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  1. I like game, and I want to love it,and it's starting to get better. My problem with with the DLC expansions was that they were a bit short, and lacked mission variety, I went back and replayed the campaign last month and I got a kick out of the mission variety, like the stealth mission and Iron man flying into space etc. I know the game is multiplayer but the character DLC is an expansion of the campaign so I hope we have some more variety like that in Black Panther. But I have to say, the Cosmic cube and Black Panther look really good. I hope we get more villain sectors. I don't know why they couldn't give us more than just Abomination and Taskmaster. I'm not asking for Red Skull, or Thanos, give us some C list bad guys like Whirlwind or Crossbones etc. I felt like the Super Adaptoid should have been the prelude to Modok, but they made it make sense in the Kate Bishop DLC. I hope they've got their shit together, because it's been a bit of a bumpy first year release, and I don't want the game to be pulled like and be another Anthem, though it is marvel and is big enough to survive.
  2. I seen some gameplay stuff few months ago, looks decent and got quite a decent roster of boxers too. And there's a new Rocky game coming out, seems arcadey.
  3. I'm definitely waiting on reviews of Guardians. I got burned by Avengers to pre order. Might wait until I can get my hands on a Series X. I was expecting a 2022 release not October. A bit crap you can only play as Quill too. I really don't know what to make of it.
  4. There can't be many superstars for DLC? WWE haven't made a lot of high profile names to make a DLC pack. LA Knight, MSK, Zoey Stark? They could easily get them in the base game. I think I'd rather something like originals more than 2K hold names back for DLC. I'll save money too because I won't buy the Deluxe edition then.
  5. Braun is the most surprising. I kind of expected Black and Murphy to go. Would like to see what Braun could do in New Japan. Black and Murphy too. 2k22 is going to look bare. I looked the other day at the 2k20 and about 47 are no longer with the company that's now up to 52. I counted we'd get maybe 46 new stars and that might be generous counting people I don't think would be in, but would stand a small chance like some UK guys.
  6. I wonder if the 5 way is to get the title off Kross without him getting pinned, so he can go up to the main roster?
  7. You could say that about 90% of the underused talent on the main roster.
  8. I bet they won't clear Joe so he's going elsewhere, don't blame him and I want to see him in a ring. Most of the releases so far will do well without the WWE and it'd be interesting what Bo does, will carry on wrestling or go all in with farm. Budgets cuts! They got that massive deal with Peacock.
  9. What's takeover on tonight? The network or BT/USA?
  10. There was rumours a while back about him going to NXT UK. If he does, I reckon he'll be the one to dethrone WALTER.
  11. I guess he's giving a warning to every champion, doubt we'll get Edge Vs Balor, but I hope we get it at some point
  12. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    It wouldn't shock me to see him leave, but it wouldn't shock me to see him stay. They'll offer him mega money to stay, and I could see Triple H asking him to be a coach at the PC or a producer. He's 40 and got plenty of miles on the clock, but wrestlers seem to be more aware that they want to wind down younger than previous generations. Cesaro seems like he could be one of them guys. But I could see him leaving to have a crack at AEW and get the recognition he deserves and be a World Champion. I'd love to see him in New Japan
  13. Christian! I squealed like a little girl
  14. Nice to see Randy's sunburn cleared up for the Rumble.
  15. I just seen the news. I'm absolutely gutted and surprised. He never really got his chance to shine. R.I.P Mr Brodie Lee.
  16. I was actually enjoying the new DLC until the game crashed at what seemed to be right at the end of a mission. I think I was probably about an hour maybe more into the mission.
  17. Sports seem to have been given a pass like boxing and football so I wouldn't be surprised if WWE has a free pass too.
  18. "Call him the Riddler and dress him in green dammit!" ... "Now that's good shit."
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