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Anyone want a free copy of Crusader Kings 2?

01 February 2018 - 02:09 AM

I bought the Paradox Interactive bundle on Humblebundle for Stellaris, PoE, and the Old Gods DLC of CK2, but I already own Crusader Kings 2 itself, so if anyone would like the copy that of it that came with the bundle I'd be happy to PM the steam key for it to you. First come first serve.

GMPs From Games to Art - caw animefication

24 January 2018 - 03:40 AM

So I did a thing. originally did this just because I wanted to do an attire for Brandon X in 2K18 where he had an anime version of himself as a shirt, and it took me for-goddamn-ever to do.




I wasn't gonna post it originally but the girlfriend really liked it and said I should see if others want me to do the same for their caws at some point. So... yeah. Maybe I can even make some money off this at some point. could certainly use it, i are broke.

WWE 2K18 Nightmare Frontier Womens League Tournament

09 January 2018 - 03:34 AM




Well, the first tournament went so well that as I mentioned in its thread, I've decided to do a second tournament for women superstars.


A couple small changes from the first tournament, this time around I will be boosting submission defences to their highest along side pin resistance, to avoid the early sub wins we had in the first tournament and ensure longer matches consistently.


ALSO, this time, everyone can feel free to enter 2 caws right from the get-go, and if we happen to break past 16 then I'll just push the tournament to 32, accept thirds, and split the tournament into two blocks.


I'll be entering one caw of my own to start and will enter a second only if we have trouble hitting the 16 limit.







  1.  "The Canadian Hypernova" Samantha Coleman by G.M.P     *
  2. Brianna by X-Zero                                                                     *
  3. Kokoro by X-Zero                                                                      *
  4. Amy Sutter by MaskedLemon                                                   *
  5. Whitney Williamson by MaskedLemon                                     *
  6. Tokyo Jenn by Vinsmoker                                                         *
  7. Shannon Bourgeau by Vinsmoker                                            *
  8. Tasha Steelz by Original Peoples Champion                            *
  9. Crystal Xander by Counting Lights                                           *
  10. Lee by BrokeBottle                                                                    *
  11. Gabriella by BrokeBottle                                                           *
  12. Isis by Bushy                                                                             *
  13. Izy by Aqfitz                                                                               *
  14. I-Akira by Aqfitz                                                                         *
  15. "The Yakuza Princess" Holly Jade by Doctor Fumbles             *
  16. "The Widow Queen" Eliza Black by Doctor Fumbles                *
  17. Ruby Storm by BlInd_Monkey1989                                           *
  18. Roxanne by BlInd_Monkey1989                                                *
  19. Sierra Andrada by G.M.P                                                           *
  20. Evelyn Barnes by NegativeCreep                                              *
  21. Maggie "The Mantis" Marcaeu by MaskedLemon                     *
  22. Rachel Romero by Dr. Fumbles                                                 *
  23. "The Warrior Princess" Amaya Urena by Saturi                        *
  24. Sapphire Storm by Blind_Monkey1989                                     *
  25. "The High Queen" Arora by Vinsmoker                                     *
  26. May Motoda by Saturi                                                                *
  27. "The Girl Dynamite" Amanda Wilson by Saturi                          * 
  28. Jet Rose by MikeM
  29. Violet Rose by MikeM
  30. Jade by X-Zero                                                                          *
  31. Foxglove                                                                                     *
  32. Selina Stone                                                                              *