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I can't stand him, tbh.


All that I learned from that match, is that Willie Mack is legit, and Colt Cabana is super lame. I feel like the reason why he failed in WWE is obvious, and I feel like his vendetta against Punk also paints him as a pretty salty bitch.


Anyway...one of those rare occasions where I became a fan of the loser of a match instead of the winner.


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Guest Fight Me.

Some pics I took from Lucha Vavoom last night. I didn't have the best view but it was a fantastic show nonetheless.










Great shot of Matt Classic (Colt Cabana) there lol

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Yeah, and Matt Classic JR. I had no idea that was Colt behind the mask lol. Great show if you ever have a chance to catch it I recommend it. The rest of the show included Diamante Azul from CMLL, El Mariachi Loco and Mr. Cisco, and Dirty Shanchez among others. Also the commentary team of some dude I can't remember and one of the Sklar brothers made the show hilarious at the same time while you get to see rock bands perform during the intermission as well as strippers after every match.

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