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  1. Nice! With a few tweaks here an there you can turn it into Michael Jackson lol
  2. I thought he was but I don't follow WWE anymore. I thought since he appeared in WWE Battlegrounds and he was involved in the angle with Natalia vs Charlotte that he was under a legends contract. Regardless I'd rather he remain with WWE and appear in their games instead. I would prefer AEW use their connection to NJPW to use more legends from Japan and some from Mexico as well, that is something WWE can't really do or would never think of doing.
  3. Didn't he almost die once when he severed an artery with a light tube during a hard core match one time?
  4. Yeah I haven't touched this game either at all this year. It's a shame about the repetitive gameplay, it seems like no matter who you pick the matches always go the same way, tap the strike button 3 times and on the third time you hit them with an uppercut or whatever. Lame.
  5. Flair seems like a POS from past stories at least. He may not be like that anymore and his seeming approval of Andrade marrying Charlotte is a good indication however the past will still haunt him nonetheless. Also the story about HBK and Marty drugging girls back in the day is also pretty damning if true. Wonder if HBK would get the same treatment?
  6. I'd love to see Bret Hart in this game as well but I doubt it, he still has a legends contract with WWE and he probably values that more than what AEW could give him.
  7. And the fact that they (AEW) are planning for the game to not be a yearly release and instead support the same game for several years only makes it better. Hopefully they build on it and support it for years like FPW or Rocket League.
  8. XPW!!! That's what I watched after ECW went under and it was filmed at the HS I had just graduated from two decades ago lol
  9. GM mode will be cool with the amount of legends in the game, shows, PPV's, ect, but I fear they will give us a very bare bones version of the mode with tons of restrictions or missing features that were available in games from a decade a half ago. I hope I'm wrong but I can't see them bringing back a long requested feature at 100% capacity.
  10. So you're starting this game and you're not even following your own rules? That's four colors and 2 animals right there lol
  11. If 2K doesn't get the gameplay right this year they never will tbh
  12. I wouldn't mind another company getting the WWE license. 2K is getting stale tbh. I would love it if Rockstar games would make a WWE game, with their attention to detail the game would be impressive visually at least.
  13. I hope there's a special mode where a dog chases after your car lol
  14. Yes she did, and I tried to give her everything I could. If there was one positive about the pandemic was that I got to work from home the last year or so and I would take her for a walk every day during my lunch break up until 2 weeks ago when her health declined. She loved that and so did I.
  15. Had to put my dog to sleep yesterday after almost 18 years of having her. That sucked so bad.
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