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  1. I feel genuinely sick, when I read that I first read it as IRS had passed. Took me a minute for it to sink in. 36, 36 is far too young only a few years older than me. Hug and tell your loved ones you love them, never know when it'll be the last time. RIP Bray.
  2. MyFaction games going out with a whimper I guess, really poor final patch. I think people expected a little bit more.
  3. LA Knight's promo last night was unreal. Had me dying.
  4. I wonder if you could use the carry system into an F5 or the F10?
  5. Nathan Frazer is going to be super fun to play as.
  6. Well there's no new move there that's executed differently. So they lied about it coming in DLC pack 3. Hopefully next round of DLC then.
  7. How did they manage to *Censored* up managers in universe mode again?! I did Omos Vs Roman. Heyman came out but MVP didn't. I also had problems trying to create the OC. It was greyed out for trios until rebooted the game. It's great they added The Bloodline entrance into Universe but didn't use the Trons. the entrance just has the arena logo.
  8. Have they fixed Hit Row in Universe Mode with the patch?
  9. YES BOY! They look great
  10. I'd love if they added Bronson. Can't see it though, as he'd be a new star to WWE games. Not like they'd make money on him holding off a year as he'd be in the base game. I don't understand why they never added him to the last DLC pack. I seen a few people say they think the unique move might be a dive onto multiple people.
  11. I'm happy Bron stays in NXT a little longer tbh. He needs that little bit more character development for him to be ready for the Main roster. And this heel turn will flesh him out that little bit more and have him be fully ready. Which is probably after SummerSlam.
  12. Hit Row didn't get added to my Universe mode so I had to create them. I don't get their trio entrance when B-Fabs the manager. Anyone know how to fix it?
  13. Is the DLC out in New Zealand then?
  14. I hope the improved Universe stability covers a range of things. Probably not though.
  15. So when do you guys thinks we'll get the patch? Tomorrow? Or Wednesday with the DLC?
  16. I'm looking forward to see what the patch fixes, than I am the DLC. What new moves are we expecting with this pack? Should we expect new Steiner moves? Since most are in the game. I hope Top Dolla has a running springboard where he botches it, and Michael Cole slags him off on commentary.
  17. I saw this yesterday. I'm going to see if they fix Universe in the next patch before doing this. I don't know if I want to do this and then have to restart my universe mode. It's sad you have to do all this to make a £90 game work though.
  18. With there being no patch for the major problems coming any time soon. Makes me think they don't know how to fix them. They've had patches out a week or two after release that fix some of the problems. All we've had is patches for their money grabbing mode.
  19. Does anyone think the merger will eventually bring both the WWE games and UFC games under one publisher?
  20. I missed night 2, I came down with Covid during the day and just before WM started my rabbit started to unexpectedly give birth and died just after. I tried to watch it after sorting everything out but couldn't keep focus or enjoy it, so I knocked it off. I think I might be glad I missed it now, sounds like night two was a goof fest. I'll probably watch it tonight though.
  21. Felt Theory was going to win because I realised he would have lost 3 Manias out of 3.
  22. I don't understand how 2k20 was dragged over the coals for how buggy it was at release by critics. Yet 2k23, is a massive hit with critics. 2k23 is almost as a buggy mess as 2k20.
  23. The only problem I'm finding this year is nobody is staying down long enough, and the roll out system has pretty much gone in multi matches. I don't know if these can be fixed with the sliders though, I'm still messing about with them, but I haven't found a balance yet.
  24. Is there a way to get The Bloodline entrance in universe mode? Also is anyone having problems with managers in universe mode?
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