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  1. Hopefully we get a few animations for it, even if they are fairly generic. Hoping we can at least get one animation per starting class so that someone like Andre the Giant doesn't dodge and block like he's Rey Mysterio. Then maybe after this game gets its footing back, we can hopefully expand from there and get more and more unique animations for that as the games continue forward.
  2. RB is right and we already know this, it's been told to us that "It's Hits Different" and a bunch of other ways that this game isn't going to play the same way.
  3. I'd assume the new controls is because the gameplay is different so they can't just smack the 2K19 control scheme down and call it a day.
  4. I keep thinking about the individual W-L record shown in the Universe mode section of the trailer and being super happy that that will finally be in this game. Just hope if the Power Rankings makes a return that you can manually set it and not worry about the AI resetting it however it pleases.
  5. The only thing I kinda hope for with MyFaction is because it's gonna be a MT focused mode, that like NBA 2K's MyTeam having a lot of classic basketball players because of the mode, that the MyFaction mode gives the devs and WWE more motivation to getting alumni in this game, hopefully usable outside of MyFaction too.
  6. Definitely wouldn't miss Towers and Road to Glory, two modes that weren't talked about in that new trailer. I'm sure others have other feelings, other make or break modes for them just like Universe for me is the only make or break mode for me buying these games.
  7. Nah, AJ said they were told they were gonna get an action figure and be DLC in the video game. If you're saying that's not true though.....
  8. AJ Francis/Top Dolla of Hit Row who just got released did an interview with Busted Open Radio where he said at one point Hit Row was to be DLC for WWE 2K22. Not sure if that's been changed now that they've been released but would find it hard for the devs to move out from that at this point. Also saw that the former Aleister Black has said on Twitch that he will not be in WWE 2K22.
  9. https://old.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/qwykts/wwe_2k22_will_be_released_on_next_gen_consoles/
  10. They responded to a comment on Youtube and said they would have next gen versions. What that will come with though, who knows.
  11. Maybe Universe mode will now allow you to optionally play as a singular wrestler. So you can do the macro playthrough where you're controlling everything, or you can do the micro where you are only controlling what one wrestler is up to and letting the rest fall under the AI.
  12. Yeah, since we are seeing evidence that Karrion Kross and Nia Jax are still possibly in this game, I doubt the newest releases will be gone from 2K22 but who knows, we'll find out eventually.
  13. More WWE releases just now too, lol.
  14. Yeah, of everything they showed today that's definitely the one that gives me the biggest cause for concern. Wrestlers more than ever don't really fit perfectly in these "styles"
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