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  1. This is really good, and this game is still great! You could make any body type back in these games, before "technical limitations" made it impossible for us to make a good Baba or Yokozuna body type.
  2. Caw formulas were fun in their own right. Downloading something someone already made is great but there was something special about making a character yourself even if you were following a formula. I still hope they implement community creations somehow.
  3. Apologize if this isn't allowed. At the 8:25 mark he talks about this forum. Apparently were gonna be busy here making CAW formulas like in the old days.
  4. Hopefully we can edit in-game models like in 2K, I doubt it but hopefully so we can give Owen a pink singlet.
  5. I actually think Owen Hart looks pretty cool in this game. It's more of his early look but he looks awesome, definitely going to main him.
  6. Who are the dumb-asses that set off fireworks in the middle of the day? If you know, punch them for me please.
  7. Well I guess I have to try universe mode for myself, too bad there are these issues, hopefully they don't ruin my fun.
  8. So universe mode is bugged? I was just gonna start a universe with my roster after years of not touching that mode.
  9. It's just one screenshot mate. We have to give it a chance and see if the model looks like horrible the whole time or if it was just this one shot.
  10. Wrestling games are all the same more or less. The main difference lies in their execution and how they control. 2K lacks controls that feel rewarding or make sense (the guessing elements of the combo and reversal system are pure ass). If this game can go back to the basics of timing-based gameplay from the AKI series, Smackdown series, and Firepro then the gameplay will already by more fun and rewarding than the frustrating game-play mechanics found in 2k.
  11. The fact that they can do this and haven't fixed or changed the hair for Ultimate Warrior or Bret Hart is really pissing me off.
  12. The graphics don't look nearly as bad as people say they do. They lighting is great, it's grungy looking and not as polished as WWE's games. I'm hoping the gameplay is solid an they keep supporting the game for many years like Firepro and not go the yearly release route.
  13. Lol. I'll be careful. I don't talk about RE outside of here. It's pretty sad though, constructive criticism is what leads to improvement. Settling for mediocrity only affects the consumer.
  14. While I agree that Ada's voice actress sounds uninspired and dull, I also feel like that was intentional. I say this judging by the facial expressions, or lack-thereof of the Ada character model in the cut-scenes. She looks like she is about to fall asleep as she talks. I'm not going to say what parts so as not to spoil it but the last boss fight is a good example of this. I feel like she was meant to be portrayed as monotone and not show emotion.
  15. This could also be good for making ankle-high jeans for soccer mom caws lol
  16. How does UPW look like trash? It has a very distinct art style to it abut it doesn't look bad. It definitely does not look anything like a "realistic looking" WWE game but it looked smooth gameplay wise in the video.
  17. Passed the game yesterday on the easiest mode and tried to do another play-through on hardcore. That was too difficult lol, I had to go back to standard difficulty. The jump in difficulty is so high that it's quite frustrating to play at times, the normal enemies are so much more difficult to beat and they seem to just come out of nowhere at times,. You're pretty much gonna get hit no matter how safe you are playing.
  18. Death Island? Not the name would have expected from an RE game. I feel like this is going to be an online co-op game.
  19. Yeah a ton more was added to the game, the map is huge. I may be in the minority as far as this series goes, but I think I prefer the brain-controlled zombies like in RE4 and 5 compared to slow zombies from the other RE games. RE4 and 5 are my favorites and it has to be because the "zombies" can grab weapons and hack you to death. That is much more frightening than walking corpses. Plus the cultist in RE4 are so much cooler than any zombie on the street. For those who are only watching others play, I suggest playing this game on the easiest mode, that's what I do going back to the original RE4, then I work my way up the difficulty ladder. I know how the game ends lol so I'm not spoiling much for myself by starting off easy.
  20. I'm about half way through the game and I'm already thinking about my next play through on the next difficulty level. I usually start on the easiest and make my way up the difficulty levels through every playthrough. I will agree, this is the best of the remakes. I replayed RE2 and 3 after playing 4 and the other two just felt off, not enough action.
  21. I hope so, the preorder DLC was ass tbh so this game needs some legit good DLC. On a separate note (no pun intended), I really hope the metal armor Ashley attire is in this game, I loved playing the original game with her wearing that. I don't want to search spoilers for this as I want to find out for myself.
  22. I've been playing the game nonstop and enjoying it. It is bringing back so many memories of playing the original on PS2 several times over the years. I wish more games made me feel like this. The WWE games used to make me enjoy playing them nonstop as well but the 2K games don't do it for me. Perhaps its a generational thing. If more PS2 games got a remake I'd play the hell out of those too. One thing this game has little of is long cinematic sequences. The action and storytelling all seems to happen in real time.
  23. I've been finding this game way more difficult than the original, and I'm playing on one of the easiest difficulty levels. It's a bit frustrating tbh, maybe because I'm not a regular anymore, I just play games here and there for a few minutes.
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