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  1. Midnight Suns lost me with the card gameplay.
  2. Adam Cole needs to get his shit together with the Boom.
  3. The amount of creeps at this thing is going to be outstanding.
  4. I regret not going for Rosario Dawson alone.
  5. The more i watch the trailer the more im able to pull out stuff from Fractions Hawkeye run and its making my crazy excited for the show. I saw the auction house, the muscle car from one of the early issues, the apartment building.
  6. It also doesn't help that we seen this exact format with UUDD.
  7. This is the match ive wanted since Mania two years ago. I have to see this in person.
  8. Man people shit all over this and minus one segment it was really great.
  9. Austin Theory screaming *censored*ing killed me.
  10. This really reminds me of Taya's wedding on impact.
  11. This is so stupid and i love it.
  12. Jesus *censored*ing christ mandy.
  13. The fact that he has to land before throwing the kick defeats the purpose of the spin 1000000%.
  14. lmaooooooo what the *Censored* was that kick.
  15. YOU GOT ME ALL *censored*ED UP NOW
  16. Oh my god i saw Pizza Dog and Track Suit Bros in that trailer it might be everything i ever wanted.
  17. Would legit have been pissed if i was in the crowd and didn't get to scream KAZE NI NARE.
  18. Gunnar winning the belt baybeeee.
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