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  1. wes19er

    WWE Drama

    He ran a right wing propaganda promo video against the people in city council….They were questioning him like; Dude,why are you doing this? We’re here to fill potholes & make sure dog poop & trash is picked up in a park. Why is that considered a left wing conspiracy? Lol!
  2. wes19er

    WWE Drama

    He’s part of a cult now who worship symbols,flags & old pieces of paper,not the freedoms they supposedly represent.
  3. I noticed nobody watches uploaded videos. Ok here’s just pictures. xbox one gamer tag: wes19er YouTube: wes19ercaws
  4. Asian woman in orange is Hisako Tori. She was created by Xbox one gamer tag: FalloutKing01 I just changed her attire & makeup. And yes,Danny Asano is the guy in Dark Green wearing the baseball hat.
  5. Sorry the first video is Face Women’s tag team Hearts of the City Lexi Dee (sunglasses) & her cousin Big Purp IMG_0096.MOV
  6. Xbox One wes19er Hey I have a few tag teams that I’ve uploaded Faces: Phil,Zero & The Chef of Lost Empire men’s tag team. Face: Omni of GoFight Wrestling Heel: Pestilence of Caw-Alition women’s stable/tag team Face: Danny Asano of AHD Wrestling/ally of Omni Heel: Wrath of Caw-Alition heel team Face: Beefy Supreme tag partner of Wendy’s (I know the burger mascot,but I got over 10,000 views total of her wrestling in my Universe. I just created her & it took off) Face: Savage W. doing an RKO on Selma from Simpsons. (Wendy’s twin sister & Patty & Selma,my storylines are stupid,but people seem to like it,Lol!) Here’s other stuff. Any questions or anything hit me up. Peace. IMG_0096.MOV IMG_0095.MOV IMG_0094.MOV IMG_0103.MOV IMG_0121.MOV IMG_0060.MOV IMG_0059.MOV IMG_0117.MOV
  7. Here’s some of my stuff from wwe2k22 on Xbox one! Lol! xb gt: wes19er YouTube: wes19ercaws Any questions,comments? Feel free to send me a message IMG_0101.MOV IMG_0098.MOV IMG_0096.MOV IMG_0092.MOV IMG_0095.MOV IMG_0094.MOV IMG_0097.MOV IMG_0091.MOV IMG_0093.MOV IMG_0090.MOV IMG_0087.MOV IMG_0085.MOV IMG_0086.MOV IMG_0088.MOV IMG_0084.MOV IMG_0080.MOV
  8. My Uploads screen has none of my uploads. I can't use socks & shoes at the same time with a caw. My Rise laggy & crashes. It says I'm Diamond,but I've only had 6 downloads.
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