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  1. Same kinda. I really enjoyed his undefeated streak, but since he lost the title I stopped really caring about the main event stuff in TNA. Just been watching for the Broken Matt segments.
  2. At least they got themselves trending on twitter
  3. I think they were going after the "healing preacher" look.
  4. "Pro wrestling Jesus" was a lot more cringe imo.
  5. It's good to finally see Mike Bennett and Maria
  6. Tell that to Triple H, who said *Censored* off. Yeah lol, I seriously don't get that. Kurt Angle under an HBK-like contract where he only appears on television is better than Kurt Angle on a full time contract anyway.
  7. Kurt Angle retiring at TNA is pretty upsetting to me. He deserves a send off in WWE imo.
  8. I hope they're always live than. I used to hate how they'd record multiple shows in a week.
  9. The intro? Was a bit long for my liking tbh. Also is this live or pre-recorded?
  10. You said SOME Big-O. You should finish it, it's definitely one of my favourite anime. The end will leave you confused as shit though.
  11. Sounds like a bunch of overkill to me. And I agree with whoever recommended Gurren Lagann. I watched it before there was so much hype and such, great anime. If you don't cry at all during the series you're a robot.
  12. A crapload of bullsh*t.And the Raikage. I was kind of hoping for an answer that explained more...I can't believe the series isn't done yet. And if anyone's interested, the Macross Plus OVA has been uploaded officially on youtube. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It's four episodes.
  13. Read the prequel novel. I loved it, I should go back and read it again actually. It's been a few years.
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