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  1. People on twitter are losing their minds over Theory. I don't think Triple H has buried him, like they're all saying. It's either to turn him into sympathetic babyface or to repackage him, his selfie and naive gimmick is wearing thin now, and he needs refreshing. Coming back to Triple H "burying" him is quite funny, when he along with Regal brought him to NXT. The only way he's getting buried is if his attitude stinks backstage, but I would have thought we'd have heard something about it by now.
  2. This match intrigues me as both men can't afford a loss. If there's a draft, a move to Raw and a heel turn might benefit him.
  3. Feel like the natural progression for The Brawling Brutes should go after The Bloodline next, and Sheamus and Roman would have a banger now.
  4. Hornswoggle's the white rabbit isn't he?
  5. I see Kross and Scarlett brought Right Said Fred with them.
  6. Give me LDF Vs The Bloodline
  7. Apparently there's a WM 38 Edge, NXT and Day 1 Seth Rollins attires as well.
  8. Wasn't going to do it, but I pre-ordered Gotham Knights today. It's £55 for the deluxe edition on Amazon, £25 cheaper than most places.
  9. Tried playing Control today couldn't get on with it, don't know whether to stick with it or not.
  10. So apparently The Elite, Nakazawa, Cutler, Buck and Daniels have all been suspended. How does the ones who tried to diffuse the situation get suspended? This is the first time I heard Michael Nakazawa's name mentioned though. But Cutler, Buck and Daniels were trying to stop it. Absolutely mind boggling.
  11. Please treat this match like a Takeover match.
  12. I suppose Raw and Smackdown aren't going to change until Trips puts his own guys in place and maybe new writers. Down in NXT he had wrestling guys around him, Road Dogg, HBK, Jeremy Borash etc. He's got, soap writers, Kevin Dunn and Bruce Pritchard. I said when it was announced he was taking over creative, it'll be a slow burn to his vision. But even though Raw was still Raw, it was good and enjoyable. I hope Miz costs Ciampa next week, and Johnny Gargano makes the save, should get a big pop.
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