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  1. I've been finding this game way more difficult than the original, and I'm playing on one of the easiest difficulty levels. It's a bit frustrating tbh, maybe because I'm not a regular anymore, I just play games here and there for a few minutes.
  2. Got this today, installation was pretty quick. I'm playing it but so far I think the graphics could be better. I'm on PS4 but I notice a massive lag in loading textures inside one of the first building I entered.
  3. I think I'm passing on it this year. If it's the same game as last year there's no point in getting this year's game. I'm more into playing with the legends and it seems like the same legends are in from last year. Has the gameplay changed at all?
  4. Can you add the textures for WWE Allstars from the Xbox 360 or PS3, please? No one seems to have those.
  5. This is Florida dude. Another reason why DeSantis is another shitty republican candidate for president.
  6. Thank you for the honest answer. I don't particularly feel that I myself have severe mental health issues, other than anxiety. I can control my anger usually, but I've also felt like smacking someone when most angry, but I never let myself use violence.
  7. Just curious, but have you ever at any point felt the urge to hurt someone else when you are going through these mental health issues? I've been wondering about that, why when there is a mass shooting some people cite mental health as the reason why they hurt other people. I think it's BS and believe that even at ones lowest point we are able to control our emotions and rationalize wrong from right and not go on a killing spree. You probably wouldn't want to answer my question lok, but as a public health grad student I may do a research paper on this someday and so I'm curious to ask people this.
  8. Does the republican party have any good candidates? I'm tired of all these dictator wannabees.
  9. Too bad Cena vs Sabu didn't make it. Doe anyone know who are the new legends included? If any at all that is.
  10. Vince needs to be sent to NXT and move his way up to the main roster!
  11. There's a reason why I don't vote republican anymore and it's not necessarily because I'm a diehard liberal or whatever, it's because the republican party is so full of skeezy, sleazy, dirty, racist, lying, corrupt, and treacherous people in office that I just can't bring myself to vote for any of them, no matter how unpopular the democratic candidates may be.
  12. Sadly this is most likely what is going to happen. They are going to take his mask off, change his name, and ask him to wrestler differently. They do this with every luchador they sign and then wonder why the audience didn't care for them if they were already big in Mexico. They are just gonna ruin this guy too unfortunately.
  13. Yeah, and people are actually stupid enough to believe that if Trump was still president things would be better. They think that if he was president Russia wouldn't be attacking Ukraine. Putin was in no rush to attack Ukraine while Trump was president because he (Putin) knew that Trump was destroying this country from within. Keeping him in power was the best way to cause damage to the USA. Once Biden won I think Vlad knew a more traditional administration was going to be back in charge, not unlike the clown show that was the Trump cabinet.
  14. As long as there are some facial animations I'm good. I'm really hoping this game gets a PC release at some point. It would be great if it made it on Steam with a workshop for modders. There's a reason people still play No Mercy to this day, me included. You can mod pretty much every aspect of that game. If AEW gives us even a fraction of that just by being able to mod wrestlers and arenas it will become an instant classic.
  15. The graphics don't bother me too much, but I really hope they add some facial animations to the final product. Having all the models just have the same stoic look on their face for the whole match kinda ruins the immersion.
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