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  1. Finn saying it's his birthday had me crying
  2. It's been so long since I watched WWE TV live, I forgot how many adverts there are.
  3. I don't want to get greedy, baby steps.
  4. I wonder if Drew asked if he can get rid of the sword yet?
  5. That almost felt like a Rock and Billy Gunn situation.
  6. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    This is brilliant news! But I wouldn't get too excited, there is probably going to be transitional period, it'll be a slow burn into Triple H's vision. I hope, we see people coming back. Maybe people like, Bray, Jonah and Kross might be back sooner, I don't know if they're tied down anywhere. And when contracts at AEW are up I could see Black coming back, maybe UE. I hope we see Strong come up and be treated properly, Ciampa and Balor being pushed to what they should be. I wonder who they'll get to run NXT and if they go back to Black and Gold.
  7. Gibson taking his love of Liverpool FC even further using Fowler after the legend Robbie Fowler.
  8. Just saw this on twitter, don't know how true this is but I could half believe it. https://www.sportsgamersonline.com/games/wrestling/wwe-wanted-returned-wrestler-in-wwe-2k22/
  9. Fair play to them for this, someone on Reddit said they've added the MyFaction characters too. I'm downloading the patch atm, so can't confirm.
  10. I'm guessing patches won't be coming out until either the day before or on the day of DLC drops because of all the modded stuff that appeared on CC before the Banzai Pack dropped?
  11. I'm genuinely waiting for NXT 2.0 stars or even Cody Rhodes to turn up in MyFaction.
  12. I haven't been able do a catch finisher since the patch, I'm not getting a prompt either. I don't know if it's the same for everyone else.
  13. Apparently they updated his lighting in the patch, I wonder if he knows they patching him in or something, so by doing this he looks like a man of the people? Considering he's been wearing his Dijakovic gear with T-Bar on it for a while now, it'd make sense to add this version in, ok his name is wrong but it's more accurate than his Retribution gimmick. Just give them all to us, they're taking up caw slots and longer Loading times.
  14. I initially read that as the characters and almost popped. but seriously give us the characters locked to MyRise. Awesome they've added in NXT 2.0, feels a bit weird when we don't have any 2.0 DLC. I wouldn't say any of the NXT stars planned for DLC are NXT 2.0 stars. Hopefully we'll get Wrestlemania added. Really encouraging patch though & I hope there's more to come.
  15. It's cool they're doing the Millennium Stadium, they're only doing it because we have the retractable roof. I hope they do something to embrace the Welsh culture though.
  16. Why has this Ezekiel thing got "Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler" feel to it? Kevin Owens is comedy gold. Chuffed they kept Ciampas name.
  17. Wtf was that? And then go to adverts? I thought he was summoning Ciampa.
  18. I was going through my captures on my Xbox and saw one from 2k17 where I was on the middle rope my opponent was on the outside, I did a middle rope Kinshasa to the outside and looked cool af. Does anyone know if that's still a thing we can still do in 2k22? I can't get to try this out until tomorrow.
  19. Anyone know how to do the ladder bridge? Can't work out how to do it.
  20. I didn't realise you got the Xbox one version of the game in the Series X deluxe edition. I've just played it on my Xbox One. I'm 90% there with the controls. Loading times are a killer on last gen, I forgot to turn off the tips, when you press back it takes about 5 seconds to go back to the match.
  21. I'm really struggling with the new controls. My muscle memory is trying to play like 2k19/20, and it's really frustrating me. And I hate you have to tie up to do moves, it doesn't look right, reversals for big guys are weird, I was doing Showcase and Taker does a spinning back kick wtf? I saw a vid of Andre doing a hurricanrana. I don't understand why they've gone down the Arcadey route. There was nothing wrong with how 2k19 played. All they needed to do was make it more fluid like how 22 is. I like the combo system, still getting used to it though. I'm only an hour or two into the game doing showcase, so still learning. I'm hoping I'll get used to it and start to enjoy it more, it's a beautiful game though.
  22. My girlfriend bought me 2k22 yesterday I just installed it, put in the deluxe edition code, everything is showing up owned except the season pass, that's showing up as £32.99 is that normal or do I need to get in touch with 2k? EDIT: It says owned now so I guess all good.
  23. Little disappointed by the lack of some NXT 2.0 guys not being in, mainly Bron and Melo. Surprised about Melo considering he was on NXT around May time. It's a good list mind, with some surprising names included and excluded. It is some of the best DLC the series has ever had as a collective. Still think I'll wait to buy it though.
  24. People are absolutely pissed on twitter about all the alts not being unlockable in MyRise. Hopefully it'll cause enough mayhem, that 2k or WWE, whichever won't allow it to cave in, and let it be patched in. Seen people say MyFaction has exclusive characters locked to it as well. Who's exclusive to MyFaction?
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