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  1. According to Pat McAfee the dlc isn't releasing on the 24th like advertised. Thought it was strange that it hasn't been advertised.
  2. When Jacob Fatu showed up I was surprised it was him. I thought he'd be the last one to debut. Thought Hikuleo/Talla Tonga would be next.
  3. I wish they never said Drew had resigned. It would have made him quit much more interesting.
  4. That Raw ending. When I saw that door open & the light shone through, I had *censored*ing chills. Almost felt like Bray was there. For a split second I thought he was going to appear. It's got me a bit emotional ngl. I can't believe it's almost been a year.
  5. The chain wrestling mechanic could have been something really special if expanded upon. I think I said it years ago, where there should be different styles of chain wrestling. So every match feels different. Like you have the standard for your technicians etc. For your high flyers you have something like Ricochet and Osprey sequences. For the giants, the test of strength. Mixed sequences for mixed styles. Maybe even a stare down for dream matches like Hogan and The Rock. And I don't understand why they thought you need to grapple to do a move. These are only two things I really miss from 2k19. I wouldn't mind seeing selling injuries back in the game, you target a body part and they sell it. What was the last game that had that? I feel that was like 360/PS3 days.
  6. They missed by not adding Whoop that Trick chants in the new update
  7. Apparently it doesn't work on Xbox only PC and PS5. I haven't looked at my Xbox yet though.
  8. So, does anyone know if it's releasing in New Zealand today or are they keeping the trend and releasing it globally tomorrow?
  9. Wonder if Jacob Fatu will be brought in by Roman & Jimmy, or maybe even Heyman. Also gives you a nice 4 v 4 War Games if Jey forgives Roman & Jimmy.
  10. Mad how Sheamus is getting body shamed by... *Checks notes* wrestling fans
  11. Oh shit, Solo gone rogue!
  12. I think I might have used Bret Hart. Actually no, I use General Champ 3
  13. Super disappointed with the stage. After how greats last years was this is quite meh.
  14. According to WhatsTheStatus Sol Ruca & Eddy Thorpe were planned, but scrapped.
  15. We really, really need Whoop that Truck chants during Trick Willys entrance.
  16. I think it increased by £7. I'm sure last year it was £25.99 I think it's £32.99. I can't see me using anyone other than Pat, but if they use this pack to add moves and make it a moves pack with characters. I suppose it's ok. 4 packs and a moves pack would have been more than acceptable. Missing NXT stars are probably not in because they rejected the deal like in the past, any legends not in, is probably down to contracts. I can't see this pack making much money outside the other editions. Might not even break even with what they're paying the guys. It could be costly to 2k.
  17. I miss the old days when this forum was busy and buzzing. Feels like there's only about 10 of us left.
  18. Managed to play a bit, half way through Showcase. It's actually quite fun, one of the better showcases.
  19. Apparently if you called into game to pick up your preorder they were giving it to you. I was thinking of doing it before I saw they were giving it early, but decided against it. I feel silly now.
  20. There's one thing I'm gutted about Brock Lesnar. I'm gutted they didn't give him the Mike Tyson treatment from 2k16.
  21. That Paul Bearer model looks like when Paul Heyman dressed as Paul Bearer for Punk Vs Taker feud.
  22. Just had update in for 81GB for Series X. Wish I could play it soon as it's done. I just realised I don't really get to play it on Tuesday and can't get stuck in until Friday.
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