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    WCW/nWo 4 life.
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    Kevin Owens
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  1. OPC

    WCW Project

    Wow. I am absolutely blown away by how great your work is man. Fantastic job on all of these.
  2. lol the thought of her doing that..idk. It just doesn't seem to fit her. Ric had this somewhat wimpy look to him that made it perfect, but with Charlotte she's this tall, extremely athletic woman. Yea. I'd rather her not make that a thing for herself on a regular bases.
  3. Bellas shouldn't have even been considered before Victoria, Melina, AJ Lee or Mickie James but oh well. WWE gonna do things their way.
  4. Was hoping Taynara would make it. Hopefully she does go else where if she leaves the WWE. I'd like to see her in AEW tbh.
  5. Yeah, *Censored* cancer. I hope Bret will get through it alright.
  6. The Rocks return in 2011 and Brocks in 2012 also.
  7. This is really Sad News. My sincere thoughts go out to his and his daughter's family and friends. Very grateful that I got to watch him play throughout his career. Very cool guy.
  8. Creed has a point. I hope Batista atleast mentions Rev Dvon in his speech. Especially if he's there.
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