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  1. I seen something on twitter that more releases are expected because of the AOP and Brisco, not sure if true or not, time will tell I suppose.
  2. It makes sense to put the title on Balor or Cole until Kross is back. Those two would have great stories with Kross, Gargano would seem like an underdog baby face and we saw him annihilate Ciampa. Personally I think Balor and Kross would have one bad ass tweeners storyline. Wonder if we might see Kross go to the main roster like Drew?
  3. I don't mind Brock, I enjoyed his return upto his Undertaker feud, but I hate him having the title and disappearing. I'd rather him be an attraction like Taker and HBK in his last years. He doesn't need the title,and really I don't think he adds anything to the title either. I just want to see him come in have great matches and leave.
  4. Twitter confused me, so many people were saying it was cosmetics, others were saying it was for the character and missions as well. People have lost their minds over it. We knew cosmetics were going to cost. But I thought they had gone back on their free DLC pledge. I'm getting the standard edition, can't justify the deluxe edition for the pre order bonuses and early release, I'm saving for a next gen console so I'll be dodging spoilers.
  5. So I've just read that the DLC isn't free you got to use your in game credits or buy the credits to unlock the DLC. Is that true?
  6. Thing is, I wouldn't say he's fat though. He's like a husky X jacked hybrid. He's almost like Lesnar except Lesnar is more jacked than husky, if you get what I mean.
  7. That tiny one is Zelina.
  8. Anyone think they might be quietly killing off the retribution angle? 2 nights without anything.
  9. They've ruined Lee with this generic music and awful attire. If you're not ripped Vince makes you cover up. What's the point of NXT? What's the point of Triple H building stars up for the main roster? Vince is just going to ruin it. The amount of talent he has wasted is unbelievable. If he didn't waste talent, Taker and Goldberg could retire.
  10. Wtf is that? Doesn't even suit him.
  11. He's the best champion we've had in a long time.
  12. Reigns heel turn, you never saw it coming!
  13. Damn these new gen consoles are brilliant. No load times.
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