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  1. wes19er

    My caws on 2k20

    Crazy sample of caws in my downloads on 2k20! Arenas/Rings are also available! Xboxone gamertag: wes19er
  2. wes19er

    Tenacious D?

    Don't know what I was thinking,maybe a combination of malt liquor,Doritos & the Jumanji movie! Anyways,heres the result.
  3. During the 10 bell salute,Miro crying got to me. Watched the whole tribute show,cried like 4 times. Rest in power Jonathan Huber.
  4. wes19er

    Ms. "X"

    Ms.X.....There's nothing left to say anymore....
  5. Responding to another post,I put these up i'll delete those. This is Caw-Alition Xboxone gamertag: wes19er Caw-Alition_TitantronVid.mp4
  6. Nice to know someone's out there actually looking at my stuff. I think 2k20 was a rush job,that's a re-hash of 2k18,which is fine,but they forced all download pics to go to 2k20. 2k19 has a huge xbox following. I actually pulled off a triple powerbomb! Lol!
  7. "The 3 skull Caw-Alition" logo is available & can be edited & reloaded in Downloads/Images on Xboxone 2k20,along with other logos. The FiEnDhOuSe arena is also available... Xboxone gamertag: wes19er
  8. Made a logo for Caw-Alition the "invasion stable" created by Xboxone gamertag: FalloutKing01 & Xboxone gamertag: ToastierGem1479. Their motto is simple. "No title is safe. Face or Heel,All will kneel,Caw-Alition!" Xboxone gamertag: wes19er
  9. 2k20 can be fun,(loading time is almost "Shut Your Mouth" loading long sometimes)but the campaign has Matt Hardy! I feel like nobody's here,so I'll just keep posting my crazy caws & ideas!
  10. You might ask yourself,wes19er,who the hell is announcing the action on Shaqdown? Why it's The King of "Cheap Pops" Niquil Axton & The "Riginal' Rocky Mountain Oyster" Rolo McSourkraut,Bah Gawd!!! Xbox One gamertag: wes19er
  11. wes19er

    Anyone? Hello???

    Oh well,just scroll down & check out my stuff if you like. Xboxone gamertag: wes19er Oh,could you also tell the Xboxone 2k19 content creators to send some Christmas cookies please?
  12. If anyone is out there actually making caws for 2k20 on xboxone sure would love to see it....crickets while everyone is on Playstation 2k20 or making Xbox one 2k19 content.... ForeverAlone(while Jeopardy theme plays in background. )
  13. Thanks,should I just reply to original post to add stuff?
  14. I tried experimenting with the Wyatt family intro... I think i can upload Zombie if I swap out red for green. Xboxone Gamertag: wes19er
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