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  1. This is a get for me. For those not sure how this studio does things check out NBA Playgrounds 1 and 2 to get a better idea.
  2. Man the NBA season might be cancelled completely. My Lakers had a great chance at finally raising another banner.
  3. Samurai Showdown 2019. My favorite fighting game atm.
  4. This show feels mad weird without the crowd. At least when they start talking on the mic. Makes no sense lol
  5. I first started lurking here for formulas in around 2005. Didn't join and start posting till about 2010. It's been a solid decade of active participation for me, 15 years overall.
  6. I missed it I was at work. They're gonna replay it in a few hours again but I think I'm gonna skip it and watch it on youtube later on. Quite possibly the only celeb I cared about.
  7. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    True. I'm still not wasting caw space on those two. Also New Jack as well.
  8. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    Uhm, they almost killed him by beating him senseless. The fact he didn't die from that beating was the 1st of two times he escaped being killed by those two. They also sexually molested some guys wife who was a friend of Kens. Also, from what Stevie Ray has told they beat up Matt Damon a little at a bar before he got famous. All this plus the fact they are Hogans chosen lackeys makes them real pieces of shit.
  9. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    I'd get the Nasty Boys but after reading so many stories of how they were assholes in real life I don't want anything to do with them. Yes, even more so than Benoit, who seemingly was only an a-hole one unfortunate time.
  10. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    Grab him, before he grabs you!
  11. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    I'm curious if the so-called "logo limit" glitch can be averted if it's only one attire you are trying to download instead of 2?
  12. Stings hair is brown, especially in those Wolfpac pics. He's kinda like Bret Hart in that he had dark brown hair but always gets black hair in the games.
  13. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    This almost looks like official DLC. Someone should post this in the 2K20 thread to show people that this game is still alive and going. I do have to point out that some sort of purge seems to have happened in CC. CM Punk was the #1 downloaded caw since the game came out and as of a few days ago it seems to be Hangman Page lol.
  14. maskedmaniac

    WCW Project

    Man that Vincent is on point. Reminded me, did ya'll hear Ted Dibiase and his son got busted for some type of money laundering scheme with their church? lol
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