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  1. There's a 30 minuteish match on YouTube with Will Osprey that's pretty good.
  2. Just saw this on twitter, don't know how true this is but I could half believe it. https://www.sportsgamersonline.com/games/wrestling/wwe-wanted-returned-wrestler-in-wwe-2k22/
  3. I might just stick A-Kid with Wes Lee and use them as MSK if they add the tag entrance etc. Shame we won't get anyone added instead. I understand no Cody Rhodes, NXT 2.0, but surely they have some stuff that was cut and almost released stuff that could be added? It doesn't exactly have to see someone added this pack, it could be within the next two months or whatever. I think two MyFaction cards are a pretty crap replacement. I don't touch the mode, I refuse to touch modes like MyFaction & Ultimate team. At least we got the MyRise characters I suppose.
  4. Fair play to them for this, someone on Reddit said they've added the MyFaction characters too. I'm downloading the patch atm, so can't confirm.
  5. I'm guessing patches won't be coming out until either the day before or on the day of DLC drops because of all the modded stuff that appeared on CC before the Banzai Pack dropped?
  6. I'm genuinely waiting for NXT 2.0 stars or even Cody Rhodes to turn up in MyFaction.
  7. Apparently they haven't released it in New Zealand yet. I wonder if they done it so we can't do the region swap?
  8. I think if they had a tag entrance it probably would have been found by PC players after last week's patch. What time does DLC drop in New Zealand? So I can change my region.
  9. I haven't been able do a catch finisher since the patch, I'm not getting a prompt either. I don't know if it's the same for everyone else.
  10. Apparently they updated his lighting in the patch, I wonder if he knows they patching him in or something, so by doing this he looks like a man of the people? Considering he's been wearing his Dijakovic gear with T-Bar on it for a while now, it'd make sense to add this version in, ok his name is wrong but it's more accurate than his Retribution gimmick. Just give them all to us, they're taking up caw slots and longer Loading times.
  11. I initially read that as the characters and almost popped. but seriously give us the characters locked to MyRise. Awesome they've added in NXT 2.0, feels a bit weird when we don't have any 2.0 DLC. I wouldn't say any of the NXT stars planned for DLC are NXT 2.0 stars. Hopefully we'll get Wrestlemania added. Really encouraging patch though & I hope there's more to come.
  12. It's cool they're doing the Millennium Stadium, they're only doing it because we have the retractable roof. I hope they do something to embrace the Welsh culture though.
  13. Why has this Ezekiel thing got "Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler" feel to it? Kevin Owens is comedy gold. Chuffed they kept Ciampas name.
  14. Wtf was that? And then go to adverts? I thought he was summoning Ciampa.
  15. I was going through my captures on my Xbox and saw one from 2k17 where I was on the middle rope my opponent was on the outside, I did a middle rope Kinshasa to the outside and looked cool af. Does anyone know if that's still a thing we can still do in 2k22? I can't get to try this out until tomorrow.
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