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  1. The wrestling games, or TV shows for that matter, aren't as good as they used to be so the interest is less nowadays.
  2. I was able to get mods going this weekend. It's pretty easy, however, they seem to come out with glitches. The Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior I injected into the game have some weird hair glitches and items of clothing that don't belong to them. Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. That ring on fire mod is crazy. I'm still waiting for them to mod in some legends like Bret Hart or Ultimate Warrior, then we'll be in biz.
  4. Some of these would look great if there was face morphing. That Foley only needs some face morphing to look legit.
  5. They probably should have said this game was going to be like Revenge instead lol, that way they could have just made a caw mode where you could edit the colors and attires on the in-game wrestlers. I'd take that honestly to what they caw mode ended up being. I want so badly to change the colors on the attires for Penta and Fenix.
  6. Another game I;m keeping my eyes on is Ultra Pro Wrestling. They seem to be remaking the AKI engine down to the core and the customization options already seem way more robust than what AEW has to offer.
  7. How did they mod the name? I thought you could only replace a character model.
  8. This is another thing that bothers me about the 2K series as it's not really realistic. When was the last time you saw a wrestler run around in circles? The linear running style used in the early SvR, AKI, and now AEW series are much more realistic as it limits running in matches to only happen when running towards your opponent, at the turnbuckle, or against the ropes. I hate when the opponent just starts running around in every direction.
  9. You know, I literally gave up on 2K23 while I was playing as Yoko. The way he was deaking and weaving around the ring like he was a hybrid of Rey Misterio and Floyd Mayweather, rolling around the ring and bouncing on his tippy toes like Bruce Lee. But the real deal breaker was when he would do drop kicks out of nowhere and do some cruiserweight-like flippy moves in the corner. That was not sim at all, more like a fighting game like East Coast is saying. 2K is frustrating gameplay-wise, gimme VPW2 or No Mercy on the PC and Photoshop to make my own mods and I am set.
  10. So I got this game yesterday for $40. It's pretty fun, I actually prefer the gameplay over 2K's. Of course, I grew up and still play the AKI games to this day so I am more used to those controls. I just really hate the 2K style of "guessing" what your opponent is going to press or not being able to reverse grapples until after you've been grabbed. Glad I got the steam version for modding. Once mods start to drop it's gonna be on.
  11. There are already some mods on the PC version it seems.. Some guys already ported over a WWE 12 CM Punk it seems and a Billy Gunn.
  12. WWE Allstars doesn't get old quickly lol, I still play that one at least one match per day. I can play several matches in fact, with 2K, I can't even get through one match anymore they all feel the same. I guess it depends on who's playing the game and what they're looking for specifically. I think I will get the AEW game but on steam since there is a sale going on right now and the possibility of modding down the line makes it the more ideal choice.
  13. Anyone know what the sitch is on the PC/steam version? I'm thinking of picking it up there if there is the possibility to mod this game, at least simple reskinning of the models would go a long way towards changing some of the wrestlers attires.
  14. I really hope they implement the ability to apply custom logos or textures in caw mode. Just that alone would go a long way to make caw mode better if we can paste face textures or attire logos on a created wrestler.
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