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  1. No Community Creations in AEW: Fight Forever
  2. 2K23 is gonna be another fascinating thing to see. 2K23 will still deal with the fallout of WWE's release bonanza since a lot of released talent still managed to make it into the game, plus lots of wrestlers in 2.0 and in the former NXT UK that aren't in the game as well, how does that shake out at the end of the day is gonna be interesting to see. Especially since cutoff dates are still kinda hard to predict given this new release schedule.
  3. Trent Seven is the only guy in the game that got released so he's probably gone but the wrestlers that did come over to NXT US for the time being, I'd imagine they have a better shot at making the game. Gallus have been around for ages now, Meiko Satomura, Blair Davenport as well just to name a few
  4. True, we may have to wait till 2K24 before we see something change on the roster end of things at this point
  5. Hopefully with the returns too, since most of them are already in 2K22, it won't mean missing them entirely come 2K23 since their models are already made
  6. 2K23 confirmed today for a date before March 31 2023. 2K22 was also named a big contributor to Take Two's quarterly success, so I wouldn't anticipate a massive shift in anything for 2K23. Will be curious if anything changes for things like the games with HHH and Steph/Khan fully in charge now too. Doubt it leads to much changes but maybe we do see something like better/more alumni inclusions and stuff like that.
  7. Even with Gilmore leaving, the foundations of this game aren't changing. What 2K22 is like will mostly be what 2K23 will be like
  8. No more Mr. Gilmore https://twitter.com/WWEgames/status/1483106849436094474?t=jyp--C7T3-emuMWeJd5Jjw&s=19
  9. The game sold well and reviewed well, if you're expecting them to revamp the gameplay once again after this, you're crazy. From here on out they'll probably just build off of what they've got so if the foundations aren't something you enjoy, you're probably out of luck
  10. Very excited for the Ilja in particular, was desperate for an Ilja when I was playing 2K19 and found the only one at the time that was available that was a very generic/value brand version lol
  11. https://www.sportsgamersonline.com/games/wrestling/update-on-future-of-wwe-2k-major-name-returning-to-team/ Maybe older players will remember Bryan Williams here?
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