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  1. Those pre-orders aren't exciting enough for me to pre-order. I know they've had 2 years to develop the game, but I still don't trust them to get it on day one, I'll wait to see how buggy it is at launch.
  2. I've been reading on Reddit, and if anyone needs help with farming units, change the difficulty to challenge 4, get vault coordinates from the Stark Realities and the Day of the remains (There's two here) and use a flying hero to go around all the chests, don't complete the missions, head back to the Quinjet and repeat. You can farm about 3-5k in units an hour.
  3. Eidos helped with, I think the campaign on Avengers. I don't think they had anything to do with the live service bit. Could be wrong though.
  4. There's so many matches in AEW I want to see with Gargano, but I didn't want to write a list as it'd be pretty long.
  5. Give me Gargano Vs Omega & Danielson.
  6. Is it me? Or does getting 100 vouchers seem impossible to get in a that special Iron Man skin in roughly a month? Even doing the daily mission to get one voucher will only give you 30. you'd have to grind for absolute hours everyday, open every chest in every mission to farm units. 50k of units a month seems crazy to farm. I've only got about 30k after they got rid of the vendor in March. Do you get more playing online with people? Is there a way to farm units quickly?
  7. People complained that they couldn't have more than one of the same character in a team so they brought in the Tachyon anomaly event to appease them, and when it ended, they all complained again and they made it permanent. Imagine PS when Spidey drops, be like that pointing meme. They've redone the cosmetic work and it's coming in an update on the 30th. Patterns are coming back and will have a high chance of dropping in the mega hive gauntlet. The blog is worth a read, it seems a step in the right direction. Gives you a bit of a reason to play daily. https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/news/earned-cosmetics-dev-blog
  8. I've seen some tweets about Spider-man being a timed exclusive, and that it was put out there by someone claiming that they're a CD employee and it'll be timed, but it was supposedly put out there to boost sales on PC & Xbox and boost numbers on Gamepass. I find that hard to believe, CD has been awful and very misleading lately but I don't think they'd stoop that low. Another thing I seen people think Spidey will be available everywhere else but you have to pay for him, because at the end of the trailer it says 'Free on PS4 & 5.' But what they fail to see above it says something like 'Only on PlayStation'. I'm an Xbox player and I'm slightly jealous he's an exclusive but, it's not going to affect the story of the game and the way the game is, I doubt I'll be missing out on too much. I've missed out more by not playing the insomniac games really. I do feel Xbox should get something like 1400 credits to buy an exotic suit or something. It sucks apart from the raid (Which I won't play because I don't have gold, I'll probably invest in Gamepass Ultimate when more exclusives come out.) that Xbox gets nothing until probably March, when the next character or story content drops.
  9. Just finished the game, can't believe how good it is, the story is so gripping, one minute it's got you laughing, the next you're almost in tears. I really hope we get a sequel. I may actually prefer these characters to the MCU versions.
  10. This game is finished, I thought things were going in the right direction after Black Panther, but the last month with the promotion of the anniversary being a bigger dumpster fire than the initial release has really been really something to see. I can't see there being any way back for the game. Disney can't be happy, having another of their IP dragged through the mud.
  11. Not to mention in those consumables is a fragment extractor. They're doing away with all the bits and bobs to upgrade gear and just use fragments. Which means when they bring an update to progress past 150, they'll nerf fragments. They've been silent on the consumables, except to play victim after someone posted a video from E3 2019, saying they wouldn't have Mtx only cosmetics, and accused people sharing it as harassment, even Dm'd them ripping the people for sharing said video. They've tried spinning it by blaming the people on Reddit even though it didn't come from Reddit, it was all on twitter. And they've tweeted for the first time in a week by sharing concept art of an upcoming Raid. Acting like the last week never happened. They've got some balls to just ignore it considering people have been baying for blood all week.
  12. Got no idea what's going on with Avengers. I had an update last week, 46gb on the Series X and when I was playing Fifa, I checked to see how far along the update was, it said it was installing 125gb which I think is the whole thing. Then it'd get so far and then say installation stopped. And every time I start up the Xbox it'll start from the beginning again and then installation stopped. So I deleted Avengers, then try to reinstall it and when it tries to install on the Xbox it just shuts down.
  13. Tonight's rekindled my love for wrestling, the pandemic really made me fall out of love with it. WWE hasn't helped either, I don't even know if I'm a WWE fan anymore. But this just feels massive. I felt like I was a kid again tonight. I don't care that I have to get up in 3 hours.
  14. I genuinely don't know whether to stay up for Rampage. If I stay up til 4am and Punk doesn't show up, and it's just a graphic I won't be happy.
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