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  1. If Muta goes into the HOF, I wonder if he'd want Sting to induct him.
  2. No it has the whole roster selectable, but people not on that show are greyed out and they're not selectable.
  3. Nope. I hope they patch that. I also don't like in Universe you can't use stars not assigned to the show that your editing. Like you couldn't have Bron Breakker on Raw unless you put him on the Raw brand.
  4. Unbelievably stupid, you can't use the Live event arena you unlock in Myrise in Universe mode.
  5. I didn't see who started the rumour, I just saw it go rife around twitter. Thought it had legs. Glad it's just an injury. Don't want anyone cut from DLC again.
  6. So there's rumours doing the rounds on twitter, that Bray has walked out on the WWE again. He left the MSG show last night. Rumours are he's walked because Vince is back on creative. Mad if true. Got paid mad money for for rambling for 6 months in a story going nowhere, and wrestled on TV for all of 5 minutes.
  7. I miss using Shopto.net. If you pre-order with them, you normally get the game the day before. But the Deluxe edition is a Game exclusive here in the UK. I've got the game pre-installed and it should be waiting for me by the time I get home, so I can dive right in.
  8. That Cena promo almost made me feel bad for Theory. Cena made him look like Billy Gunn.
  9. I thought he'd have gone away after he got found out over the cover and showcase. He's never seemed credible. I've only seen him because people were RTing him onto my TL. And I was amazed of his arrogance, when getting it wrong. And people just latched onto his every word. It's like a cult for morons. I'm sure B-Fab has had a match on Smackdown, it's baffling she's only a manager.
  10. It's less DLC than last year than by 2. Zeus is baffling though. Is it 2k's fault that DLC is that underwhelming? When you've got empty heads listening to that bunny leaker dickhead, taking his word as gospel. Telling people that stars like Carlito, Michelle McCool, Gallus, GYV/Dyad, Bronson Reed and Candice LeRae are DLC. I'm not a 2k arse licker or anything, but people feel let down by 2k because some attention seeking chancer, is telling them what they want to hear and then they blame the wrong people. And he'll be back next game and the same brain dead morons will be at his beck and call and the vicious circle will start again.
  11. Really surprised they didn't recycle Bronson Reed to get him in the game. Last pack looks the best personally. That's a weak DLC though tbf.
  12. I've seen a few tweets about an embargo lifting next week. No rumours of what kind of build it is though.
  13. I assume we're getting sweet FA until Wednesday.
  14. Are we not getting a ringside report this week?
  15. He's literally copying that leaked dlc doing the rounds except for Wade Barrett he keeps pedalling.
  16. Adam Pearce like "Yep go on Sami kick his ass"
  17. This has been doing the rounds on twitter. I don't believe it, but it looks like a believable list. There are some weird ones. Why Scott Steiner but no Rick? Coffey Brothers but no Wolfgang. Uncle Howdy, he hasn't had a match yet and by the time that pack would release. I reckon we'd know who he is and be wrestling under a new or old name.
  18. Does the in game military press powerslam have a pin option? If not there's a new one with a pin option
  19. Absolutely gutted HBK didn't hit Waller with a SCM. I wonder what they're building to though.
  20. Got a feeling Hit Row will be DLC, they had a big pop when they returned, probably thought it'd be a money spinner in DLC. Wouldn't be surprised to see maybe 30-40 DLC superstars this year.
  21. There's no Tony D'angelo. When you look at NXT 2.0 and it was built around Bron, Waller, Solo, Tony D, Gacy and Melo. I know they need names for DLC but he seems a weird one. And the NXT tag division is dead, there's literally only like one tag team, the Creeds. According to the bunny leaker Mandy Rose is on disc but won't advertise her.
  22. Johnny Gargano came back in August. Braun September. Make it make sense. No Roderick Strong or Ivy Nile either. Dijak In as T-Bar, hope he's in with his Dominik Dijakovic look as he used that on Main Event.
  23. https://wwe.2k.com/2k23/roster-list/ Roster reveal is out.
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