
  7. Christ the camera are bad. That lucha match was so much fun. Wooooooooooooooooooooooow the bait and switch with Gresham.
  8. Lotta camera and audio issues. Also the talent in this battle royal is killer. Parrow, Hoodfoot, Cole, Psycho Clown and Shiek all rule.
  9. Kinda lame how tonights show is the least GCW like show. Alot of outside talent and no Nick Gage unless theres some weird angle gonna happen.
  10. good im glad people aren't rolling over.
  11. The HOF thing was pretty *Censored*. Seeing Dickinson fanboy over Cide after teaming with him for a bit is great.
  12. So i don't disagree, but i don't agree. I think he looks very rehearsed. Kinda like Rousey when she had her first handful of matches but everything he does looks incredible so when hes able to blend it a bit better he will be dope. Samoa Joe should train him to be honest.
  13. So thinking about it, its kinda sus that they don't want to resign Rush in the middle of a storyline and he was the only one who spoke out about Swole.
  14. Cage is def gone, idk about Stunt and Janela.
  15. Someone brought up a really good point and a surefire way to get fired. Talk about what happened in Saudi Aribia.
  16. He should just do a Toni Storm, deuces.
  17. I don't think thats unpopular at all. Minus the Bucks feud they have done nothing noteworthy on AEW and their main roster feud was poop.
  18. Cody can't cut a promo without taking a shot at WWE and its pretty *censored*ing horrible.
  19. Mans name is GUNTHER now. Dude is a character from Friends.
  20. Don't you dare put that in the either.
  21. That would certainly be a loop hole to the no AEW talent in the Rumble rumors .
  22. Is he still a executive or whatever?
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