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  1. call me shallow or whatever, but i saw the pre-grapple lockups still in and made my decision lmao. at this point, fingers crossed for The Wrestling Code.
  2. JDfromNY getting cooked by the women’s division >>>> the locker room is healing
  3. EJ!

    WWE Drama

    i say keep MitB. the match has direct implications on the future of the title scene just like the Rumble. it has a functional purpose unlike the rest of the gimmick PLE’s. i also think there’s an argument for Elimination Chamber in that aspect because usually the match is either for the title or a title shot at Mania for someone who didn’t win the Rumble.
  4. odd timing for a detail like that
  5. -Hanger -on the brightside, MJF face turn(?) but *Censored* please be okay Hangman
  6. Gunther/Rey should be a blast
  7. EJ!

    WWE Signings Thread

    anybody else hoping Trips gets Bandido to go to WWE over AEW? Tony is just full on hoarding right now and i don’t wanna see Bandido lost in the shuffle. feel like with WWE’s emphasis on characters, they would really lean into the outlaw stuff in a way that would make him a big star quickly.
  8. Tony Khan ladies and gentlemen
  9. also, did i mention how much i love MJF?
  10. yeah him and Jericho tapped belts like FTR does and they had a group hug. then the BCC came out and ran them all off together. he’s likely facing Yuta again
  11. ah man Charlie Dempsey is such a cool name and it perfectly fits his look
  12. the optimist in me is hoping Punk and the Elite post a picture of them hanging out a bar somewhere with Colt Cabana and Hangman. i want this all to end on a high note. for as much shit as i’ve given Punk recently, i don’t want him to go out like this. abrupt and chaotic exits from two major companies and several peers having nothing to nice to say about him can’t be the legacy of someone who was once so beloved.
  13. agree with pretty much all of this except the Daniel Garcia part. if that’s what they wanna do with him then i’m all for it, but him costing Bryan the match and then embracing the JAS right after doesn’t point to that. i think they kinda sacrificed the intrigue for him after last night. like if they’re gonna do this again with him and Jericho later i won’t be as interested. hopefully TK eventually learns how to stop killing momentum.
  14. Jungle Boy has gotten a lot more convincing on the mic but yeah there’s still a lot missing *Censored* it, catapult John Silver over em both, right behind Starks and Hobbs
  15. -Heyman randomly shitting on three of the biggest dickheads in media >>> -everybody in the Bloodline is playing their part perfectly, but Sami is the MVP
  16. he has insane X-Pac heat now. you know it’s bad when he wasn’t the aggressor in any of these situations and nobody gives a *Censored* lmao. how do you conquer X-Pac heat in this day and age?
  17. i was halfway expecting Garcia to turn on Bryan because that segment last week felt like a VERY anticlimactic way to turn Garcia after weeks of buildup.
  18. okay punches are one thing. can she bump?
  19. i ever tell y’all how much i love MJF
  20. Grayson is *censored*ing hilarious
  21. bro this shit is exhausting now lmao
  22. WWE’s Youtube is uploading a lot of Goldberg content
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