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Official Impact Show Discussion Thread

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At this point, POP TV has to be doing this on purpose. They've been telling people for an hour that the technical difficulities will be resolved.


*Censored* this shit, I would legit dump the TV station over this before they dump me. I would rather hand out 5 minute photoshopped flyers and run shows on iPPV.



POP TV : BqWOuGI.gif

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After an hour and 45 minutes, its still down and they just now added a Technical Difficulties warning at the bottom of their screen.



At least Fight Network is on top of their shit.

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While TNA Slammiversary was a very good show and TNA will produce a number of hours of Impact Wrestling for a "live" broadcast tonight as well as future episodes for Pop, perhaps their biggest accomplishment was even getting the tapings to take place.


According to a pair of posts made by Dean Broadhead, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of TNA, on his personal Facebook page on Saturday morning, he had to "secure interim financing" with a 12 hour window in order for "production trucks to roll" for this weekend's events.


Aroluxe had been handling the financial end of TNA's TV production, so it may have been a case of the company having to reimburse them in order to have them to move forward with producing the PPV and TV.


Broadhead wrote that between Thursday and Friday of last week, he logged over 80 phone calls on his cell phone to attorneys, vendors, bankers and employees. Broadhead noted he had a 12 hour timeframe to deal with lawyers, bankers, accountants and owners and given that they were spread out over the world, that required all of his phone calls.


Broadhead commented, "Maybe it's time to retire. But maybe not until everything is in it's right place."


Should Broadhead follow through with that, it would be a major loss for TNA as we've heard from sources that Broadhead's financial management is a major reason the company has been able to exist the way it has the last few years.


TNA has been meeting with a number of potential investors and "strategic partners" in recent months. Obviously, they need to strike a deal soon because there's only so many times they can continue to duck before the law of averages catches up to them. We are told there are three potential suitors.


As we broke over the weekend, Billy Corgan is either close to or has come on board as a new minority owner in the company, so it's possible his investment helped the company salvage the weekend.


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TNA star Rockstar Spud had several teeth kicked out by an errant kick during a match at tonight's TNA Impact Wrestling taping.


Spud wrote on Twitter:





I can see Galloway or EC3 leaving TNA next.



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According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, here are the latest details on TNA’s most recent financial crisis from over the weekend. Dean Broadhead, the Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer at TNA, spent June 9th and 10th basically saving the company. The company needed money to close deals or the Slammiversary PPV and TV tapings this week were not going to happen.


Aroluxe, who controls the production equipment being used, demanded at the very least some of the money owed or they wouldn’t do the production. Since there would be no time to get new equipment and a new company in to do the work, TNA had to pay them.


As previously reported, Billy Corgan put money into the company and is now a minority owner. While there is no confirmation that Corgan’s money saved the company over the weekend, it all happened at the same time.


Rick Schoenen of the Alliance Media Group (they promoted TNA’s January television tapings) revealed that TNA had not paid him and that local media and vendors were after him for money. TNA had not returned calls so he contacted then through social media, which caused TNA to finally get back with him.



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Josh Mathews sits down with TNA’s newest Knockout, Chelsea Green.



Meet Chelsea Green

From the moment Chelsea Green stepped into the ring, she realized wrestling is her passion. A Vancouver, BC, native, Green began training in 2014 with Lance Storm.


Soon after, Green was given a national spotlight to show the world what she can do. Green has also competed all over the world including Canada, Japan, India and the United States.


Since the beginning of her career, Green has been doing a missile dropkick off of the top rope. This is one move she believes she can execute extremely well, and perform better than most anyone actively wrestling.


When entering the ring, Green loves to interact and connect with fans through her bubbly and energetic personality. “I’m a self-admitted girly-girl,” she says.


Green looks most forward to competing in the Knockouts Division against some of the female wrestlers she has previously idolized, such as the recently announced TNA Hall of Fame inductee Gail Kim.


Above all else, Green is excited to learn and grow within IMPACT WRESTLING.




Yay Chelsea!! BC represent!!

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But TNA has no money people are funny.

1. Hiring people does not mean they have money. Remember WCW?


2. Even if they have money...they still don't pay production crews and lots of different other companies. Dixie herself admitted that, so stop... dreaming


3. Sorry, had to do that pun

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