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  1. Why do I reckon that's Vince's thinking? "Wasn't us dammit, it was AEW!"
  2. Apparently the fans not being allowed to wear masks was all down to Kevin Dunn. Told the fans they weren't really fans for wanting to wear masks. I despair at the bucktoothed dickhead.
  3. It's really, really hard to like this company.
  4. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    Some "female wrestling fans" are just terrifying, they're proper creepy, the way they obsess over stars knock me sick. You're waiting for Netflix to do a series on them. Christ.
  5. Someone needs to tag up with AJ for the tag titles, and give him a universal title run, just to get him to Grand Slam status. He's had hell of a WWE career in 4 years, almost first ballot HOF'er Never thought that was possible being a fan of him in TNA.
  6. Kross is NXT champ or on Raw before end of the year, think Vince is going to love him.
  7. Dream wasn't winning with those allegations over his head.
  8. Is it me or are they trying not to show BLM on his hoodie?
  9. I was expecting them to form something then.
  10. Genuinely thought his old boy was poking out then
  11. It didn't so much break my heart, it more made me angry and despise Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn. Turned the entire Hart family against her, what I don't get is how they'd believe a man who 18 months previous shit on Bret. Dunn saying what he did to JR was just disgusting, not stopping the show when Owen fell and broke the ring and his blood smeared on the canvas. And the likes of Jeff Jarrett and Mark Henry can stfu about begging Martha to let Owen be in the HOF, she's right, why should they earn a penny on Owen Hart's name? Then you got the WWE bringing out their lawyer to rip into her. In the last few months I've really grown to dislike Vince, covering up the Nancy Argentino murder, releasing superstars during a massive pandemic and the unknown, what he's done to Owen and Martha. The more that comes out the more I dislike the man, the more I don't want to watch the WWE, which is wrong to the talent today. They say Disney is the evil empire, WWE isn't far behind though.
  12. At least his family can lay him to rest and their minds will be put at ease. RIP.
  13. When did Vince relax on the words Wrestle, Wrestler & Wrestling? The amount those were thrown around there you'd think Vince's head would explode.
  14. I hope Seth really is happy he's going to be a dad.
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