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Prettiest Women in Wrestling Thread IV

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3 minutes ago, Generations said:

I don't know who either of these ladies are. I'm just in love.


The one on the floor is definitely Miyu Yamashita. Still new to joshi so not familiar with the other girl. But yes, me too lol

I guess just look up TJPW and you might find her.

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10 hours ago, Fight Me. said:



For real tho.


I could never understand guys who don't think muscular women are sexy, btw.

I have friends who call every fit chick a man. Meanwhile, I'm over here sweatin for Jade. That woman is a work of art.

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Absolutely, Jade is just wow.
I have a thing for Muscular Women, definitly.

However there is a limit...when they get too muscular its not my kind of thing.
Same goes with guys, like Brian Cage...that is too much for me and i dont find that particular "beautiful".
I mean i get the dedication and all, but there is a point where its just too much for me.

But in general i find Buff Women really hot.

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