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  1. Sigh. Rest in Peace Shad, and thank you for the memories. Cryme time didn't get any title reigns but they were still very entertaining in all their segments. I can just imagine Shad arriving to heaven like "yo yo yo yo, pop a forty and raise your holy's (wings) it's shad time". He went out a Hero. Hope his family will get through things alright.
  2. I think they should go ahead call the next game WWE 2k21 anyway since it'll be released in 2021. (unless that gets cancelled too down the road).
  3. OPC

    Mount Rushmore

    Stone Cold Goldberg Kurt Angle Booker T Honorable Mentions: Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, DDP, The Rock, Sting.
  4. I like the attire work. Nice job on the face too.
  5. Always liked that guy. Rest in Peace to one of the greatest voices ever heard in a professional wrestling ring. Wish his family the best.
  6. I feel bad for all of them and hope that many of them (office staff and alL) will have the opportunity to be brought back when this covid 19 situation is taken cared of. Prey every day that it does get situated at some point but none of us know what will happen anymore than knowing what's going to happen in the next 24 hours. Stay safe everyone.
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