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  1. Same kinda. I really enjoyed his undefeated streak, but since he lost the title I stopped really caring about the main event stuff in TNA. Just been watching for the Broken Matt segments.
  2. At least they got themselves trending on twitter
  3. I think they were going after the "healing preacher" look.
  4. "Pro wrestling Jesus" was a lot more cringe imo.
  5. It's good to finally see Mike Bennett and Maria
  6. Tell that to Triple H, who said *Censored* off. Yeah lol, I seriously don't get that. Kurt Angle under an HBK-like contract where he only appears on television is better than Kurt Angle on a full time contract anyway.
  7. Kurt Angle retiring at TNA is pretty upsetting to me. He deserves a send off in WWE imo.
  8. I hope they're always live than. I used to hate how they'd record multiple shows in a week.
  9. The intro? Was a bit long for my liking tbh. Also is this live or pre-recorded?
  10. Should've mentioned it was Canadian currency. But is th story good? I'm going to get that or Carnage Family Issues, or something along those lines.
  11. I bought the return of Anti-Venom today. Is the clona saga collection worth buying for 34.99? I might check it out once I'm done reading this.
  12. I haven't read it yet but I recently watched the movie and liked it. I'm just hoping Snyder ditches the crap slow-mo for Man of Steel. Most of the Watchmen fan community wanted to boycott the film and hated the idea of it (just like Moore since he didn't want it either). I can guarantee you that the book is much better than the film (yes I have watched it).
  13. Has anyone read Watchmen before the movie was announced? I was wondering if there was anyone here besides me that was against the making of a Watchmen film.
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