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  1. maskedmaniac

    WWE Drama

    Kane's never really been great to be honest. Can anyone name 3-5 of his matches that can be considered all-time classics? I guess I should be putting this in the unpopular opinions thread lol.
  2. Imagine if non-gun owners decided on a law that affected gun owners' ability to buy more guns? The outrage would be on a different level. I'm not crazy about abortions but it should be up to a woman to decide this. At the very least, if it's a marriage then it should be up to the husband and wife, definitely not up to the government.
  3. I'm curious as to what the ratio is of people who actually have successfully used their guns to protect themselves from criminals vs people who have used their guns to kill others (mass shootings). Pretty sure it is disproportionally in favor of mass shooting deaths.
  4. They (2K) really need to play these games themselves after they've relased them to see how it plays and all the bugs that are going on. Don't just rely on the consumers to do the testing and report bugs, otherwise they (2K) won't ever truly know how broken the game is in some areas.
  5. NM looks dated now because of its blocky character models but it's more of a simulation than the 2K games are for sure. And VPW2 was even more of a simulation of the old-school pro-wrestling as a sport presentation that no game can offer anymore. Yeah I agree button mashing can be an issue for peeps with health issues. Not to mention it wears down your controls. I actually really liked the button mashing in SvR 06/07 where you could just go ham on all the buttons and it really served as a way to take out your frustrations sometimes, that was really rewarding. The issue now is that they bring back button mashing but you only can mash one single button at a time and it has to be the one they tell you. This is tedious and really leads to more tendinitis or arthritis because you're limited to only using one finger to mash one button, in this case your thumb, rather than being able to use all your fingers to give the other ones a break on any button you want.
  6. Yeah the truth is that no matter who took over after Trump, assuming it was going to be a Democrat, was gonna be tested by Putin, China, North Korea ect. They knew that they had to get someone like Trump back in office because a guy like Trump weakens America and allows shit stirring countries to get away with things they could not otherwise get away with a normal president.
  7. No Mercy was more simulation then people actually think it was. It had everything pro-wrestling was at the time and it simulated that perfectly. Contrary to what some people actually think there was very little button mashing also, only to kick out of pins whereas in the 2K series you have to button mash for several things.
  8. That's why I can't vote and won't vote Republican for a while. My conscious won't let me vote for a bunch of gun-loving, environment polluting, Russia-supporting, anti-Semitic, minority oppressing, conspiracy pushing lunatics. I'm sure I left out a lot of other bad stuff too lol
  9. He looks a lot like Alexander Ludwig. I hate that jump suit, guess that's what they wear in the airforce but I prefer the green tanktop and camo pants. The facial hair is a great touch though.
  10. This game has pretty much no grappling at all, and that's a shame. Most grapple moves lead to an armbar or an elbow to the back of the head or some shit like that. Where are the headlocks and other wrestling holds?
  11. Well that' good to know. Fei Long wasn't a comedy character anyways, maybe in SF4 but then again everybody was funny looking in that game.
  12. Oh yeah duh, I didn't see Guile there. I agree too, the rest will probable be DLC for the Ultra Super Hyper Fighting Turbo edition lol. Sadly my favorite Fei Long probably won't ever return if the news about the Lee family is true.
  13. The issue I have is that they leave out guys like Sagat, Guile, or M.Bison that are staples of this series. It's a fighting game and those guys are iconic and just can't be replaced. It's not like sports games where you leave out a great player but you still have so many others to play as. In fighting games a single character can sometimes be the whole reason you play the game. I know a lot of people who only play as Subzero or Scorpion in MK, or Ruy or Ken for example in SF. Leaving guys like that out ruins the whole game for some players.
  14. I hope this isn't like SF3 where they introduced a whole new cast sans 3 or 4 veterans. I'd rather they bring back a large portion of the vets and introduce a few new charaters kinda like they did in MKX.
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