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  1. Fire Pro uses animations I believe and it's considered the best wrestling game out there.
  2. I say both honestly. 100 caw slots, that's more than enough for both and the in-game roster gives you some of them already like Rock, Austin, Hart, Hogan, Warrior, Savage, Andre...
  3. I'm hyped for this game and think it will be more fun to play than the WWE offering, however, I feel that it will also sell poorly due to people being turned off from it due to the art style.
  4. This is pretty damn good! I just played a couple of matches on Allstars this morning and if this game was backwards comp on the PS4 or XBOX series I would play it over WWE 2K every day.
  5. Oh man, this. Don't get me started. First of all, KingKhan, the fact that you're still 18 and barely an adult and the woman you fell in love with is almost 40 kind of explains your situation. I had never truly been in love until about the age of 35, that is when I met someone that seemed to like me more than anyone else before and she made me feel so good. She was only maybe 4 years younger than me but everything seemed to click for the first six months or so but once I tried to get the relationship to a more serious stage I started seeing that she wasn't interested in that and that's when the rampant lying started, or at least that's when I started noticing it. The point is, she had a boyfriend and I was just the side guy, I found this out thanks to social media. What I'm trying to say is that you are very young and she was much more mature than you. Relationships are like this and you already have this experience out of the way. I didn't have this knowledge until a few years ago and that is why I got played so many times by girls, now I know better at an older age. You will meet more girls in the next few decades and now with what you know you won't make the same mistake again. Some girls just like to play with guys emotions, it makes them feel good, like some sort of cheap thrill. And you're right Gens, the truth is much better than being lied to even if the truth will hurt. At least that way you can live comfortably knowing that the decision you made is definitive as far as staying with someone or leaving them because you are okay or not okay with how they are. Nothing worse in a relationship than being with someone you secretly hate on the inside because you suspect they are lying to you and playing with you .
  6. All the people shitting on this game because it resembles No Mercy have no idea how good of a simulation that game actually was. It gave the player everything that wrestling was back in the day from Japan to Mexico to the American style. You can't do mixed/hybrid style fighting or MMA style movesets in the modern 2K games like you could in the AKI engine. No Mercy has animations and positions that 2K doesn't even have making it better suited to simulate matches. Different fighting stances. In NM depending on where you hit your opponent they will fall to the ground and grab their stomach, their head, their leg etc. In the 2K games they all just fall back like a sack of potatoes regardless of where you hit them, they all sell the attacks the exact same way. NM had less button mashing that 2k games have now. Don't confuse antiquated graphics with a game not being simulation. No Mercy wasn't an "arcade" style game at all, I don't know where people get that from? If this game plays like NM did then it will be a way better simulation of actual wrestling than 2K offers. I do agree though, the graphics look like PS3/XB360 era.
  7. The republican party as it currently stands is the biggest threat to American democracy. Not the "libs", not China, not Russia. It's the crooked republican core that wants to take away the reproductive rights from women, limit voting rights from minorities. They are the ones enabling Trumps treacherous activity, storming the capital and calling for violence against the FBI. They are jeopardizing every election by saying how it is rigged if they don't win. Pushing guns, guns and even more guns without offering a plausible solution to mass shootings. It's basically terrorist in office, not to mention some of them are clearly working in some way for Russia, cough cough, Rand Paul, and Trump who is madly in love with Putin.
  8. NVM. Even the DLC is glitched even before downloading it
  9. Anybody know when, if, the season pass will be on sale on PS4? I don't want to shell out another $40 right now or whatever it costs for DLC if it may be on sale in the near future.
  10. It's insane to think that even after all this, and with Trump possibly looking a jail time, there are still, STILL, retards out there who would consider voting for him for a second term as president. That tells us where our society is right now.
  11. Actually, he had an incredibly difficult job to do following Trump, and the war in Ukraine plus what China is doing made things even worse. It's kinda like when Bush was elected and then a few months later 9-11 happens due to no part of his own. The truth is Biden was going to be hated by half the country (those that voted for Trump at least) no matter what he did. I think Putin sensed this and that's why he acted on Ukraine to stir more shit up for Biden and divide Americans even more. Putin realized that his buddy Trump might be able to weasel his way back into the white house if he stirred up enough shit to make Biden look bad in any way. Hopefully, it doesn't work out and like someone said we have better, more normal, and less radical candidates to choose from in the next election. Oh yeah, I also forgot, the Republicans are all pretty much POS that are set on making it impossible for a Democratic president to accomplish anything even if it means doing somehting good for the people like the bill for the vets that they voted NO on.
  12. I wish there were normal people in the Republican party.
  13. Personally, I would have passed on the trunks and just taken the boots and knee pads lol
  14. Guile looks soooo much better with the classic look. One thing I wish CAPCOM was better at was coming up with cooler names for it's new characters. Names like Jamie or Seth or Steve are extremely boring for a video game.
  15. This place was the best at one point and it showed with the amount of activity that took place every hour of every day. Can't recall how long ago it was but from the period that I discovered it around 2008ish or so looking for CAW formulas, to the time around 2010 when I finally decided to start posting in the forums I was addicted to this place. I used to love talking crap about Cena and the RAW and SD shows in the WWE section every Monday, not really realizing that those would be the last great days of WWE as a whole before the product really started to suck ass. I have a little over 20 thousand posts and I'd say 97% of them are from between 2010-16. Since then I only come in here every so often just to help keep this place alive.
  16. With the games servers down it makes it really hard to keep the community going.
  17. I remember I was so bummed when the DLC came out and you couldn't use it in CAW mode. So many more finishers and entrances that we could have used for CAW's but yeah if hackers could figure that one out it would be great! Also injecting new models into the game would be cool as well. There is potential to keep this game going in the future if they can figure out how to mod it.
  18. This is extremely difficult to download despite the tutorial video. I can't seem to get past some screens. Would it be possible to upload it to another site?
  19. This game is playable on the PS3 emulator for the PC. My hope is t that one day we are able to at the very least texture mod. I would love to texture mod the attires for the roster, give Bret Hart his all-pink attire, or give tye dye Hulk Hogan his damn wrist bands lol.
  20. maskedmaniac

    WWE Drama

    Kane's never really been great to be honest. Can anyone name 3-5 of his matches that can be considered all-time classics? I guess I should be putting this in the unpopular opinions thread lol.
  21. Imagine if non-gun owners decided on a law that affected gun owners' ability to buy more guns? The outrage would be on a different level. I'm not crazy about abortions but it should be up to a woman to decide this. At the very least, if it's a marriage then it should be up to the husband and wife, definitely not up to the government.
  22. I'm curious as to what the ratio is of people who actually have successfully used their guns to protect themselves from criminals vs people who have used their guns to kill others (mass shootings). Pretty sure it is disproportionally in favor of mass shooting deaths.
  23. They (2K) really need to play these games themselves after they've relased them to see how it plays and all the bugs that are going on. Don't just rely on the consumers to do the testing and report bugs, otherwise they (2K) won't ever truly know how broken the game is in some areas.
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