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  1. Wow this is the first I'm hearing of this. Big fan of both Queen and Freddie Mercury so I'll definitely be checking this out. Not heard much about it, but like you I'm a huge Queen / Freddie fan so I'm looking forward to it. Rami certainly looks the part.
  2. Just watched the first Ride Along of the new season, The Club as ever were hilarious, didn't like Elias' bit as he was basically doing a promo. I like Ride Along when it shows the real personalities.
  3. Any good? Still playing Watchdogs II, just so much better than the first one. Transformers Devastation is still giving me great gameplay as well. Plus I've just got an Option File for PES18 that has given me all the National team squads and kits, so I'm having fun playing random exhibition matches.
  4. Just remind me to never get on your bad side, would you?
  5. Explains why he was booked as a cretin then. Idiot.
  6. Well thank the Lord for Lorus Karrius - and Gareth Bale.
  7. Congratulations Fulham. One team in white has won, now let's hope RuRu's boys do Liverpool.
  8. Guess that explains why they added Amanda as the killer, she was a student of his, or so I've heard? And there are numerous offerings in-game which reference "Jigsaw" John Kramer. Didn't know the silly puppet actually had a name. Thanks for clearing things up... as I've only watched the first two Saw movies, and that was so many years ago. Decided to edit my earlier post accordingly. No problems, glad you didn't think I was trying to be a smart arse or anything. The game looks good, is it a sandbox?
  9. Hate to be "that guy" but the puppet is Billy. Jigsaw is the nickname of John Kramer.
  10. Watchdogs II. The ability to hack and drive vehicles has been the source of much mirth, you can try and crash them into huge piles and then watch the chain reaction of explosions. More fun than turning the traffic lights off at busy intersections.
  11. Hopefully yesterday's performance (or lack of) has sealed the fate of several United players' time at the club. We need a new defence, and Pogba again went missing. Shameful to play like that in a big game, but the attitude of some players has stunk all season. Major pressure on Jose to deliver next year, but I've a suspicion he might jack it in before then.
  12. If they want to do this in the future, maybe they should drop the "three" in name and idea and just make it "A Table for.." then we could have tag teams, and maybe full stables. Who wouldn't want to see the Kliq share a table, or Kane and Undertaker?
  13. Transformers: Devastation. I got this for free on PSN a while ago but never really played it. However now I'm introducing my little one to "proper" G1 Transformers (and not that Rescue Bots rubbish" it's getting another airing, and it's pretty good fun.
  14. Wonder if Villa win, whether Terry will pull his trick of not playing and then going up in full kit to collect the trophy? Actually I've nothing against Villa, but I do hope Fulham do it, and keep hold of Sessegnon.
  15. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/52365/Bubba-Ray-Dudley-Reveals-Game-Show-Idea-He-Pitched/ There's potential in that. I like it.
  16. Shocking news about Samuel. RIP. His old club did him proud tonight, Villa are at Wembley to take on Fulham in the richest game in World Football. (In terms of what it's worth to the winners)
  17. Also I'd like Craven Cottage to be in FIFA19
  18. Villa take the first leg of the Semi final of the Championship Playoffs away to Middlesbrough. No team has ever lost the first leg at home and gone on to get to Wembley. Derby won the first leg of the other semi - so it could be Villa V Derby.
  19. Just downloaded an option file for PES18 that has all the legend players, and some really good created ones too - World Legends V European Legends. Maradona is a wonder to behold. Still haven't installed Return to Arkham yet, or gone back to try and steal the Knight Rider (well it just is) car in Watchdogs II. Knight Rider car successfully stolen. Watchdogs II now more fun again.
  20. Oi stop, I need your details!! Actually reminds me of the greatest death I had in GTA IV, I got hit by a car, and then knocked onto the elevated Metro line, before I hit the tracks, I was hit by a train!
  21. Shame that Swansea are likely to go down, would have liked to see the Wales derby in the Premier League. Same for West Brom, but they deserve it for singing "we won City the League" when they beat us. Karma too for Sunderland, bet they ain't dancing the Poznan now.
  22. Just started Watchdogs II, still undecided on whether I like it or not, but it's early days. I do like the stun gun.
  23. Really hoping Roma can turn it around tomorrow - although I would love it if Ronaldo was the one to apply the Coup de Gras to that lot in the final. (If Real make it)
  24. Bigger shock to me was when I found out Bayley had tattoos.
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