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  1. Also, DJ Hyde was hanging around the lobby for some reason in a suit and Brett from GCW was there too and hes *censored*ing short man.
  2. Listen i was at the show in Philly and i 100% thought that was gonna be Scrull and i was ready to *censored*ing leave if it was.
  3. Im worried hes this busy cause hes either close to retirement or this is his last us tour.
  4. It was a question? I didn't see dynamite but saw the graphic for next week that said title eliminator but it didn't specify. Man yall are touchy here. Yall tony khan?
  5. Im curious about this, NYC usually has stricter laws against blood and you would assume this is where you do Mox v Colon which should be a bloodbath. We saw that tribute to cide show get closed cause Gage opened up Low Life Louie bad. Promo is really well done though.
  6. It is wild how they keep striking out with women signings in AEW.
  7. Swerve has been making music for a bit i think.
  8. Wait Page won a title shot but they are still doing mini tournament for full gear? Or is the finale at full gear?
  9. Yall aint even seen the best of Garcia yet. He wrestled Suzuki last night go watch that shit.
  10. Wood's payouts are so crazy low.
  11. There is no way he doesn't win. Nooooooooooooo way.
  12. Give Diamond Mine a title shot you cowards.
  13. I just realized Punk was on commentary during a Cabana match....
  14. Wouldn't be suprised of Bray shows up.
  15. So is it weird to say NXT2.0 might have been the right move?
  16. Io taking a page out of Asuka's book lip syncing with the ring announcer.
  17. Lopez is just oh my god.
  18. I think they should put him and Gargano together as a lost brother tag team. Or if Gargano does leave, do a angle where they say he takes super solider serums and Chase is just repackaged as Johnny Gargano.
  19. Its his twitter pic already i can wit this guy.
  21. Also when they post Azez v Aramis go out of your way to watch it. Pure *censored*ing lucha and it was a ton of fun.
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