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  1. This game is finished, I thought things were going in the right direction after Black Panther, but the last month with the promotion of the anniversary being a bigger dumpster fire than the initial release has really been really something to see. I can't see there being any way back for the game. Disney can't be happy, having another of their IP dragged through the mud.
  2. Not to mention in those consumables is a fragment extractor. They're doing away with all the bits and bobs to upgrade gear and just use fragments. Which means when they bring an update to progress past 150, they'll nerf fragments. They've been silent on the consumables, except to play victim after someone posted a video from E3 2019, saying they wouldn't have Mtx only cosmetics, and accused people sharing it as harassment, even Dm'd them ripping the people for sharing said video. They've tried spinning it by blaming the people on Reddit even though it didn't come from Reddit, it was all on twitter. And they've tweeted for the first time in a week by sharing concept art of an upcoming Raid. Acting like the last week never happened. They've got some balls to just ignore it considering people have been baying for blood all week.
  3. Got no idea what's going on with Avengers. I had an update last week, 46gb on the Series X and when I was playing Fifa, I checked to see how far along the update was, it said it was installing 125gb which I think is the whole thing. Then it'd get so far and then say installation stopped. And every time I start up the Xbox it'll start from the beginning again and then installation stopped. So I deleted Avengers, then try to reinstall it and when it tries to install on the Xbox it just shuts down.
  4. Tonight's rekindled my love for wrestling, the pandemic really made me fall out of love with it. WWE hasn't helped either, I don't even know if I'm a WWE fan anymore. But this just feels massive. I felt like I was a kid again tonight. I don't care that I have to get up in 3 hours.
  5. I genuinely don't know whether to stay up for Rampage. If I stay up til 4am and Punk doesn't show up, and it's just a graphic I won't be happy.
  6. I hope it comes out in November, I've just got my hands on a Series X so games have just gone up by a tenner. And I pre-ordered games that come out in October. I don't know if I want 2k22 to come out on new gen or last gen though. Pros and cons to both i suppose.
  7. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    I'm not a 100% it's him. But because of what Flair is like, it could be true.
  8. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    So Ric Flair is trending on twitter, I'm not saying why.
  9. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    I don't know why, but I get the feeling Pete Dunne will resign. There's plenty left in NXT for him to do unlike Cole. But I wouldn't mind seeing him in New Japan though.
  10. I bought Ryse, Mass Effect Andromeda & Saints Row IV deluxe edition on a pre-owned 3 for 2 and only cost £9. I finished Ryse last night, absolutely loved it, great story and it made me want more games that play like it. The boss battles were cool and challenging, thought it looked stunning for a game that was released day one on the original Xbox one. I'll probably start Mass Effect Andromeda tonight.
  11. So I just finished the Avengers challenge cards on my dead Xbox. My dog brushed against my Xbox and it switched on and stayed on. Talk about man's best friend. Should have named him Midas.
  12. I've been having this problem for about year now, if I put it in to full shut down, when I switch it on, the white light on the power brick comes on for a second then switches back to orange, it just won't switch on. I've had it where it'll switch on eventually and I have to leave it in standby mode otherwise I have to go through it all over again. But it's never gone this long without coming on. Only fix I've found for it is giving it a good clean inside and out, and use a hairdryer and it didn't do a thing. I bought a new power brick a few months ago, it came on instantly so I assumed it was the brick, now I just don't know, if I can get a series X it just gives me an excuse to get one now than waiting til they were more ready available. If there's a fix, I'll give it to my niece's.
  13. My Xbox packed in this morning. I might have a lead on getting a Series X tomorrow. My local Game had stock in last week, the last stock they had lasted 2 weeks, so here's hoping. I was playing the Avengers. Trying to finish off some challenge cards, I wanted to cry.
  14. That cosmic cube villain sector was an absolute ball ache. Only finished it last night. Kept dying the same way all the time and was fed up. When I seemed to get the handle of it (Using Iron Man) it was a good challenging battle and a sense of reward for beating. It. Thought the cut scene everyone went on about, was over hyped a bit, was expecting more the way people went on. The game is starting to be enjoyable after the campaign and I'm really looking forward to War for Wakanda.
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