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  1. When you pick everyone's numbers for the Royal Rumble in universe mode they all come out to random numbers, completely ruins the booking of the match I want to do, I don't want Lesnar entering at number 1.
  2. Buddy Murphy won money in the bank and now he has no entrance music.
  3. What clipping issues did they fix? I did a quick look and Matt Riddle is still awful, some titles are still not coming with who they're assigned to. What did this 10gb patch fix? Looks like nothing to me. I know every problem wasn't going to be fixed but none of the big stuff looks to been done.
  4. Has breakouts and post match replays returned for anyone else? Getting frame rate drops in 8 man matches now, only happened since installing the new DLC ffs.
  5. Since I installed the DLC, my entrances are all knocked off in universe mode ffs.
  6. Last time I saw the new day entrance, Xavier got his leg stuck over his trombone so he spent the walk to the ring walking on one leg with the trombone pressed up against his inner thigh and his other leg hanging in the air. And that's how he tore his Achilles.
  7. New Table for 3 tomorrow after Raw, with Ron Simmons, JBL & Teddy Long.
  8. Just created an Extreme Rules 2/3 falls match, no Extreme Rules weapon wheel, just a normal one, got stuck on 2 stars and my pin meter every time I got hit with a finisher was like if I had been hit with a strong strike.
  9. Well you're lucky, when I do UE in a 4 man match I only get the 3 man entrance and Roddy teleports in at the start of the match
  10. Triple Threat for the North American title, Roderick Strong Vs Keith Lee Vs Dominik Dijakovic is all I know of.
  11. Just did British Strong Style & Velveteen Dream Vs Undisputed Era and I only had a 3 man Undisputed Era entrance and no Roderick Strong entrance.
  12. Ciampa Vs Garza next week. Strong be Dream in 2 weeks.
  13. How many finishers does WALTER have? That was a brilliant match, that was Takeover worthy.
  14. Thought they may have done a bootleg Chaka Khan like they did with Sledge Hammer.
  15. Inner Circle sounds like a magician group. it'll grow on me though.
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