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Day Dreamer

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    Torrie Wilson Cm Punk
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    Justin Bieber and POP.
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    High School
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    Not telling
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    Mac & cheese
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    No Clue
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    Real World
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    Pokemons, Justin Bieber <3, WOW. Lots of stuff!
  1. I still remember hosting the worst one ever. I said never again
  2. I'm still alive and i STILL like Justin Bieber. Ight later
  3. honestly this; and they could make it time based so if you haven't caught a certain pokemon in a certain time frame you cant until the next cycle comes around. Im still waiting to see how long the hackers are going to need to add all the pokemon to the roster.
  4. I enjoy it for what it is; but Im still upset fo what it isnt.
  5. I'm still mixed on Tessa winning the main strap but hopefully when it does happen it puts more eyes on iMPACT. they've honestly been consistent and im enjoying the ride. I just wish they set up the shows differently. B4G looked kinda budget vs in the past it didn't.
  6. Watch my videos or leave comments pls youtube.com/c/kammyg
  7. The fact that this has it's own thread is disheartening.
  8. Well holy shit, I hit 10 years in march. This thread brought back a lot of nostalgic. I've moved on from caws.ws but i always come back every so often just to see how everything is going. I'll always remember coming out to you all first because i felt like we were an actual community/dysfunctional family. I can now say I'm gay and be proud btw. I have mostly fond memories, even though everyone gave me shit for Bieber (who i'm still obsessed with). Looking back I think it was the Fight The Power era that really made me leave on top of college starting for me. However thanks for helping shape a teenager into an okish adult. I'll probably lurk then dip for another year. edit - What is Status up to these days? I saw he trended on twitter when the games came out that's pretty dope.
  9. good show overall, impact has been doing well as of late.
  10. damn you're right we have two more months of bull up only for it to end on a semi live episode of impact. even if they can't afford month PPV's they could def do bi monthly or iPPV i mean i don't think anyone would care if it was an iPPV most people buy them online anyways
  11. http://411mania.com/wrestling/dezmond-xavier-verbally-agrees-to-a-deal-with-impact-wrestling/ I love his look a lot good signing.
  12. Impact KO division is rough right now, I'm sad.
  13. Another good episode folks? I'd give a 7.5/10
  14. Totally. They should just have a television title. I think they may combine the next gen and impact grand to get rid of those rounds. hopefully
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