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  1. Hoping he gets HBK on there. Both have been really good so far. Both Taker and Goldberg came across really well. I would love to hear Austin and Shawn talk about Mania 14. There is one with Shawn on Austin's other network show, Stone Cold Podcast. Thanks, I'll check that out.
  2. Hoping he gets HBK on there. Both have been really good so far. Both Taker and Goldberg came across really well. I would love to hear Austin and Shawn talk about Mania 14.
  3. Papa Shango's "darker side", he was already setting fire to people and making black goo come out of their foreheads!!
  4. One sentence - Vince didn't "get" them. They were just an LOD rehash as far as he saw, I doubt he even watched/watches NXT.
  5. The thing that killed TNA more than anything else was that they made a lot of the same mistakes as WCW - Chiefly they got Hogan involved in creative and his little circle. In those days the product even looked the same as WCW. The 6 sided ring went, the usual suspects got hired, the emphasis was put on names over the "TNA Originals", like Joe, Daniels, Styles etc The only company where Hogan is a benefit is in WWE, because they're big enough to keep him in his box. But to go back to the point of the discussion - a p*ssed off wrestler with something to prove can be very damaging to a former promotion - provided they're allowed to have free reign. Ryder for example is a very charismatic guy, and lots of people would follow him if he moved somewhere where he was allowed to shine. WWE want to avoid giving this embryonic potential rival any weapons they can.
  6. I doubt it now they're in full on "war" mode. They're desperately trying to hold onto anyone semi decent to keep them away from Cody's mob.
  7. Seriously? I bought two copies off Amazon for my XBox 360 and both crashed at the Grey Lady scene (tried two disks on two different Xbox consoles too). I hope this is the "proper" one, and not the 2016 "Feminist" crap one?
  8. Except Luke specifically asks Leia about her "Real" Mother. Leia would obviously know the difference between her adoptive mother, and Padme. He literally says to her "your real Mother, I mean". Now the scene in Episode III makes that ridiculous. Leia was minutes old when Padme died.
  9. While Hayden wasn't exactly the greatest actor, it's pretty well known that Lucas wanted him to portray Anakin with little emotion, and coldness. As I usually say, I recommend the novels of Episode II and III as they add a lot more subtle nuances to the characters, which make the story much deeper. Especially the subtle way Palpatine is steering Anakin with the little comments he makes - in the film it seems a bit of a sudden "ah well what the hell, I'll join the Sith" but it's actually built up steadily, and you can then also fully appreciate the trap that Palpatine springs on him in the end. And yes as you say, Anakin is still at his core not mature enough to handle his power and those flaws are ultimately exploited to create Darth Vader. From the beginning he is not a "good boy" like Luke is. He disobeys orders right from the beginning, and has anger and frustration - but where Luke has a little whinge - Anakin often acts with that anger.
  10. Was pretty good actually. Really filled in the blanks on his backstory (because I didn't know who he really was)
  11. You might have twisted awkwardly in your sleep or something. If you've had pain there on and off for a while, I'd suggest going to see a doctor. It might be cartilage related - If I recall you're pretty active physically aren't you?
  12. This house move is doing my head in. What was supposed to be a relaxing "mental detox" week (when I booked it a couple of months ago) has now turned into one of the most stressful of my entire life. Shuttling between the old place, lumping boxes, building furniture and being in close proximity to my Mum in Law who is very bossy - Aaargh. Missed Liverpool V United because Sky TV didn't get set up - and only just got internet today. Depression is also out of control because I've missed medication for three days. My birthday also effectively was forgotten - in terms of people getting my presents and stuff.
  13. She has a Nathalie Dormer look about her, me likey.
  14. Happy Birthday (see I got the hint). It's me and Shinsuke on Sunday.
  15. Pogba and Herrera were both fantastic. Herrera should be captain.
  16. Was that the one where they had backstage stuff like games between superstars as well as reviewing classic moments? To be honest the only thing I'm sure I remember about Confidential, was that cool eye animation. Oh and of course Mene Gene.
  17. Proud of the United boys tonight, superb performance and worked their socks off. Okay Chelsea weren't great, but we were clinical and rapid on the break (despite not having Martial) and the off the ball closing down was excellent. Wolves away in the Quarters.
  18. 1: Looks like Charlotte has had that wart removed, I thought so last night. She looks great. 2: Who is this, and what is her phone number?
  19. This illness thing I came down with on Monday decided to turn into a full blown cold on Friday, so now I'm looking at another day off work tomorrow most likely (As my boss has said in no uncertain terms "not to come back until I'm completely better") - then I'm off on Friday till 4th March anyway. Plus the house move is ramping up, my little daughter effectively has already moved out (she's at my Mum in law's likely until we move on 23rd). So I won't see her for the best part of a week either. And now the Sky website is playing silly buggers so I can't arrange a switch for the first week at the new place (apparently it's two weeks notice anyway) So yeah, first world problems granted - but sake.
  20. 100% There's a reason Terminator II is often held up as an example of how to make a very good sequel.
  21. I was so tempted to reply with "well no, because that would be a triple threat" but does this include only TV shows, or dark matches as well?
  22. https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1039697-aquaman-star-jason-momoa-may-join-legendarys-dune-reboot never seen the original but this is looking promising with who they have casted I've never even cared to see any film in the Terminator franchise Don't let the newer additions put you off, the first and it's sequel are very good, Personally I treat them as the definitive story, I think that everything was very tightly wrapped up in those two. The third was simply stretching it too far (whilst trying to make it appeal to kids with the PG 13 rating)
  23. Tell me that does not extend to the first two Terminator movies - they are classics.
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