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  1. Ready Player One is a fantastic movie. It's not exactly deep and thoughtful, but it's a damn fine action spectacular.
  2. I need a "Winged Eagle" cushion.
  3. Sorry to hear that man. It's usually a part of the grieving process to feel some responsibility, had you called her, you'd be probably blaming yourself for something else right now. As you say, you were working, and you had a responsibility to take care of. No-one can use that against you - so you shouldn't hold it against yourself. Anyway, I'm ill again - some sort of head cold thing, but they sent me home from work Monday afternoon because I looked unwell. Trouble is, I know I need to get in shape and start looking after my health, and get some pounds off but I can't even run on a treadmill until my ankle is fixed. Plus I just feel mentally drained with all that's happened with the having to move stuff, the stress of viewings and all that BS. My depression is quite high at the moment, and with it the anxiety.
  4. Yeah this precisely. You can never have too many friends, and the way you are towards her may do more for her that you'll ever realize. She needs real friends right now I would think.
  5. I thought Sasha was older than that TBH. Not by much, but I thought Paige was a couple of years her junior - despite being more advanced in her career. I couldn't believe it either. Sasha was born in January of 1992, Paige was Born August of 1992, and Peyton was born in November. I was born in March of '92, which means I'm between Paige and Sahsa. Congrats on that Thank you Lucky so and so, I'd just turned 12
  6. I thought Sasha was older than that TBH. Not by much, but I thought Paige was a couple of years her junior - despite being more advanced in her career.
  7. Honestly I think they missed a trick with her, while her size makes her a good heel, it's just not her - backstage she comes across as just being nice and happy go lucky. She could have been a good babyface, had they have introduced her when she was ready - rather than green as grass and having squash matches.
  8. Forgot to mention why I came in here today in the first place. I slipped over on the ice in the car park, and landed very heavily - fortunately aside from my knee, my work laptop took the impact (as I discovered when a couple of pieces fell off when I got it out of it's bag in the office) Knee is gonna bruise like a b*stard. I joked this morning that I couldn't decide which leg to limp on (as of course my right ankle has been subject of investigations - see above). Also realized that as all the stuff is being moved to the new house on the 23rd - I'm going to spend my birthday (24th) either with no sofa, or no TV. Also if the TV is moved, I won't have Sky set up - so I'll miss United v Liverpool.
  9. That would be a very good move, again I speak from experience, because I have been taking anti depressants for nearly 18 years - and generally they really help. Your doctor can also suggest things like counselling, and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which helps change your thinking patterns and behaviours. Certainly the fact you say you find little enjoyment in even things you do for fun, points to depression. (I've filled out enough of those tests, to know that) We are lucky in a way to be living in a climate where people are more understanding of mental conditions, and the stigma of having them is fast becoming a thing of the past. Depression is simply an illness - and like most illnesses it can be treated. There are many people on this very forum who suffer - and most are pretty open about it and offer advice. I presume you're around 20 ish? I was around the same age when I was diagnosed, and I'd also had enough of women's mind games to last a lifetime. Life seemed pretty pointless at the time, and I found little interest in much - only one year later I would meet the woman who would become my wife, and mother to my child. Life can turn for the better, every bit as it seems to throw sh*t at you. It seems like a cliche (and it annoyed the hell out of me at the time) but take everyday as it comes.
  10. Haha, me too. A channel over here was showing it all day on Saturday!!
  11. Saw a trailer for Alita - Battle Angel. Looks pretty damn good.
  12. Yeah, that rang alarm bells with me. The absolute last thing you need is to fall into the rut of thinking you and her are going to be an item - when there's still an extremely close bond between her and her boyfriend - because you could end up being really hurt, which for you would be even more damaging. Also I've seen situations where the girl may even start a new relationship with someone else as well as you, because she is basically rebounding and recovering. Plus it seems to me very likely that she is suffering from deep mental issues over the abuse - possibly even something like PTSD. She is most likely confused, and the best advice I can offer you is to put any preconceived ideas - or plans to one side, and simply offer her an ear, and a friend to talk to. Longer term a deeper friendship will develop, and when she's ready to trust again - perhaps explore it then. Again (I can only speak personally) a lasting relationship happened to me when I literally stopped trying to find a girl. You become more relaxed, and you also don't feel you're under pressure of expectations, so that you are actually much better at communicating. I made the mistake before of putting girls on a pedestal, and falling for what I wanted them to be, rather than learning to find out the real person first. Having been happily married for 12 years, and together for 18 - I can say that I think the most important thing in a lasting relationship, is trust - and communication. As others have said, you might not feel like it right now - but the most important thing to do right now is to make sure you are happy - and don't take a risky move that could potentially be even more damaging to your self esteem. Also I would strongly advise that you speak to a doctor if you are as low as you suggested in your first post. Apologies for the seeming lecture, just offering a bit of advice.
  13. GTA V - Sadly I didn't have it on PS4 before, so I've gotta start over. Franklin's missions are so annoying, I hate that Lemar.
  14. Snow is melting, and I might finally be able to drive above 20mph again. Also we have someone who can do the garden for a very good rate (the garden has been stressing me out for about three years) and I'm starting to look forward to moving to a nicer place. Plus I've just downloaded a biography of Kimi Raikkonen for my tablet.
  15. My advice would be to at least go - because if they do let you go, then if you're on good terms with them it enhances your chance of them giving a favourable reference. Plus generally I find it's not worth the aggravation to go to war with them.
  16. TIL Alexa Bliss was a body builder.
  17. My Samsung S6 died on Monday, all it shows is "Samsung S6" - it doesn't turn off either. I ran the battery down, and then plugged it in, but still the same old screen. I've tried every combination of button holding and pressing - but nothing. You don't realize how much you need a smartphone, until yours is out of action.
  18. We can move in on the 23rd Feb. Nice birthday present, hope I've got the PlayStation set up for the 24th!!
  19. Had an MRI scan on my ankle today. Wasn't brutal, but my ankle was stiff afterwards. Also think I'm getting another cold.
  20. Moving house. Land lady is selling the one we're renting - but we were toying with moving anyway because it's an old house, no double glazing and for the rent we're paying not really value for money. Looked at a really nice place for less money on Saturday, and it looks like we've got it. My days of having to wear a fleece jacket and having a blanket over me in the sitting room are numbered.
  21. AJ Styles 365. Botch Club Season 3 of Edge and Christian Chronicle - Samoa Joe Chronicle - Shinsuke Nakamura
  22. I thought the ending of Rogue One was superbly done, not just the obvious badassery from Vader, but the scene on the beach was pretty powerful too. They basically confronted their imminent death, at peace because they had fulfilled their mission to get the plans. They pretty much knew they were basically on a suicide mission from the start anyway. If it hadn't been connected (and been a different film with the same story) they would probably have gone for the standard soppy happy ending. It's nice sometimes when a film throws a curveball ending. It's a testament to the story of the film itself, that I didn't ever approach it as "I can't get invested, because they obviously all die, anyway". It was more like a realisation during it, that "oh, of course they have to die". I really hope they do a Shadows of the Empire one connecting 5 and 6 (Although obviously there'd have to be artistic licence, with the actors etc) Maybe a CGI one?
  23. I would not be surprised if said GIF was against board rules. She was wearing a flesh coloured thong if I recall. Sky basically showed all of it.
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