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  1. Chronicle is kinda hit and miss. It's more in character than other shows, the Ambrose one in particular really disappointed.
  2. The lack of a gif of Sasha's Raw wardrobe malfunction disturbs me.
  3. Recorded Solo the other night, looking forward to seeing how it stacks up. On the discussion of the Disney films, the only one that jarred with me was The Last Jedi, because it seemed like they introduced a load of stuff made up on the spot - and it didn't feel like a Star Wars film, in terms of the cinematography. Also I got the feeling that some of the payoffs were designed to be "ha you thought all this was really significant - nope it's just stuff that happened". Snoke for example.
  4. He probably couldn't afford the flight. Excellent point actually.
  5. Today I learned all about the history of Bullet Club (thank you NJPW for finally having a Youtube channel) Makes me even more sad at how the ex members were treated in WWE.
  6. He does, but he's not the only one. Victor Lindelof is starting to look like the player I thought we'd signed. Hell the whole side has been transformed. Bournemouth should be grateful to Eric Bailly for his brain fade - because they could have taken a tonking.
  7. FIFA19. I buckled as it was only £30 on PSN. It's very enjoyable, easily the best FIFA I think, though the gameplay isn't quite as deep in feel as PES.
  8. Saw Ready Player One, last night (must have been good as I stayed up until 2:30 this morning).
  9. Chris Candido is fast becoming a personal legend of mine. Sunny and Jenna? (Although that is possibly the worst justification for sleeping with Jenna Jameson, to be honest )
  10. That line from Christian about Edge "having previous" for pitching his tent on Matt's property - wow. Shawn was hilarious, it's nice to see how many superstars throw themselves into the E & C show. Bayley in the counselling session was funny too. I love the replies to Maffew!!
  11. United are playing better than I've seen in months. The freedom and expression is wonderful.
  12. He's there for the rest of the season, mostly to bring a feelgood mood back to the squad. He also has Mick Phelan there as well. With the DOF coming soon (rumoured to be Paul Mitchell who worked with Pochetino at Southampton) Seems like we're putting all the eggs in the Poch basket this summer, hope we can pull it off.
  13. Easy, because a niece you can give back. Your daughter, you're stuck with Amen, brother. Being married with a seven year old daughter is quite a fight - I'm now getting nagged in stereo.
  14. Watched my daughter ride her bike on her own (well her mum had to hold it at the start), still can't believe she's going to be eight on Sunday!! Feels like only yesterday I announced on here we were expecting!! I'll tell you, being a Daddy is the most incredible feeling in the world, it's also mind numbingly terrifying at times as well.
  15. Think I posted this somewhere else, but I hope it's a damn sight more entertaining than Ambrose's.
  16. I quite like it. Does make me think of Daniel Ricciardo though, as he has that written on a picture of a honey badger on the back of his race helmet.
  17. Interestingly enough, Michael Cole was a war correspondent, and reported on the Bosnian conflict among others.
  18. Now I've had my old Xbox 360 gamertag recovered, I've got all my old games on the new 360. I have been having a great time playing Turtles the Arcade Game with my daughter. She's nearly 8, but hasn't really played games on console until now.
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