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  1. Who's getting their panties in a twist about him selling paintings? is it the same nut jobs that think it's perfectly alright to go to Africa and shoot and kill endangered animals just to put the heads on their walls?
  2. The problem for the Reps is they went all-in on stupid and lost, albeit barely shamefully. And now they gotta keep going in fully-stupid because to do otherwise would be to admit they were wrong which is not something stupid people do often.
  3. I guess it's been patched since because I don't see any bugs nowadays. To be honest I played it first on the PS2 and the first thing I noticed was the new controls for running, which I loved at the time but hate nowadays. I got the 360 version a few years after it came out and didn't notice any bugs, nothing like 2k20's eyes falling out of peoples skulls and bodies becoming possessed and convulsing in mid air lol
  4. Better luck next time lads.
  5. Yes. I really liked it, minus the wrestler abilities it was good, could have had a better roster though.
  6. I think we knew back in the PS2/GC era the games were pretty solid so we didn't have to worry about glitches and all that. Some games even had demos to try them out, for sure SvR 07 and Allstars had demos that led me to buy the whole game because Iliked the demo so much. Also IGN had the classic roster reveal where think they revealed a new guy or two every week.
  7. Eurocup= farmers tournament. Where are the global powerhouses like USA, Canada, China, and India?
  8. But it's going to hit different! They said it themselves.
  9. Hopefully they counter-sue for him using their platform to incite violence and spread lies.
  10. That orangutan is still holding rallies? For what?!
  11. TBH in that case I'd just wait for the series x unless you can get a discount for trading the S for an X lol.
  12. Honestly right now Honestly right now with the shortage of graphics cards the Xbox Series S for $300 is looking like a great deal. It can emulate everything from 16bit era to PS2 and Wii. That means a lot of wrestling games like the SvR series and Day of Reckoning, and No Mercy. Would be cool if they later sold an external disc drive for it or even a way to link it to your PC for modding and external memory.
  13. Show some damn gameplay first! Then we can worry about the other things.
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