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  1. Buc's have had crowds of at least 15k at games this year.
  2. Broooooo susan is recording the brawl and asking for a manger.
  3. If i never saw another Eddie Edwards and Sami match i would be pretty *censored*ing happy .
  4. People arrested from the 6th are facing up to 20 years in jail and are begging Trump for pardons.
  5. Lmao but both Billie and Peyton are dying.
  6. Shes def leaning towards Q-anon shit. Which is wild cause Pedro Pascal is the total opposite of all that.
  7. Man, even if he beats him and regains the belt the next night on Smackdown. I want to see Nak win the Rumble and grab that belt.
  8. Its survivable but long term effects are still fully unknown. People still have problems breathing months later. Honestly Trump probably never had it.
  9. God i would *censored*ing love it. Its not the same.
  10. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Nah, would be tough for him to compete after years of not doing it.
  11. When i had covid the only symptom i had associated to covid was cold chills and no energy. Never had a fever.
  12. Its only been like a month but i missed these boys.
  13. Oh def im just wanting promos of Malcom trying to keep them under control.
  14. Don't know why i just randomly had the thought that i want Malcom to manage Everrise.
  15. Jericho has to be straight up lying since he was on every AEW event in September.
  16. Richochet was at a new years party, and watching asuka's latest video at the start she was saying her throat hurt a bit.
  17. Man, i get it but i look in the comments and see people talking about -1 wrestling at 18 and *Censored* hes a kid its so weird that people are like projecting him to be a wrestler and want him to be apart of the show cause he cut a few funny promos. Let the kid be a kid ffs.
  18. Will 100% be on Goldbergs side if he shows up on RAW and downplays Drew's covid. "He didn't test positive for covid, he tested positive for being scared of Goldberg."
  19. Remember reading before the legends night that Hogan did a meet and greet at his new restaurant, not sure if true.
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