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  1. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    According to the Wrestling Observer WWE doesn't want Roman Reigns mentioned on TV. If that is indeed true I hope Roman quits and follows his cousin into the movie business and makes a huge name for himself, I'm not Romans biggest fan, but with the crap he's had to deal with he had every right to miss Wrestlemania. I'm pretty sure WWE would need him more than he needs them. He could retire, go into the movie business or I'm pretty sure AEW would love to have him. I hope this is just a dirt sheet, because this would be really sad if Vince is bitter about this.
  2. Over the last year, I've really grown to dislike Seth, this is unbelievable. Telling people not to be upset or angry by what the WWE has done. How can you call for unity when they've just thrown a number of people under a bus? It's alright to say everything will be fine when your job is pretty secure, your partners job is pretty secure and making few million at the same time.
  3. Apparently 100 office staff has been let go from WWE HQ. This is just getting even more sad now, I hope the media come after Vince and the WWE like they've done to Premier League football clubs and footballers.
  4. The things Vince has probably done and covered up over the years is probably very disturbing. I wonder if we'll ever hear about them? It's mad how the handling of this case and the case with Carole Baskin and her missing husband was so bad and big money was involved. That police officer really pissed me off, the way he came across, you could see he didn't care, felt like he almost found it funny, he remembers everything. He may as well have said, "Yeah I covered it up and I don't care." Definitely seems the type of guy that would say "They probably deserved it" he was absolute scumbag. I think it's Dino Bravo episode next.
  5. I hope it constantly glitches and crashes, and embarrasses the shit out of them.
  6. It's mad how a company barely a year old got this situation so right, but a company that's been the most dominant for what maybe 4 decades? Doesn't seem to have a clue, if just one person could make this situation work it'd be Vince. I hope AEW can keep this up and I hope WWE can find a solution because I really don't see the point in watching at the moment, and without football, I need my wrestling.
  7. The Exalted One is going to go places. Didn't realise he could talk so well, loved the shot at Vince too, it was deserved tbf.
  8. Was really expecting something along the lines of; Jericho, MJF, Guevara, Hager & Pac Vs Moxley, Cody Allin, Dustin & Omega. Still cool though.
  9. snakebiteSB

    WWE Drama

    The baby daddy is Hornswoggle.
  10. When it doesn't glitch or crash and it plays normal it's a good game and I've had some fun. If the patches fixed everything my biggest gripe with the game would be the DLC. 2k21 will be out in October/November as normal and we're either going to get I think a great game or another 2k20. I like option 3 and I've hoped in a the final DLC or patch we get guys like Walter, Kushida, Dijakovic etc, but the leak of the mined DLC and most of Kushida's and Dijakovic's moves being in the BITN pack killed any hope of getting new stars. It's like they planned to have them in the game in some form and then just didn't, almost like they would be the future stars pack and then scrapped it for Originals. I got to be honest I won't be pre-ordering FIFA or WWE this year. The glitches & crashes in these games this year has made me sour on them bad. Plus with Avengers and Cyberpunk getting delayed to roughly the same time. I think I'd rather get them.
  11. I've read that when you edit shows it just keeps crashing.
  12. I haven't installed the new patch yet, but I'm worried if it's going to break universe mode when editing. Is it only on one specific console?
  13. So I've read most of the patch has fixed nothing, and the only way to use the universe fixes, is to start a new save.
  14. The twitter notification I had from 2k said both available from the 7th.
  15. I love and despise this game, I started playing it to take a break from Vampyr and stay off Fifa for a bit, I had this amazing match with Finn Balor and Buddy Murphy, no glitches, just a fun wrestling match. I started to enjoy it forgetting a glitch could happen, then I went to load up my next match and it *censored*ing crashed.
  16. Every time I try to edit the Royal Rumble match in universe mode the game crashes. Don't even see the point in telling 2k this anymore.
  17. Was reading the comments, I didn't realise he helped Seth and Randy with the Curb Stomp at WM 31. He should definitely be a trainer at the PC when he hangs up the boots.
  18. Are they going to bother fixing the championship clipping in entrances? *censored*ing hell, honestly.
  19. It probably like Kenta's situation they don't see AAA as a threat like NJPW. What I am surprised at, is I saw a clip on twitter and I'm sure he had his WWE music and tron.
  20. Had no idea there was a new table for 3 out, it's a good one too. Jeff Jarrett, Sting and AJ talking about TNA. Mad that they got a show dedicated to TNA.
  21. Opened a ticket up last week and had a response a few hours ago. I got angry by the standard response and I told them a few home truths that they're cowboys and and fleeced people of money for a game that shouldn't have got out of beta testing, and their response was "no product is perfect." Yeah they don't give a crap about this game. And if that's their attitude I done with the series.
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