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  1. The Bella Twins are looking to have one more run and a possible Womens tag title reign according to multiple articles.
  2. I feel bad for all of them and hope that many of them (office staff and alL) will have the opportunity to be brought back when this covid 19 situation is taken cared of. Prey every day that it does get situated at some point but none of us know what will happen anymore than knowing what's going to happen in the next 24 hours. Stay safe everyone.
  3. lol the thought of her doing that..idk. It just doesn't seem to fit her. Ric had this somewhat wimpy look to him that made it perfect, but with Charlotte she's this tall, extremely athletic woman. Yea. I'd rather her not make that a thing for herself on a regular bases.
  4. Was hoping Taynara would make it. Hopefully she does go else where if she leaves the WWE. I'd like to see her in AEW tbh.
  5. The Rocks return in 2011 and Brocks in 2012 also.
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