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  1. Not a bad list, surprised Velveteen Dream V Aleister Black isn't there. I thought that was this year. Also his match from Wargames should be on here too.
  2. To quote Tommy Dreamer - I'll take em both!!
  3. Got my new Xbox 360 Slim (well preowned) it's so nice to play my old games without sounding like there's a tube train underneath the TV. Also I found out why my Sky Plus box wasn't connecting to the internet. Turns out the hub got unplugged at some stage, and I'd managed to plug in a cable that actually wasn't connected to anything at the other end!!
  4. I get the impression that everyone on the roster wants to be part of it. I laughed my ass off at Joe!!
  5. SuperClassico in Argentina I'd guess.
  6. Also on that note, I believe Shawn himself was invited to TV for the "takeover" of WCW episode. I think that's where he declined because he was on his path to rediscovering his faith.
  7. My only problem with Chronicle is that it's dependent on the person being focused on. Dean's was entirely in character, whereas Shinsuke and Joe were much less so, and showed more of their real personalities. I was hoping for more from Dean's, I wanted to see his fight to regain fitness and his relationship with Renee etc.
  8. Just created the "Santa video message" for my daughter - looking forward to her watching it later. Also found out that thanks to my Sky insurance, I don't have to pay for the new broadband hub we need to get the Sky Plus box able to do on demand again.
  9. Enough is enough, Jose needs to go. Now.
  10. Mourinho has to go, this is bad comedy.
  11. United just pulled off the biggest robbery Turin has witnessed since Michael Caine rocked up with a bus and three Minis. How the hell did we win that?
  12. One of my pet hates, teams changing colours when there's no need. I'm the same. There have been a number of times when I've been at an away match, Albion have lined-up in their change kit, and I've turned to my Dad and said, "Since when does navy blue and white clash with red (or some other colour)?" The weird thing about Oxford not playing in yellow on Saturday though, is that they were at home. I wonder if they're contractually obliged to wear the away kit a certain amount of times or something.
  13. One of my pet hates, teams changing colours when there's no need. We had Newcastle up at Old Trafford wearing their away kit. Couldn't they just have worn white shorts like Juve did?
  14. Feel like we got kicked in the teeth today, I mean a draw away at Chelsea this morning wouldn't have been a bad result, but we literally threw it away with the last kick. If we could start games with the intensity we play with late on when we're behind - then we'd be up with City in the league.
  15. The Italian Job. Michael Caine is awesome.
  16. Ah I hate colds, for such a common thing, they really knock me out. Getting over one myself.
  17. Went to see Michael McIntyre at the O2 in London on Saturday. Fantastic night, show was hilarious.
  18. Hope you got rekd by Bolton Thought you'd like that screenshot (What you won't like is that is Jesse Lingard about to score United's fourth)
  19. I watched Return To Oz the other year, it's still very dark and creepy. No way I'd let my daughter watch it. Apparently I was terrified of the Wheelers as a child.
  20. Should have got Jose when Fergie first retired. We ended up with the right man, but far too late. I'd like Poch next. I like Nuno Espirito Santo at Wolves, but I think he's lacking in experience for the United job just now. One for maybe a few years.
  21. Just seen the trailer for "Bohemian Rhapsody" Holy God this looks good.
  22. Exactly, he knows the ethos of the club - but I fear he'd just simply try and run the Fergie playbook page for page because he hasn't had the experience in top level management to forge his own. The Fergie playbook was fine in 1992-2008, but the game has moved on since then, on and off the pitch. Also Ryan simply does not have the ruthlessness required to manage United. I watched a documentary about his brief run as caretaker, and he said himself he couldn't sleep at night when making a decision about dropping someone. Also we tried giving the job to an "up and coming" manager, and that put us on the decline we're reaping the final outcome of now. Put simply, we cannot afford a "project" or to "blood a team" any more. We're being left for dust by Liverpool and City, Arsenal and Chelsea are evolving - Spurs are a step down from being legit challengers too. We need a proven top class manager who can hit the ground running. The biggest gamble I'd take right now would be to prise Poch away from Spurs. He's the minimum level we should be looking at.
  23. Yeah, I loved their AC Milan kits as well. Still the money was really helpful to the league as a whole I suppose. It's going to get much worse, United won't sack him until at least we're out of the Champions League, whatever their reasons - yesterday's lack of effort was unacceptable. They didn't quit only on Jose, they quit on the club, the badge and us fans. Jose needs to go, and Pogba needs to *Censored* off asap as well. It's a situation where we cannot allow either to appear to win because then the next manager has practically no power from the start.
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