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Project Wrestling Presents: WWE 2K18 Nightmare Frontier Tournament

14 November 2017 - 01:46 AM




So last year a member here tried to get a nice original caws tournament going here, however they made the attempt a little too late and simply couldn't get enough signees for it. Now, every year in my game I do what I call the Nightmare Frontier tournament between the project wrestling roster, and I got to thinking that it'd be fun to do so with the caws community.
Everyone submits an original caw of theres for the tournament. The goal is a 16 caw tournament, however if more than enough people want in i'm more than happy to boost that to a larger tournament bracket. On the other hand, if not enough people join up, I'm willing to accept a second caw from each person to fill up the remaining brackets.
Every match will be contested under the Nightmare Frontier match type. Now, unfortunately the real nightmare frontier match is not possible to make in the game, so the in-game version is a 2 out of 3 falls extreme rules match with no count out.
If you'd like to sign up, please put your caws name and their download tags in a post below, first come first serve. One of my caws will be in the tournament as well (though all matches will be com vs com, so there will be no preferential treatment.



  • Brandon X
  • "The Anti Pope" Aubin
  • The Immortal 
  • Damian "The Bad Guy" Bushay 
  • The Knightmare
  • Shawn Adams

Here`s hoping this works out on this run guys!

Could someone move my topic please?

27 October 2017 - 06:25 AM

I posted this in the misc section however after talking to RyderFan right quick, we agree it might get more attention on the main 2K18 forum, so could one of the mods please move it for me? Thanks guys, I appreciate it.




27 October 2017 - 06:20 AM

Hey guys, Sorry to make this a separate topic from the GMPorium but I figured that this might be important enough to need it's own focus.


So this got sent to me from the smacktalks forums, link here and I'll copy and paste the post as well.




Posted by KeithMajors (if you're here dude, thanks for getting this info out)


"It seems we have figured out another reason for caws having blank logo's. My bud dre41's recent uploads have all been 100% blank so there was no logo's or faces so I asked him if he deleted his incoming logo's in image manager and he said yes he had. So after some research it seems that the logo's in incoming/image manager are attached to your caw and creators need to keep them in incoming logo's so when downloaders download there caws the logo's come with.

After we figured this out dre re imported all his logo's back in the game replaced them on his caw and re uploaded then when downloaded his caw was perfect and had all it's logo's. And yes dre knows about the blank glitch in creation and not to edit to resize or move the logo to avoid the blank glitch so he had not done this. So this was something else and once we figured it was deleting the logo's in image manager then re uploading after the images were re downloaded into the game and back in the image manager his caw was fine. So it seems that this is the issue some might be having so do not ever delete your incoming logo's in image manager as it appears to be like 2k16 were they are attached and this will avoid the 100% blank logo's and face issue.

And yes I am aware that it says these logo's will automatically be delete in a few days. But for some reason that does not happen I still have logo's from 10 days ago so there either attached or 2K must absorb them into there server after they are automatically deleted or something like that which does not happen maybe 2k is so busy with everything else they are not doing this.  I think this might be a way for 2k to minimize the data on there server. So be sure to never delete your incoming logo's in image manager going forward and follow the do not edit to resize or move rule and all blank logo issues should stop."


So if this is indeed the case, it's uncertain if this was meant to happen or not. Hopefully it wasn't and will be fixed.

The GMPorium - Championship Edition (update)

17 October 2017 - 01:20 AM

I really like how the Project Wrestling Heavyweight Championship has come to look this year, so I decided to make a new topic for me to show off any titles I happen to make.


Project Wrestling Heavyweight Championship



Project Wrestling Intercontinental Championship



Project Wrestling Tag Team Championship



Project Wrestling Womens Championship



Project Wrestling Nightmare Frontier Championship


Happy thanksgiving to my Canadian brethren!

08 October 2017 - 04:59 PM

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend for it. Anyone got fun or interesting plans?