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  1. Very excited for the Ilja in particular, was desperate for an Ilja when I was playing 2K19 and found the only one at the time that was available that was a very generic/value brand version lol
  2. https://www.sportsgamersonline.com/games/wrestling/update-on-future-of-wwe-2k-major-name-returning-to-team/ Maybe older players will remember Bryan Williams here?
  3. I respect someone for posting cringe that publicly
  4. From the sounds of WWE's financial call, WWE 2K22 was a success. Doubt the 2K/WWE relationship goes away any time soon
  5. Don't really think the DLC is that bad TBH. Good mix of legends, current names, even a few celebs. If you don't agree, that's just your personal feelings, don't think it has to mean anything deeper.
  6. So far Universe has been a lot more stable for me since the patch
  7. Already mentioned in other posts. Ignore this
  8. At least they aren't naming an asian person Katana.......I guess that's the only positive in all of that, especially given WWE still goes for the biggest cliches and stereotypes it can
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