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  1. https://twitter.com/TheSDHotel/status/1625164487861886976?t=9sG2GCAgxzDmgcvatwyToQ&s=19 Full roster reveal coming.
  2. Seen a few people on twitter saying that they think Solo Sikoa is going to be DLC, all because they haven't shown him yet. Surely he's going to be on disc? If most of the first set of NXT 2.0 stars seem to be on disc.
  3. I hope this is not how they're doing a roster reveal, it's too easy to miss.
  4. So I didn't know whether to preorder or buy an aquarium. I've decided to preorder. I managed to get an excellent deal on an aquarium and cabinet, as it was pre covid stock, ended up having it for pre covid price. So I had enough left over to get the deluxe edition. So I'm actually chuffed I could get both in the end.
  5. just came across this on twitter, it's from a 2k22 Vs 2k23 comparison finisher video on YouTube
  6. There was a time he did Raw and Sonia Deville did Smackdown. But since she went back to wrestling he seems to do both shows. There's sort of a draft split, but on Smackdown there was a fatal four way for a spot in the Raw women's championship Elimination Chamber match. Imperium was Raw 30, there's a bit of a crossover but not as bad as the Raw "Supershow" like in 2011. In 2019 (I think) there was a rule brought in that a superstar could appear on the opposite brand like three times a year. I doubt that still a rule though.
  7. NXT is HBK and Raw and Smackdown is Adam Pearce. I'd love them to give us a playable Adam Pearce though.
  8. So is the ratings reveal the roster reveal? I didn't keep up with 2k22's marketing, so I don't know how they did the roster reveal last year.
  9. That rumoured showcase match list had Wade Barrett from TLC 2010. I'm wondering if it'll be the Hell in a cell 2010 match where he lost and had to join the Nexus.
  10. Apparently War Games is playable in 3 arenas. NXT, Survivor Series and an unknown arena. According to MachoT on twitter. He's pretty reliable isn't he? Anyway, maybe a classic cage from WCW days? Probably Fall Brawl 98 if I took a guess. I'm really tempted to pre order.
  11. I hate every time they announce a new WWE game they show the same people in the game from last year as the first screenshots. Show me someone new like Cody, Melo or Bron etc. I'm torn about getting or buying a new aquarium.
  12. So is War Games the new mode they were on about? Is it a new mode and not match type because that's the only way they could get it to work? If there was a new mode you'd think it'd have been announced on that Amazon post, that's why I think it might be a game mode. As for the tweets above. I think we all expected to be 2k22.5, and they should have shown new stars. I hope they let people play War Games at the Royal Rumble 2k event so we can get more news on it. I also noticed in the War Games screenshot, in the back of the arena you can see the shark cages with an Uso and Sheamus. Officially up for pre-order with what's included in each edition. https://wwe.2k.com/2k23/buy/
  13. People on twitter are losing their minds over Theory. I don't think Triple H has buried him, like they're all saying. It's either to turn him into sympathetic babyface or to repackage him, his selfie and naive gimmick is wearing thin now, and he needs refreshing. Coming back to Triple H "burying" him is quite funny, when he along with Regal brought him to NXT. The only way he's getting buried is if his attitude stinks backstage, but I would have thought we'd have heard something about it by now.
  14. I see Kross and Scarlett brought Right Said Fred with them.
  15. Apparently there's a WM 38 Edge, NXT and Day 1 Seth Rollins attires as well.
  16. Wasn't going to do it, but I pre-ordered Gotham Knights today. It's £55 for the deluxe edition on Amazon, £25 cheaper than most places.
  17. Tried playing Control today couldn't get on with it, don't know whether to stick with it or not.
  18. So apparently The Elite, Nakazawa, Cutler, Buck and Daniels have all been suspended. How does the ones who tried to diffuse the situation get suspended? This is the first time I heard Michael Nakazawa's name mentioned though. But Cutler, Buck and Daniels were trying to stop it. Absolutely mind boggling.
  19. Please treat this match like a Takeover match.
  20. I suppose Raw and Smackdown aren't going to change until Trips puts his own guys in place and maybe new writers. Down in NXT he had wrestling guys around him, Road Dogg, HBK, Jeremy Borash etc. He's got, soap writers, Kevin Dunn and Bruce Pritchard. I said when it was announced he was taking over creative, it'll be a slow burn to his vision. But even though Raw was still Raw, it was good and enjoyable. I hope Miz costs Ciampa next week, and Johnny Gargano makes the save, should get a big pop.
  21. Miz feels like the face in this feud. He's literally being bullied. Like when Owens was bullied by Strowman. Or is it that I cannot stand Logan Paul and think he's an utter wanker?
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