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  1. Hitman - I've just found the Vampire Magician disguise in Paris...and teamed it with a fire axe.
  2. I believe that John Cena is left handed too. Shawn Michaels writes with his left, but can draw with his right. Just out of interest do you wear your watch on the right or left? I used to wear mine on the right but I got fed up with people saying "oh you're left handed".
  3. United have downed tools, that entire performance was from players convinced they've got Champions League football, and aren't particularly bothered about whether it's through second or fourth.
  4. Search for a guy called "BigMooney06" he does hilarious videos on Youtube where he kills everyone in the map. I got PES18 in the sale for £12 the other day, It's better to play than FIFA for certain.
  5. Toronto need to sort themselves out, because on early season form they won't be IN the playoff. Still early of course, anyone can put a run together and fire themselves up the table. I fancy Columbus Crew this year, been very impressed with them.
  6. If they're going for Appleton, that suggests to me that the appointment is with an eye on getting out of the Championship next season, rather than believing they can stay up. Normally you'd get them signing a firefighter for the remainder of the season. Not that getting back out of the Championship is anywhere near guaranteed either. Ask Sunderland. As for MLS, the biggest thing holding it back is the stigma that football still has in certain sections of the US mainstream - uptake of the game among young people is on the rise, so this will take a little while to translate into following a homegrown side - especially given the blanket coverage of Premier League and La Liga. Page limit! I think the biggest problem is that the MLS has the stigma of retirement league when the average age of players in the league is 24 years old and the past few "stars" to come over struggled alot in Pirlo, Gerrard, and Lampard. The league is growing. Im so excited about the state of the Red Bulls right now. They are killing it in the CCL and have a 2-2-0 record in the regular league using all B/C squads due to the academy producing homegrown talent. They lost this past weekend but three guys that came up through the system scored their first goals for the club. Its really exciting. Just wish one of these DP's would make their way down to DC. We're beyond abysmal at the minute.
  7. Started playing "Hitman" again - trying to do the "kill everyone" challenge which is great fun.
  8. If he uses it at Mania, then I'd say there's a fair chance his "Current" model in 2k19 would use it. That sort of thing will probably be mentioned in any discussion about repeat broadcast rights and stuff. I imagine 2K would be willing to let Kid Rock have some tracks on WWE 2K19 as well. He might even do what the Rock did last year and compile the soundtrack for it.
  9. I completely forgot he was going to be there - or that he's going in the HOF. D'oh. On the subject of Taker, TIL that in 1996 he had bat wings and rappelled down from the ceiling like Sting. I also learned that Vince ABSOLUTELY hates the ABA character, and that it's an unwritten rule to staff to even mention it to him, or in his presence. He apparently hates anything that could dampen down the mystique or aura of the Deadman. Although as this is likely his last match, I can't see him nixing the idea to do it for Mania.
  10. I'll tell you this, if it happens many lids will be flipped. Especially if they can get the rights to American Badass again. I suspect we'll get the in house "You're Gonna Pay" theme however, which wouldn't somehow be quite as cool.
  11. His best theme from that character was the first one, American Badass by Kid Rock. "Are you scared? He's here"
  12. Nice, not really a better endorsement of your artistic talent than that.
  13. TIL that Tino Sabbatelli is a lucky b*stard.
  14. Had my contract extended for another 6 months, so really happy. Met the new team leader today and seemed to get on really well, so that's also good.
  15. Damn it "I thought "The Greatest Royal Rumble" was going to be a documentary about the 92 match.
  16. More an "I learned this last week" Rey Mysterio is a Man Utd fan, he recorded a message to the team for MUTV before the Liverpool game.
  17. TIL where Rusev got his Up Up Down Down name from. Tong Po is the kickboxing champion in the Van Damme movie "Kickboxer". (I watched it)
  18. Happy belated birthday. It's mine today, I'm 38. (Happy Birthday to Shinsuke Nakamura too) I got Red Dwarf VII, Star Wars Episode VII and Rogue One on DVD. Really great book about Tim Peake with lots of awesome photos of Earth from the ISS.
  19. They showed clips of it, but never explicitly said it was on after Raw.
  20. Lego Harry Potter - for £10 it's brilliant (and I got both games for that £10 as well). Easily one of the best Lego games I've played.
  21. Given the way he was moving backstage, I can't argue that it's indeed time.
  22. I agree, it was nice seeing so many moments - but some like what could well be Undertaker's last match needed at least half a show to themselves. I did legitimately find myself thinking Cena off camera is a pretty funny and cool guy though. That bit where he got lost was hilarious. Also that bit with Seth was making me think of how Dean will feel this year.
  23. So this documentary tonight, is it about Wrestlemania 33 as a whole, or about Undertaker there specifically? Either way, I'm watching.
  24. I had the Coliseum Video release of that. Bret V Shawn - "Bashed in the USA" Was also featured in the first ever WWF magazine I bought. That's cool, I've never seen that match. But yeah, I was more talking about the ladder matches between Razor and Shawn they did before Mania. Must be on the Network somewhere, I recommend it. Also if you want to see the intended finish to the Mania X match as well, because they do it here.
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