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  1. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    Really sad that it seems he's back on the drink and pills. Seeing him get into excellent shape, better shape than he ever was in the WWE and fall off the rails is sad. I wonder if he did put out the rumours about going back to NXT as a feeler, when Trips shot it down, did that cause a relapse? Not blaming Triple H or WWE but I wonder if that might be a reason. I hope he gets the help he needs.
  2. Just got round to watching NXT, I'm only half way through, at the end of Dijakovic Vs Lee. That Spanish fly though! These guys are amazing. I definitely think they'll feuding again sometime soon over the NXT title.
  3. Update on Mox https://twitter.com/JonMoxley/status/1165005289176911872?s=19 https://twitter.com/AEWrestling/status/1165013366605307905?s=19 Oops, wrong section.
  4. Dawkin Otto, that's some kind of FCW jobber shit that is.
  5. Oney Vs Cesaro would be stiff af.
  6. Chair shots to the head seem so extreme now. Wow.
  7. I know he's in the G1 but has he stepped up to heavyweight or is he still in the Junior division?
  8. What does everyone think of Jericho's new finisher?
  9. I agree, I felt like a kid being excited and watching DON. I can't watch WWE anymore, I watch NXT, but that's it, I keep up-to-date with what's happening just incase things change. I'm sick of Lesnar, I'm sick of really talented guys not getting a chance. I can see why they say Triple H is frustrated. All those talented guys he's helped build up only for Vince to call them up and waste them. Perhaps my only complaints I might have about AEW or DON, is I wasn't keen on the entrance music, thought it could be better and I thought there was too many multi person matches, maybe another one on one match perhaps, but I understand why there was so many multi matches. You wanted to showcase everyone that signed and everyone was showcased everyone showed something and that was really great though. MJF looks like he could be a star. I'm not familiar with MLW but I wish I was because I'd love to know more about the likes of MJF, Brian Pillman Jr etc. I know it's on YouTube free but I don't know where to start though, anyone give me an idea where to start?
  10. Last night was brilliant, it was fresh, it was wrestling. Everything looks bright for AEW, but time will tell how they good their weekly show and booking will be, what will the storylines be or will it be just stories in the ring or will it be like the WWE and be like a soap opera? It was a ppv after all, ppv's are meant to be about wrestling. But last night has shown the stories in the ring are brilliant and that does seem to be missing on the WWE main roster these days. I hope this gives WWE a massive kick up the arse, if it does then we could be in for a very, very fun time as a wrestling fan. It made sense for Cody to go over, it was always going to happen, Dustin probably wanted to put him over too. Aren't the Lucha Bros exclusive to AEW? Maybe Bucks had to go over to drop the titles in AAA? I'm not sure of the partnership between the companies. What's interesting, who will be the first world champion? Will it be Jericho who is a legend add prestige to the title or are they going to make a bonafide star in Hangman? I want a proper AEW video game too.
  11. A promo thank God, I've been busting to go to the toilet for ages
  12. That was an unbelievable match. I didn't expect it to be that great but wow, it was brilliant.
  13. Much respect to her somehow getting that done while working the NXT schedule.Best to do it before being called up to the main roster though, you don't have time to take a shit on the main roster. Anyone know what she graduated in?
  14. To be fair, WWE PPVs were are around the same price on Sky Box Office. And to answer your question, according to a quick google reveals £15 = around $19.50. They set up ITV box office about 2 years ago for boxing, only really ever see Chris Eubank on there. They've done it to appease him and his dad, because there's no way is he a ppv fighter Anyway, AEW potentially being on ITV is massive, don't know if Impact get more viewers in the UK than WWE like they used to, think it's on 5Star or Spike, but this will probably damage WWE if it'll be on one of the major Freeview channels.
  15. Stay away from social media and WWE website, just got spoiled big news.
  16. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    I think it sounds like her though, idk.
  17. https://twitter.com/LukeHarperWWE/status/1118246927999676416?s=19 What a waste of talent.
  18. That's actually not bad, I quite like it.
  19. Was Untold:Sting new last night? Was on after 205 Live and after that a new table for 3 was on with Johnny Gargano, Ricochet & Adam Cole. That was actually great.
  20. There's an episode of WWE Story Time with this animated. Unless that's what you're already referring to. There's another story I read once, can't remember who it was but Andre sat on them and Andre starts giggling and the ref asks him if he's ok and he shouts "yeah, I'm just farting"
  21. Didn't even know Blue Peter was still going
  22. I wasn't a fan of Matt Riddle, like he's excellent but something about him bugged me, but watching that special made me a fan, and he genuinely seems like a really nice guy.
  23. Well their match graphics isn't as good as WWE's that's for certain
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