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  1. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    I mean the roster has to be what over 30% black/POC now? Might be a reason why people are cold.
  2. Idk Orton harassing the *Censored* out of legends was entertaining especially the sad Henry roll away.
  3. Ali out here spitting nothing but truth.
  4. Also how funny is it there is a Stardom showcase tomorrow and Bea isn't on it.
  5. Don't think it was a bad as twitter made it out to be. El P and Takahashi kinda fell short for me and the tag title match but everything else slapped.
  6. That last shot of the Dark Order is so upsetting.
  7. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    They pressed his girlfriend on it and she just deleted the picture and blocked anyone saying anything mean to her. Hogans a dumb *Censored*, you held people down for year and are a racists piece of shit.
  8. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Not suprising at all they were training with that other dude who was a sexual deviant a few months ago.
  9. Her boyfriend is a actual piece of shit goon. Hes been involved with a murder, beat women he use to be with and also cheated on a few of them.
  10. Wouldn't the hand be trademarked by Marvel?
  11. Its honestly great how the wrestlers are really taking care of Brodie jr.
  12. So much happened so fast in that clip.
  13. Man I don't know what is going on but i cannot wait for the pay off for these segments.
  14. Just a reminder that Everrise Rule.
  15. You guys should watch that Thanksgiving stream just for Rahul being the best.
  16. That dude deleted his twitter account, good.
  17. Good thing he was let go, he made the comments and never apologized. Family has been suffering from too much, why harass them. When did we become this culture of *censored*ing harassing people for every single little thing.
  18. Won big money on two 5$ football bets than won my fantasy football championship. Legit stepped in shit a week ago.
  19. Yeah i don't know if im going to be able to watch that at all.
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