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  1. Also for the people thinking social workers should be sent in to de-escalate situations rather than cops good luck with that! I'm a social worker and we aint doing that s#!t, we can barely do a home visit unless we get approval from out supervisor and we aren't even properly trained to deal with people, it's mostly case management we do. The police need to have a trained crisis unit that specializes in situations that require de-escalation rather than arrest or fighting crime.
  2. There won't be a need to "abolish" cops the way things are going I can't see a good reason why anyone would want to become a cop these days. I'm pretty sure it's a job that will be decreasing in numbers going forward.
  3. I recommend the peeps in here who have never played the Smackdown vs Raw games to give them a try, if for nothing else than to just see all the s#!t that is missing from the 2K games for no good reason at all. I'd even recommend trying out the AKI games just to see how much more fundamentally sound those games are. Things make more sense during matches because there are more animations for the basics like selling, running, reversing, ect.
  4. Legends are important to me too, but without good gameplay the game just becomes worthless. Moves are cool but if the gameplay is choppy and uninspiring then it's not worth playing. Every wrestler plays the same pretty much, there are no individual wrestler stances or distinct abilities to separate them. Big Show plays the same as Rey Misterio just slower and without some highflying moves. Other than that they all walk the same, run the same, move the same. There's no specific selling animations either and this is a shame, everyone just falls back like a sack of potatoes when you hit them; there's no visible distinction in selling when you hit someone in the stomach as opposed to hitting them in the head ect. Move animations need to be added.
  5. From the same people that brought you "Kung Flu" and "China virus". This is why I will never take Rebublicans seriously again.
  6. I'm not gonna be a downer and I will say the current series by 2K has the best roster seen in a wrestling game year in and year out. Caw mode is also the best we've seen, but the gameplay lacks and in the end it's the main reason why I can't even get through one match as hard as I try. The AKI games, Smakdown vs Raw series, Allstars, FirePro...they all have more engaging gameplay than what 2K offers, for me personally at least. I can't shell out another 70-80 dollars for the next 2K wrestling game if I'm gonna lose interest in it after about a month.
  7. A lot needs to change for me to purchase the next game, regardless of what theme it has or what the roster looks like. The in-ring camera angles and TV-style presentation are awful to be honest and take away from the enjoyment of playing the game. As I already said lighting is ugly during matches and wrestlers move terribly sluggish. Hit detection is bad. CAW mode also needs a re-vamp, it seems dated now and it can be done better, just about any other sports game like UFC or various RPG's have the ability to create better looking characters with far more realistic hair styles and facial features. Models in WW2K games look shiny like plastic, not like actual human skin should look.
  8. True. It's gameplay that is the issue, but I do feel like the whole current engine, if that is what it's called, needs an overhaul. The lighting is terrible, the physics are bad, walking and movement of the wrestler models also adds to the lack of enjoyment.
  9. Completely disagree. Looks more like a little girl.
  10. Sad to see what's become of the Republican party, even sadder to see that they still have plenty of support.
  11. Yeah I recommend the other forums like AKI Live or oldskoolreunion.com Like you said they mainly do texture modding but they do have some created wrestlers.
  12. Was playing the Tranformers games recently, Devastation and Fall of Cybertron. Really good and different in their own right.
  13. I wanna be positive about the next WWE game but I have no hope at this moment. The early preview just seems like more of the same engine. I know they've been saying theyre gonna look at what made classic games like No Mercy so great but in the end I think they are just gonna give us a working version of WWE 2K20
  14. Thanks for this! I’ve been playing these old games on an emulator a lot. I lost the patience for the 2K series
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