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  1. Samurai Showdown 2019. My favorite fighting game atm.
  2. I first started lurking here for formulas in around 2005. Didn't join and start posting till about 2010. It's been a solid decade of active participation for me, 15 years overall.
  3. I missed it I was at work. They're gonna replay it in a few hours again but I think I'm gonna skip it and watch it on youtube later on. Quite possibly the only celeb I cared about.
  4. Stings hair is brown, especially in those Wolfpac pics. He's kinda like Bret Hart in that he had dark brown hair but always gets black hair in the games.
  5. Macho Man? Looks more like Sid Vicious there.
  6. This number seems too low. I could have sworn he was in over 100 films.
  7. ^ Man, that's me when I found out the Los Angeles Xtreme wasn't gonna be one of the teams in the new XFL. I mean they won the inaugural XFL championship. They could have used the fact that they won the title 20 years ago to say something like "the LA Xtreme are the longest reigning champions in sports history with 20 straight years of being champs" lol.
  8. NBA Playgrounds 2. Bought Kobe Bryant and I'm tearing it up in season mode.
  9. The standard games like $25 right now on PSN. I've been thinking of getting this game for months now but I believe if I hold out a few months more it will be dirt cheap.
  10. So in this game the face paint fades during the match?
  11. My friend is a huge 9ers fan...not gonna be a happy dude next time I see him lol. Glad for Andy Reid, and even better that the Pats weren't in it this year.
  12. https://ibb.co/0Mpwxnj Not sure if y'all can see it but the bus in front of me on my way home from work, upper right hand side the words "RIP Kobe" are scrolling. Kinda cool of the city to do this.
  13. Not sure but I'm also kinda shocked about the Lakers potentially trading away Kyle Kuzma. During the summer he was untradeable and now it seems like they might move him.
  14. ^Depends, who are you talking to lol? And for what player?
  15. Too bad I don't have cable anymore.
  16. It's easy to check though, watch the ending to his last game for one. On youtube.
  17. Not sure if it's true but I've been seeing all these posts on Instagram about Kobe's last game and how they all kinda relate to his death. One of them points out that in his last game he exited the game with 4.1 seconds left, also the total points the Lakers scored minus his total or 1010-60=41, and of course he died at 41. There was also another one in the game involving the 76ers, his hometown team, in the first game they played after he died the ball got stuck at the rim at 41 seconds in, plus the total number of the two players under the basket was 41, and stuff like that. Maybe it was photo-shopped but it retrospect it all seems eerie.
  18. You know a former co-worker of mine was a giant Kobe fan, he even showed up to work in a Kobe jersey the day after Kobe played his last game. He always posts stuff on Instagram as it relates to sports event's in and around LA but he's been absolutely silent about this whole thing. Wouldn't surprise me if he's fallen ill because of it.
  19. Mamba mentality. I totally fell today and busted my knee on the cement floor in my garage doing elevated pushups, but I got up, brushed it off, and went at it again. And yeah, Clips Lakers postponed. Two LA teams it's fitting that they both take the night off. Though I think it would have been fitting for the two LA teams to play as a tribute to him. It would have been similar to when Eddie Guerrero died and then Smackdown dedicated the entire show to him.
  20. Yeah you better be sorry! (I'm shooting for asshole of the year right off the bat).
  21. Yeah 17 is a bit different with regards to legends.
  22. I actually was going thinking about this for some reason a few weeks ago how much Kobe meant to this city and what would happen if he left us too soon. Never thought it would actually happen. Always thought hed outlive other greats like Magic, Bird, or MJ.
  23. Dang I don't think I've watched a movie in over a year. Is that weird?
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